Top 10 Best Free AI Job Search Tools For Job Seekers

Is there an AI tool to apply for jobs? Let’s take you through a detailed guide on how people are securing their dream jobs with the best free AI job search tools for job seekers, how to use AI as a job seeker, and a list of the best AI apps for job search that will help you find and auto apply for jobs on your behalf.

How do I use ChatGPT to apply for jobs? From AI tools that help you find jobs to AI tools that prepare outstanding cover letters for job applications, our list goes beyond ChatGPT and other familiar AI tools to also include interview preparation AI tools that will effectively build your confidence and prepare you for simple and complex interview questions.

In the competitive world of online job applications, many people are searching for a way to autofill job applications, the best medium to get information on the latest job hiring, and skills that will match the job description of their dream job positions. Finding a job online and securing a high-paying job can be challenging as there are many applicants with the required qualifications and some application windows might have expired before you get to know about the offer, that’s why it’s important to employ the use of free job AI applications for job seekers to stay updated with the latest job opportunity and CV format that will win you the job offer.

Innovative AI job search tools are revolutionizing the way people search for jobs online, even the most popular job search tools like; Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, and Simply Hired, are beginning to integrate AI into their job search engines to enhance job seekers experience and help employers discover the best fit for the job position advertised.

10 Best AI job search tools that will help you find jobs online

What is the best free AI cover letter generator? In this section, we will disclose to you a list of apps that write cover letters. More than this, our list includes innovative AI job search tools that can analyze your resume and tailor openings for you, autofill your job application form, and also prepare you for an interview.

Let’s dive in to find out…

1. CareerFlow – AI Career Copilot

CareerFlow is a free AI job search engine that provides job seekers with innovative AI resumes, cover letters, job application autofill, and easy access to a network of opportunities. From LinkedIn optimization tools to resume reviews, job trackers, and everything in between, CareerFlow can be everything you need in a job seeker app powered by artificial intelligence.

Interestingly, CareerFlow sign up is a straightforward process that takes only a few minutes to complete, it’s also not difficult to use CareerFlow. If you want to enjoy advanced features, you can subscribe to CareerFlow Premium. You can also cancel CareerFlow AI subscription any time you want. If you have a PC, you can also leverage the extension to increase your chances of getting employed without leaving your current browser tab.

2. Sorana AI

Sorana job search AI is incredibly amazing. It is one of the AI-powered job search platforms that can help you get your resume noticed when applying online for a job position.

Sorana prides itself as the first-ever job search automation platform powered by AI that helps job seekers find and apply for job openings until they become hired. This saves users the tedious and time-consuming work of moving from one job board to the other in search of job opportunities, with a free Sorana account sign-up, you can automate the whole tedious process and enjoy seamless job application experiences. The process of searching for jobs with AI on Sorana is easy as pie, simply tell Sorana what you’re looking for, and upload your CV. Sorana will do job matching for you with the information you provide and the rest is history.

How does Sorana work? Sorana is an AI job search tool for every level, it combines both AI and human expertise to represent you in a competitive job search market. The steps are simple and grouped into three categories, first Sorana gets to know you, secondly, they find a job matching your description and thirdly, Sorana will help apply for you. Sorana AI can send out multiple job applications to increase your chances of hitting a job request approval. So, once Sorana starts and gets into action, you should be ready to attend interviews.

Update: Kindly note that Sorana is still in the beta phase and currently not accepting new signups. We look forward to seeing the team reopen the platform for new people to sign up for Sorana and gain incredible job search experience.

3. LazyApply

LaxyApply is one of the best AI job search apps that automatically apply for jobs on your behalf. With this innovative job application tool, job seekers online can carry out massive AI job applications simply by saying what they’re looking for, and uploading their CVs. LazyApply auto-fill job applications and apply for jobs that match your profile. It has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use.

LazyApply uses Job GPT to automate your job application processes on popular job search boards like LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, and Indeed. To make your job search easier, you can download and install the LazyApply extension on your browser to log in and access your account without delays. LazyApply is a premium AI-powered job search assistance tool, the pricing starts from $99 for individuals. Interestingly, this is a lifetime access subscription to enjoy premium AI job search and automated job application features.

4. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a cloud computing platform powered by AI, it is developed by OpenAI in partnership with Microsoft Corporation. As a large language model trained on a large dataset, it understands users’ input in the form of a prompt and generates responses that heavily depend on the type of instructions given to the AI chatbot by the user. ChatGPT can literally provide answers to every question within its training data, and as a generative AI tool, it can help job seekers write outstanding application letters, generate CV content, and even make suggestions for platforms especially popular job boards where you can look up openings and apply.

While ChatGPT might not autofill job application forms for you, or provide room for you to upload your resume and get job offers according to the content of your resume, it still remains a great tool that can be enhanced with job search-based ChatGPT plugins from the OpenAI plugins store. ChatGPT sign up and login take only a few minutes to complete as the AI requires that users create an OpenAI account to access the chatbot. Interestingly, users can also access ChatGPT on the go when they download the ChatGPT app for Android or iOS.

5. KickResume

You can use AI to write a CV, especially now that AI-generated CV is the talk of the town. One such AI at the forefront of AI generated resumes is called the KickResume AI.

At least, everyone agrees that a successful job hunt often kickstarts with an outstanding resume. That’s why one of the best AI resume builders in the world, KickResume took it personally to help make your job search journey easier and fruitful. There are hundreds of customizable resume templates and samples to select from, and start crafting a perfect resume for that job, using artificial intelligence.

KickResume comes with innovative features every jobseeker will need to land a job successfully. From Kickresume AI resume builder, to resume checker, Kickresume examples that are outstanding, and everything in between, it is powered by the ChatGPT-4 model and provides content in human-like form making it difficult to detect. KickResume does not only use the power of AI to craft a winning resume for you, but it also has a Pyjama jobs board to help you get a job easily, a website builder that can help convert your resume to a responsive website to increase your online presence and give your portfolio a boost.

Kickresume is free to download, you can download the Kickresume mobile app from your favorite app store to start creating a winning resume on the go. Additionally, users who want some extra goodies can subscribe to the Kickresume premium starting from $4 per month. As one of the best AI to write a CV, the subscription is worth it to avoid limitations such as not being able to download resume from Kickresume for free without payment.

6. JobWizard

JobWizard AI tool is a powerful AI assistant for jobs, its innovative features make it suitable for job hunting. To harness the full potential of JobWizard, you will need to create an account and log in. JobWizard AI is available as a browser extension, it’s easy to download JobWizard extension and install it on your web browser, which makes it easier for you to access and start job hunting with a few simple clicks.

JobWizard isn’t just an AI assistant for job hunting, it assists you in auto-filling job applications accurately to save time and repeated stress often experienced when manually applying for different job openings. It also integrates with LinkedIn to automatically import your data. JobWizard provides answers to questions asked on your application form with a professional writing style and confident tone. JobWizard subscription is valued at $19/month, but it is currently free and open to the first 2000 users. Take advantage of the Jobwizard free subscription now to gain invaluable job-searching experience powered by artificial intelligence.

7. JobScan

Most of the AI job search apps for job seekers recommend the upload of ATS-friendly CVs, and that’s where JobScan comes in. JobScan is an ATS resume checker and online job search tool that scans your resume to make sure it contains all the ingredients recruiters are looking for in an applicant. From free ATS resume scan to automated resume builder, resume optimization, LinkedIn optimization, job tracker, cover letter optimization, readily made ATS-friendly resume templates, and everything in between, JobScan is an important job-hunting tool every job seeker should consider.

Aside from serving as a resume scanner to know your resume score, JobScan also has a powerful job search engine that allows you to upload your resume, add the job you need, and view relevant search results.

8. Rezi AI

Our number eight of the best AI tools for job seekers is one of the most professional resume builders on the internet today. Rezi AI is suitable for crafting a very compelling resume, it ranks top among the best resume builder AI websites. Just like Kickresume, Rezi is at the forefront providing more helpful resources for job seekers to land their dream jobs without overworking themselves.

