What Jobs Are Most At Risk From ChatGPT?

Is your job at risk from ChatGPT? How many jobs has AI already replaced, and how many jobs will AI replace by 2030? These and more are common questions most employees ask. We understand how disturbing the thought of being at risk of replacement by AI can be, and that’s why we’ve created this guide to show you a list of jobs that are most at risk from AI tools like ChatGPT and what you can do to ensure that AI can’t replace you at your place of work.

With the current AI waves, there are many jobs that stand the risk of getting replaced by ChatGPT and you can tell from recent news how many workers have been laid off by giant tech companies across the globe because artificial intelligence now helps companies and industries get more done in less time and with a lesser workforce, thereby reducing their cost of operation and maximizing their profits.

So many companies that have adopted the use of artificial intelligence and robotics in their business operations have testified that they have experienced increased revenue generation over the past few years of implementation, and AI is still advancing. In the next couple of years, AI could do more than it’s already handling in various industries.

Whether you’re a white-collar worker and want to know which jobs are safe from AI or what jobs will ChatGPT replace, you will find this guide helpful. Take a look at the following list:

List of jobs at high risk of replacement by ChatGPT

What jobs will ChatGPT replace? Due to the advancement of large language models (LLM), and the large data set ChatGPT is trained on to solve variety of problems, the following jobs are most at risk from ChatGPT or any other ChatGPT-powered artificial intelligence tool for replacement:

Jobs at risk of replacementReasons for potential replacement
Web developersChatGPT can write the complete code required for building a complete website. This makes it possible for ChatGPT to replace programmers/web developers.
Supermarket CashierSelf-checkout kiosks and automated payment systems can be integrated with ChatGPT to reduce the need for human cashiers.
Data Entry ClerkChatGPT can accurately and efficiently handle data entry tasks, reducing the need for manual data input.
CopywritersAnyone with good knowledge of how to use ChatGPT prompts can write good sales copies without hiring a copywriter.
Factory WorkerRobots and automated machinery performances can be improved with ChatGPT for repetitive tasks with precision, speed, and consistency.
Toll Booth OperatorElectronic toll collection systems eliminate the need for manual toll collection, reducing labor costs.
Stock TraderAlgorithmic trading systems can analyze market data and execute trades more quickly and efficiently than humans.
LibrarianChatGPT, digital cataloging, and search systems make it easier for users to find information without the need for librarians.
ParalegalLegal research and document review can be automated with ChatGPT, reducing the need for paralegals in some tasks.
Customer SupportChatGPT-powered chatbots and virtual assistants can handle routine customer inquiries, freeing up human agents for complex issues.
Mail CarrierAutomated delivery drones and self-driving vehicles may replace traditional mail carriers for some tasks.
Data AnalystChatGPT its plugins can analyze data faster and more accurately than humans.
Travel AgentOnline booking platforms integrated into ChatGPT and AI-driven travel recommendations reduce the need for human travel agents.
ProofreadersNot only can ChatGPT help proofreaders speed up their work rates, but it can also handle the work of proofreading.
Social media managerChatGPT can make social media posts. The use of ChatGPT in social media marketing shows how social media managers are at risk of replacement.
Content writersMany people are enjoying content creation with ChatGPT and it can write very well more than many creative writers.
Trip plannersWith ChatGPT Plus plugins like Expedia, trip planning can now be fully automated
PDF editingPDF editing which use to be a tideous and costly task can be perfectly handled with ChatGPT powered tools such as ChatPDF and AskYourPDF that also allow document interaction.
TranslatorsChatGPT is capable of translating from one language to many other languages and also using a plugin called Speak to teach people how words are pronounced in any language.
TranscribersChatGPT can perfectly transcribe audios and videos with great accuracy thereby making a lot of people divert from hiring human transcribers.
Graphic desginersGraphic designers and photo editors stand are exposed to the risk of replacement due to ChatGPT.

The above table is to show you a few of the jobs that are at risk of replacement by ChatGPT. If your job is not on the list, it could be among the jobs that are safe from AI. However, since AI is spanning across different sectors, it could be that yours will be affected in the coming years. To be sure, you can let us know about your job using the comment box at the end of the post, we will let you know the current status of your job with AI.


Is ChatGPT causing layoffs?

The advancement in conversational AI and the implementation of ChatGPT for various purposes is inicreasiingly causing layoffs in the job market today.

What jobs can ChatGPT not replace?

It will be difficult for ChatGPT to replace jobs that deals with empathy, and high level of emotional intelligence.

How does ChatGPT affect the job market?

ChatGPT reduces the amount of dependencies by companies on manual workforce causing many to loose their jobs hence it can be automated with ChatGPT.

Is ChatGPT replacing jobs?

Although ChatGPT was not primarily built to replace jobs, companies are begining to use more of it to layoff workers for what ChatGPT can do.

What are the negative effects of ChatGPT on jobs?

Over dependency on artificial intelligence, and automation leading to job loss are core negative effects of ChatGPT on jobs.

Is it safe to use ChatGPT for work?

ChatGPT can be used to learn more about your work and how you can improve. The use of ChatGPT is safe for work environment that considers it legal to use. There are several companies that blocked ChatGPT for use by its workers with reasons best known to them. You should respect the policies of where you work.

How many people got fired because of ChatGPT?

According to a recent survey by ResumeBuilder.com, about 48% of companies in the USA have laid off or considering to lay off workers and replace their positions with ChatGPT.

Will ChatGPT replace HR?

While ChatGPT can help HR improve their work speed, it cannot yet entirely replace the functions of a HR.

Which industry uses ChatGPT the most?

The educational and technical industries use ChatGPT the most. This calls for a concern if you’re employed in the industries that rely heavily on the use of ChatGPT.


Now that you’ve seen what industries are affected by ChatGPT the most, and understand that jobs are replaceable by AI, if you still want to remain relevant in your field, it’s important to learn more about ChatGPT and other related AI tools, how they can be integrated into your niche to improve your skills and boost your productivity.

While it might seen as if ChatGPT is causing people to loose their jobs, the truth is that ChatGPT on its own offers a great number of employment opportunites as you can make money with ChatGPT as a prompt engineer, you can invent your own chatbot on the OpenAI API key and even more. ChatGPT has shaken the job market and also provide more job opportunities for people who are willing to learn more about Natural Language Model and how to build helpful tools with them to output human like responses.

Scared of loosing your job, do you think AI will replace your job in the future? Talk to us about it in the comment section below for an overview of your job and what the future holds amidst AI waves.

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