How To Get ChatGPT Plus Discount

ChatGPT Plus comes with many amazing features, unlike the normal ChatGPT 3.5. While many are trying to access ChatGPT Plus for free, it’s currently impossible to access ChatGPT 4 student discount on the OpenAI ChatGPT platform. However, we’ve prepared this special guide for people who are looking for a ChatGPT Plus discount code or ChatGPT Plus student discount guide.

ChatGPT Plus comes with a $20 monthly subscription fee. When you successfully subscribe to ChatGPT, you can then switch to ChatGPT 4 and begin to enjoy faster response times, access to ChatGPT even during peak hours, access to ChatGPT plugins, and many more. However, while many people are in doubt if ChatGPT Plus is worth it, we understand that despite how affordable the ChatGPT Plus subscription could be when compared to its benefits, a lot of people still see the subscription as very expensive and not affordable.

Unfortunately, ChatGPT Plus account sharing is not possible at the moment because OpenAI frowns at it and expects every user to set up an account for ChatGPT and each user to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus when there’s a need for an account upgrade. There’s no such thing as a ChatGPT family subscription at the time of making this post, and this is why everyone who wants to have a discount for ChatGPT 4 should stick to the guides below.

How to get ChatGPT Plus discount

We will save you the Reddit stress of jumping from one subreddit to another in a search for a free ChatGPT Plus login or discount coupon code, as there’s currently none from OpenAI for its subscribers. So, we will leverage ChatGPT alternative platforms that provide ChatGPT Plus subscriptions at a cheaper rate.

OpenAI allows the integration of ChatGPT 4 features into various applications to become ChatGPT Plus-powered applications, and agencies that build AI agents on ChatGPT 4 can decide to give it out to their users for free or give a special Chat GPT discount for students only if they do not care about making money from it to pay for their OpenAI API key, or they can decide to give massive discounts to registered users on their AI platform.

Get a 20% discount on ChatGPT Plus with Writesonic AI

Writesonic AI is one of the most powerful AI agents for content creation that a lot of content creators are already falling in love with due to its amazing features and enhanced ChatGPT Plus user interface. Writesonic AI article writer 5.0 uses ChatGPT 4 to provide responses to users’ input and is currently $16 per month on the Writesonic pricing page.

The $4 ChatGPT discount via Writesonic is really a good amount of money, especially when multiplied by 12 calendar months. You can see that you’ve saved yourself a whopping $48 off the ChatGPT Plus annual subscription.

However, it’s important to note that Writesonic offers a free trial for users to demo-test the AI agent, where you’re given a 10,000-word limit under a free trial. The Writesonic Unlimited Plan plan provides access to ChatGPT Plus at a cheaper rate and comes with unlimited words. There’s a cap to the number of words you can generate per month.

If you want to sign up for ChatGPT Plus with a discount via Writesonic, the process is easy and takes just a few minutes to complete.

  1. Visit the Writesonic AI signup page
  2. Choose your preferred sign-up method; you can use your email, sign up with Google or Apple ID, and even more.
  3. After a successful signup, you will be redirected to the Writesonic chat interface, where you can start enjoying a 10,000-word free trial.
  4. To migrate to the ChatGPT Plus features on Writesonic, click on “Upgrade” in the left sidebar to get started.
  5. Select the “Unlimited” plan at $16 per month to enjoy a 20% off ChatGPT Plus subscription.

Note: We will continue to update this guide as we discover more methods to get Chat GPT student discount, bookmark this page and always revisit it for the most up-to-date information regarding the ChatGPT discount for the GPT-4 model and important tips on how to make it affordable for everyone.


Is ChatGPT Plus free for students?

There’s currently no window for ChatGPT student discounts on the official OpenAI ChatGPT, or special ChatGPT-4 for students. The monthly subscription for ChatGPT Plus is level to everyone at $20 per month. However, students can leverage ChatGPT alternatives that are running ChatGPT Plus to access its features for free or at a lesser fee as there’s currently no OpenAI student discount for now.

Is it worth paying for ChatGPT Plus?

Yes, ChatGPT Plus comes with a lot of amazing features that make it stand out and worth the money. You will enjoy so many benefits, such as unlimited access any time of the day, including peak hours, quick access to OpenAI support team, improved results and fast responses, and a great number of ChatGPT plugins that help improve its functionalities.

Is GPT-4 worth it for university students?

Yes, ChatGPT-4 is trained on a larger dataset to help students with academic writing when compared to the GPT-3.5 model. Students who subscribe to the ChatGPT-4 model will have access to ChatGPT even during peak hours and will enjoy improved and more accurate responses to their prompts. There are also a handful of ChatGPT plugins on the ChatGPT plugins store exclusive to premium members on the GPT-4 model.


We understand that $20 per month could be a whole lot of money, especially when you’ve got a lot of bills to settle. Fortunately, there’s a way around it to have a Chat GPT Plus subscription discounted for you to enjoy. We hope that you find this guide helpful to start enjoying ChatGPT Pro without paying the official fee.

If you’re a developer who builds chatbots and has a platform that allows people to enjoy the features of ChatGPT 4 for free or at a lesser price, do well to let us know so we can include it on our list of platforms that offer ChatGPT Plus discounts.

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