Rezi AI signup is a straightforward process and takes only a few minutes to complete. Interested persons can sign up for free and if you want to download a resume from Rezi for free, it takes only a few simple steps from your dashboard and you can choose to download it as DOCX, PDF, or save it to Drive. There are over 300 professional resume and cover letter templates to select from. Rezi uses advanced AI keyword targeting version 2.0, to improve your chances of getting hired.

From resumes to cover letters, resignation letters and. many more, Rezi AI stands out among other competitors and is a veritable tool for smooth job hunting that calls for interviews. Rezi AI is free, if you want additional features, you could be spending at least $29/month and $129 for lifetime access to the AI bot and all its amazing features.

9. Autojob offers automated job search based on resumes for its users. It is one of the companies that apply to jobs for you to save you hours of job hunt and the stress of crafting compelling CVs. With Autojob’s freemium account, you can enter up to 5 job titles and perform up to 100 job applications. Isn’t that amazing? There’s a lot more to benefit from Autojob when you sign up for the Autojob premium starting from €20/month.

From one-click apply, to auto apply, job search organization, email finder, and CV improvement to affordable pricing, Autojob remains an incredible tool to help you find a job faster. Autojob uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyze your data provide the most suitable job opportunities and automatically apply for you.

10. Huru

One of the greatest challenges to most job seekers is how to impress an interviewer with no experience or how to convert an interview into a job. This is the finishing line for most job application processes and applicants must try their best during such key moments to secure the job. Thankfully, there’s an innovative AI interview assistant tool called, that will prepare you for your next interview questions.

Huru is a free job interview simulation tool with outstanding features among other interview prep apps on the internet. With Huru AI, you can practice unlimited interviews and get AI-powered feedback immediately without delays. Huru as an AI for answering interview questions, uses advanced artificial and machine learning algorithms to study your preferred job position, generate the most likely questions an interviewer will ask you on the day of the interview, and provide you with correct answers, this is to help build your confidence and equip you to smash your next interview.

You can access Huru through the web or mobile apps available on the App Store and Google Play for your iOS and Android devices respectively.

How to use AI as a job seeker?

Job seekers can use AI chatbots to find jobs in various ways, the following steps will guide you on how to use AI to apply for jobs.

  1. Pick an AI job-matching tool
  2. Upload your already-made CV or prepare a new one with resume writer AI tool
  3. Enter the job titles you’re interested in or the job description.
  4. Allow the AI tool to analyze your entry and display relevant openings
  5. Use the AI autofill to populate the application form and apply.
  6. Utilize interview stimulation AI tools to get ready for the interview as you wait for the outcome of your applications.

To increase your chances of approval, use AI job application tools to apply for multiple job openings.


Can AI help with interview questions?

Yes, AI can help with interview questions. Most job interview stimulator AI tools use machine learning algorithms to tailor questions based on specific job roles and industries, to prepare applicants efficiently for the day of the interview.

Can AI write me a cover letter?

Yes, an AI-powered cover letter writer can extract relevant keywords from job descriptions for the role you want to apply for, and then craft a compelling cover letter for you.

Can I use ChatGPT to write a cover letter?

ChatGPT is a multipurpose AI tool that can meticulously write an outstanding cover letter for your job application simply by narrating what you want in a prompt. Interestingly, a great number of AI cover letter writing tools utilize the ChatGPT 3 and 4 models.

How do I attach my CV to auto populate the form?

It is easier for most autofill AI tools to populate job application forms with CVs that are ATS-friendly. You can use tools like JobScan to check if your CV is ATS friendly, you can also select from their list of CV samples that are ATS verified.

Do employers care if you use ChatGPT for resume?

Whether you used ChatGPT or other resume assistant AI tools to write your resume, employers will most likely focus on your skills, eligibility, and understanding of the job position rather than how your resume was made.


Honestly, the importance of AI in job search and job application can never be overemphasized, it helps in career development and makes the processes easier and faster. From the best AI cover letter generators to resume analyzers, optimizers, and auto job apply AI tools, our list of AI job assistant tools for job seekers is carefully handpicked to make job search and job application a breeze. Simply by following our recommendations for job search AI, you’ve saved yourself a lot of time and stress often experienced when applying for multiple jobs online or in your locality. Feel free to share this guide with your friends on social media to help them apply for jobs automatically with AI.

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