10 Best AI Apps To Get Things Done 10x Faster

Innovative productivity AI tools can help you get work done 10x faster than usual!

Every day, a new AI product is launched on the internet but we will disclose to you, a list of the 10 best and most powerful AI apps that will boost your productivity, they include AI tools you’ve never heard about and as well as the fastest growing AI tools on the internet which have gained massive popularity and strong community base.

Whether you’re looking for free AI tools for productivity, or paid AI productivity assistant apps, you will find this guide helpful, as it’s well-crafted to equip you with the best AI tools for everything you need help with so that you can get a lot of jobs done 10X faster.

Productivity AI tools that will help you get work done 10x faster

The following AI tools if well utilized, can change your life for good. From the best AI tools for students to AI apps for business and everything in between, get yourself ready for incredible improvement and productivity boost with the following artificial intelligence-powered tools.

1. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is one of the greatest 10x productivity tools on the internet today. It is by far, the best free AI tool for productivity right now, that’s easy to use. Although there’s ChatGPT Plus for people who want all-time access, support, and improved responses.

Interestingly, ChatGPT is built on top of OpenAI’s foundational large language models (LLMs). It is a generative model that uses deep learning techniques to generate human-like text. ChatGPT is the result of several years of research and development in the field of natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI). The model has undergone several iterations and improvements over the years, resulting in a highly sophisticated and advanced AI chatbot.

In terms of office work or business, ChatGPT can be used to provide customer service for businesses, allowing customers to interact with the AI-powered chatbot to get answers to their questions. This can help businesses save time and money by reducing the need for human customer service representatives. ChatGPT can also provide customers with quick and accurate responses to their queries, improving their overall experience with the business.

While there are various applications of ChatGPT, it can be used to generate content for various purposes, such as social media posts, blog content, article summaries, and essays. This can save businesses time and money by reducing the need for human writers. ChatGPT can also generate high-quality content quickly and accurately, improving the overall quality of the content produced. Whether you’re a student, a content creator, or a programmer, ChatGPT can immensely improve your skills and help boost your productivity.

Kindly follow this guide for a step-by-step tutorial on how to sign up for ChatGPT if you are not already on the platform. If you already have a ChatGPT account, you can follow this guide for how to log into ChatGPT on different devices.

2. Jasper

With Jasper AI, you can 10x your content writing speed, and produce well-written and search-engine-optimized content in a few minutes.

Jasper AI is a writing assistant that utilizes artificial intelligence to help writers create high-quality content. Its advanced algorithms analyze the text and suggest improvements in grammar, syntax, and style. The software is designed to save time and effort for writers who want to create engaging content without sacrificing quality.

One of the key features of Jasper AI is its ability to support over 25 languages, making it an excellent choice for businesses with a global audience. The AI content writing chatbot also provides access to a range of templates and tools that can help writers create content for various purposes, including blog posts, articles, and social media posts.

Jasper AI is an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) writing tool that uses machine learning to assist users in generating high-quality written content. It was initially known as Jarvis when it was launched in 2021 by founders Dave Rogenmoser, John Hillip Morgan, and Chris Hull. Jasper AI is a tool with AI-enabled capabilities that can create a wide range of content quickly and efficiently. It is a cloud-based application that utilizes natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to write human-like text in real time.

The tool is designed to help businesses and content marketers generate original content at high speeds. Users only need to provide simple inputs, and Jasper will generate original, high-quality content. Jasper AI blends cutting-edge AI technology with user-friendly functionality, redefining how we approach writing tasks across various domains.

Jasper AI is an ideal tool for businesses and content marketers who want to generate original content quickly and efficiently. The tool is easy to use and requires minimal input from the user

3. Midjourney

Midjourney AI is an artificial intelligence platform that uses cutting-edge technology to generate photorealistic images from text prompts. The AI platform was launched in 2022 and has quickly become one of the leading AI art platforms alongside giants like DALL-E 2 and Stable Diffusion. Midjourney AI is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to anyone who wants to create AI-generated images. This generative AI tool uses deep learning technology to create unique images based on user prompts. It has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its ability to generate high-quality images quickly and efficiently.

