Top 10 Midjourney Alternatives Free And Paid Options

Getting to know a list of the top 10 Midjourney alternatives will help you gain access to quality AI photo tools to unleash your creativity.

Text-to-image generation AI is now a common trend among digital creators who are making different AI character arts with their smartphones and computers. While tools are amazingly great tools for making mindblowing designs, Midjourney AI happens to be at the forefront of text-to-image generative AI tools.

While Midjourney is a great AI image generator tool that allows you to input camera settings through command prompts and so many other great features to adjust camera lenses and filters, Midjourney just like every other tool out there, has its own cons. Aside from that, it’s also important to have very great options as a digital creator, and that is why we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Midjourney alternatives to include both free and paid options in this simple guide.

10 Best Alternatives to Midjourney AI

Below is the list of free alternatives to Midjourney Discord and a few paid alternatives as well. This list is compiled to help digital creators who are looking for paid or free alternatives to Midjourney AI find the best and most affordable AI image generator tools to use.

1. Stable Diffusion

Image by: Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is a highly advanced text-to-image generation AI model from Stability AI. The AI model was launched in the year 2022 and is capable of generating photorealistic images from text prompts, Stable Diffusion image to image generation is also a feature that allows you to use an image as a prompt instead of the usual text prompt method.

Stable diffusion is the most compared text-to-image generator AI tool with Midjourney. There is more Stable Diffusion vs Midjourney content on the internet today than you would see for any other text-to-image generator AI tool. Stable Diffusion download isn’t difficult and takes only a few minutes to complete online download, the two major models are the Stable Diffusion XL and the SDXL Turbo. The models both allow developers to create amazing applications leveraging the open-source features of the Stable Diffusion XL while the SDXL Turbo is an advancement of the Stable Difusion XL and comes with an ultra-fast model for a better experience.

On the Stability AI platform, there are many innovative models to try such as the Stable Audio which allows you to create music and audio sound effects using AI, Stable Video an AI video generator built on the image model of Stable Diffusion, and 3D object generator AI called the Stable Zero123.

Interestingly, Stable Diffusion is open-source and free to use. However, businesses and developers who want more from Stable Diffusion can subscript to the Stable Diffusion premium, where the basic pricing starts from $9/month for Stable Diffusion Plus.

2. Adobe Firefly

Although the Firefly vs Stable Diffusion is a commonly seen comparison, Firefly is proven to be a great alternative to Midjourney that’s why it’s seen on our top 10 list of Midjourney alternatives. Adobe Firefly.

Adobe Firefly is a highly advanced text-to-image generator tool that generates high-quality images with simple text prompts. There are a handful of text effects, image editing features, and beautiful color palettes for digital creators to dive deep into their creativity. Interestingly, Adobe Firefly is free to use and does not require any credit card information during signup. Adobe Firefly free sign-up users have access to 25 generative credits per month with Adobe Firefly watermark, while users who want additional features can upgrade to Adobe Firefly premium at $4.99/month and enjoy amazing features including 100 generative credits per month, watermark removal, and Adobe fonts.

Is Adobe Firefly better than Midjourney? While Firefly still maintains a good alternative to Midjourney, a lot of users have indicated that Midjourney delves deeper into creativity than Adobe Firefly. Whether you’re a beginner creator or a professional, looking for a free text-to-image AI tool or an affordable AI image generator tool, Adobe Firefly is a great AI tool to try.

3. Bing Image Creator

Bing Image Creator is an innovative prompt-to-image AI tool from Microsoft Designer that has gained popularity due to its outstanding features and user-friendliness. The Bing Image Creator AI tool relies on DALL-E to generate images from text, it’s free and allows users to generate images with AI for up to 15 times in 24 hours. The image creator of Microsoft called the Bing Creator AI also rewards users with Bing points which they can redeem when it has compounded enough points for any item in the store such as; a Roblox Digital card, charity donation, and much more.

The Microsoft Bing Image Creator from Microsoft Designer allows signed-up users access to the AI chatbot interface where they will input their prompts and generate images for free. There’s usually for image output for every prompt well understood by the program and images generated by the AI can also be customized when a user clicks on the Customize button located on the image result page. The customizer will redirect to Microsoft Designer where users can further customize the AI-generated image. 

During the Disney Pixar AI trend, many people used Bing Image Creator Disney Pixar in their searches to hop on the trend, we also were not let out of the trend, so we got some Bing Image Creator styles for our Pixar AI art.

4. Leonardo AI

With Leonardo AI, you can create mind-blowing visual assets with ease. Leonardo AI is a powerful generative AI art tool with incredible prowess in generating visual assets for computer games. Interestingly, the Leonardo AI app download is available for mobile devices to help digital creators make designs on the go, using their smartphones.

Leonardo AI tutorial can also be found on their documentation page to make the process of using Leonardo AI for image generation easier for newbies. The Leonardo AI sign-up is a straightforward process and can be completed in just a few minutes, users are expected to access the Leonardo AI login page after successful signup and enter their login information to access the Leonardo AI designer interface.