To use Midjourney, users simply provide a short text prompt describing the type of image they want to create. The AI then uses its neural network to analyze the prompt and generate an image that matches the description. The resulting images can be used for a variety of purposes, from creating unique artwork to generating images for use in advertising and marketing campaigns.

Unfortunately, Midjourney which was one of the best free AI art generators, no longer offers free trials for new members. You will have to pay for Midjourney AI, however, the Midjourney subscription is worth it if you’re a creator who needs innovative features for AI generated images.

4. Writesonic

Writesonic AI is an artificial intelligence-powered writing assistant designed to help content creators, marketers, and businesses generate high-quality written content with ease. The platform leverages the power of machine learning and natural language processing to understand writing prompts and produce content that matches the user’s requirements. Writesonic offers a shallow learning curve and help from artificial intelligence (AI) in writing content that sounds like it was written by a human.

One of the key benefits of Writesonic is its user-friendly interface that makes it easy for anyone to use, even those with no prior experience with AI writing tools. The platform can generate high-quality, engaging content in a wide range of formats, including blog posts, social media posts, product descriptions, ad copy, and more. With Writesonic, content creators can save time and effort while improving their audience engagement and SEO.

Writesonic is one of the most common alternatives to ChatGPT and students, content creators, and businesses can give their productivity a boost by using Writesonic AI for content creation. The Writesonic sign-up is a straightforward process that requires only a few minutes to complete and access the chatbot.


DALL·E is an innovative neural network developed by OpenAI, designed to generate images from textual prompts. Leveraging the power of generative AI, DALL·E can create a wide range of images based on natural language descriptions, enabling users to visualize and conceptualize various ideas and scenarios.

This groundbreaking technology can generate realistic and diverse images, expanding the creative possibilities for artists, designers, and content creators. DALL·E’s ability to interpret and translate textual prompts into visual representations showcases the potential of AI in bridging the gap between language and imagery, opening up new avenues for creative expression and visual storytelling. OpenAI’s DALL·E has garnered significant attention for its capacity to generate art, objects, and scenes based on textual inputs, revolutionizing the way we interact with visual content. By harnessing the power of AI and natural language processing, DALL·E has the potential to streamline the creative process and empower individuals to bring their ideas to life through compelling visual representations.

The seamless integration of language and image generation positions DALL·E as a pioneering tool for artists, designers, and professionals across various industries, offering a glimpse into the future of AI-driven creativity and visual communication.

6. ElevenLabs

ElevenLabs is a prominent software company specializing in advanced AI voice synthesis and text-to-speech technologies. This innovative text-to-speech tool uses artificial intelligence, it is a cutting-edge solution for creating natural-sounding speech synthesis, enabling users to generate premium AI voices and text-to-speech voiceovers with exceptional quality and realism.

With a focus on innovation and quality, ElevenLabs has positioned itself as a leader in the field of voice AI, catering to the needs of creators, publishers, and enterprises seeking high-quality voice technology solutions. The company’s commitment to research and development is evident in its continuous exploration of novel methods in voice AI, aimed at enhancing content delivery and user experience across various platforms. Through its enterprise-grade voice technology, ElevenLabs offers secure and scalable solutions, empowering applications with top-tier AI voice capabilities. The company’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of voice generation underscores its pivotal role in shaping the future of AI-driven audio content and communication.

When you sign up for ElevenLabs, you will not only enjoy amazing text-to-speech features online, but also AI voice cloning, Eleven Labs voice changer, and access to advanced text to speech API for your personal AI voice projects.

7. GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot is an innovative code completion tool developed by GitHub in collaboration with OpenAI, designed to assist developers in writing code more efficiently. This powerful code assistant uses the power of AI to make coding fun and easy, GitHub Copilot provides real-time suggestions and auto-completions based on the context of the code being written, significantly speeding up the coding process and reducing the cognitive load on developers.

By analyzing the code context and patterns, GitHub Copilot offers intelligent code suggestions, enabling developers to write code with greater speed and accuracy while also learning from the coding styles and patterns present in the vast code repositories it has been trained on. This code completion tool has generated significant attention within the developer community due to its potential to streamline the coding workflow and enhance productivity.

GitHub Copilot has been lauded for its ability to suggest entire lines or blocks of code, making it a valuable resource for both experienced and novice developers. Its seamless integration with popular code editors and support for multiple programming languages further solidify GitHub Copilot’s position as a groundbreaking tool, reshaping the landscape of software development and reinforcing the role of AI in code creation.

GiyHub Copilot pricing starts from $10 per month, there is also an available option for GitHub Copilot’s annual subscription.

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8. Canva AI

Source: Canva.com

From AI art generator to photo background changer, and text animations, the Magic Design is a free online AI design tool by Canva that can help you get a lot of design jobs done 10 times faster.

Canva leverages AI technology to offer a suite of powerful design tools that enhance users’ workflow and creativity. Through Canva’s Magic Studio, users can access a range of AI-powered features aimed at simplifying the design process. These tools enable users to transform text and images into personalized, visually appealing designs effortlessly.

Additionally, Canva’s AI capabilities facilitate the generation of high-quality images and illustrations in a matter of seconds, significantly boosting productivity. The platform’s AI tools empower users to maximize their creative potential, save time, and maintain brand consistency, making it a valuable resource for individuals and businesses alike.

Canva’s AI-driven design tool has garnered attention for its ability to streamline the design process and elevate the quality of visual content. With innovative features and detailed prompts, users can harness the power of AI to supercharge their creativity and achieve impactful results. The platform’s AI functionality not only mitigates the complexities of design but also offers users the convenience of generating AI-generated images and written content.

9. Jenni

Source: Jenni.ai

Jenni AI is an AI-powered text editor designed to assist users in writing, editing, and citing with confidence. This innovative tool can save users hours on their next paper and is available for free. Jenni AI is particularly beneficial for researchers, offering support to improve writing skills, research papers, and in-text citations. The platform is known for its ability to help overcome writer’s block and enhance research capabilities, positioning it as a valuable resource for academic writing.

Interestingly, to make your work faster, Jenni AI provides paraphrasing and rewriting support with an in-built plagiarism checker, allowing users to quickly transform their content. With features such as paraphrasing, simplifying, shortening, expanding, and translating text, Jenni AI aims to be a comprehensive writing assistant for various needs.

10. Pictory AI

Source: Pictory.ai

Pictory.ai is a veritable script to video AI tool for YouTubers and content creators that helps you create high-quality videos 10x faster with artificial intelligence. Best for creating short branded videos for marketing, Pictory AI has a great number of features that can help users create stunning videos in a few minutes.

With Pictory AI, users can effortlessly produce professional-quality videos from various sources such as webinars, podcasts, and Zoom recordings in just minutes. The platform’s AI technology enables users to create and edit videos using text, eliminating the need for technical skills and making the process more accessible to a wider audience.

Pictory AI offers features such as script-to-video tools, AI voice-overs, self-voiceover recording, music integration, and an extensive library of stock images and videos, providing users with a comprehensive suite of resources to craft engaging and polished video content.

Furthermore, Pictory AI has garnered positive reviews for its seamless video creation capabilities, user-friendly navigation, and an array of music options and stock video footage. The platform’s ability to streamline the video editing process and produce professional-looking videos has made it a valuable asset for content marketers, businesses, and brands seeking to elevate their visual content strategy. With its innovative AI-powered features and intuitive interface, Pictory AI stands out as an important and efficient tool for creating compelling video content without the need for extensive technical expertise or the cost of hiring a video expert.


How can I use AI to boost productivity?

You can use AI to increase productivity by automating several tasks, you can generate ideas with AI, write movie scripts, write codes or improve already existing programs, improve customer care services, and many more.

How can I use AI to make my job easier?

Find out AI tools built for your niche or AI tools built on ambiguous data sets that can easily understand what you want to achieve in a prompt. After your discovery, use the AI tool to automate time-consuming tasks.


The smartest AI app is one that helps you do tasks accurately and effortlessly. As you search for the best free AI tools for productivity, it’s paramount to learn how to use AI to boost productivity today and start reaching new milestones in your academics, work, and businesses. If you find our AI tools list of top 10 AI apps to 10x your productivity helpful, do well to share this free guide with people you care about on social media.

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