5. NightCafe

NightCafe Creator is an AI art generator tool for creating stunning AI art. Most digital creators use NightCafe AI due to its multiple AI art generation tools that help creators transform their photo-generating ability with AI into a masterpiece. NightCafe text-to-image tool is known as one of the best high-resolution AI art generators out there with a nice and friendly user interface, going through the NightCafe gallery will reveal to you that there’s more to this tool than the usual text-to-image prompt generating tools out there.

With millions of users in their AI art generator community, thousands of AI-generated image samples and AI styles can inspire your next creation with NightCafe AI studio. You can also like and comment on any AI artwork you find interesting, it’s an interactive community that supports learning and constructive criticism. When you sign up for NightCafe AI, you stand a chance to enjoy unlimited base Stable Diffusion generations, free daily credits, and access to more algorithms including DALL-E 2, CLIP-Guided Diffusion, VQGAN+CLIP, and Neural Style. There’s also a daily AI art challenge for you to compete with other smart creators who are performing wonders with the NightCafe AI generator tool.

6. BlueWillow

BlueWillow is a highly advanced artificial intelligence photo generator tool built on Discord servers that helps digital creators create stunning and inspiring AI art for free. It’s easy to use, to getting BlueWillow on Discord isn’t complicated, you can also access their Discord servers by first visiting their website at

BlueWillow is good for creating logos, graphics design, and photorealistic images. Users can start by entering a text prompt and clicking on the generate artwork button to get the output based on their prompts. BlueWillow sign-up takes only a few minutes and supports social login such as continuing with Google, discord, and Facebook. It is a free text-to-image generative AI that requires you to log in before you can create an artwork.

7. Playground AI

Playground AI image generator is a free-to-use online image creator AI tool commonly used by digital creators to make amazing and high-quality images leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. Playground AI generator requires that you create an account and access the Playground AI login page with your credentials to start using the image generator AI tool for your creations.

Playground AI is free to use, and users who are on the free plan can create up to 500 images per day and can use those images generated by AI for commercial purposes. However, free users might experience wait time during peak hours, and may also experience limitations on the quality of images generated and image details. If you want to get more out of Playground AI, you may consider upgrading to the pro plan at $12/month or the Turbo plan at $36/month to enjoy incredibly innovative features in an image generator tool powered by AI.

8. DreamStudio

DreamStudio AI is an incredible text-to-image generation tool by Stability AI for creators to generate images from their text prompts. DreamStudio allows you to choose a style, enter a prompt, or upload an image, you can also decide your image orientation and adjust the image count for each of your prompts using the image count bar.

What is the difference between Stable Diffusion and DreamStudio? This is a common question most digital creators who already know that Stable Diffusion and both came from a parent company called Stability AI, while Stable Diffusion is an open-source AI image generator tool, Stability AI saw the need to create a platform that does not require AI photo editing software download, this means that users who have signed up for DreamStudio AI can generate AI images on DreamStudio website using prompts without the need to download and install the program on their computer.

9. ArtBreeder

ArtBreeder is a collaborative text-to-image AI tool for creating stunning AI arts, it was created by Joel Simon and launched in 2018. With over 10 million users and 250 million images generated monthly, Artbreeder AI has proven to be one of the best Midjourney alternatives in the market. From image mixer, tuner, patterns, and collage effect tools, ArtBreeder is everything you need to generate images with AI and edit them for the best output.

On artBreeder, you will have access to an amazing prompt library, or community images and the option to upload your own image depending on the tool you chose to work with on their website. After that, you click on “Create”. However, Artbreeder AI pricing starts from $8.99 for 100 credits in a month.

Interestingly, Artbreeder face maker, Artbreeder girl, and Artbreeder portrait are commonly searched features of the ArtBreeder AI image generation tool most people ask about.

10. Fotor AI Image Generator

Fotor AI Image Generator is an innovative text-to-image AI tool that’s built to help you bring your thoughts to life using text commands. With a simple text prompt, you can bring your ideas in image format or AI art. Made with a beautifully designed user interface, the Fotor AI image generator has various art styles you will definitely find interesting, from; illustration, concept art, 3D, cartoon, Cyberpunk, and oil painting. There are also several great tools on Fotor AI to give you a seamless photo editing experience, such as image upscalers and background remover AI tools.

Fotor AI is suitable for content creators who are looking for reliable platforms to create eye-catching photos, business owners, and artists looking for inspiration for their next artwork. In a few simple steps, you can create the magic you never imagined using the Fotor AI image generator tool.


Can you sell Midjourney art? 

Yes, the Midjourney premium plan has a commercial license which allows you the right to generate and sell AI images generated with Midjourney.

Can I use someone else’s Midjourney image? 

Images created on Midjourney are open to the public by default this implies that a community member can see those images, use or remix them. If a user does not want his image used, they can adjust that from Midjourney settings and make their creations private.

Is Midjourney worth paying for? 

The incredible innovative features experienced in Midjourney Premium clearly show that it is worth the money.

Final thoughts

Now that we have shown you a list of free alternatives to Midjourney and some paid Midjourney alternatives, we hope that we’ve provided you with the best options to unleash your creativity and bring your dream artwork to life using AI text to image generation tools that are similar to Midjourney with their amazing and unique features.

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