ChatGPT Prompts: The Complete Guide With Examples

ChatGPT prompts remain the most effective means to communicate with OpenAI ChatGPT, the results you receive are affected by the type of prompts that you send. To get the best results from ChatGPT, you need to master good ways to start your prompt.

There’s no doubt that ChatGPT is one of the leading conversational AIs that leverages the Large Language Model (LLM) to provide human-like responses. Since the launch of ChatGPT, many industries and individuals have been on the search for how best to make use of ChatGPT, and the first thing that comes into play is the ChatGPT prompt.

ChatGPT is an AI-based language model that generates text based on the given prompts. It is a powerful tool that can be used for various purposes, such as content creation, customer service, or even personal chatbots. Understanding how ChatGPT works is essential to writing the best prompts and getting the desired output.

To use ChatGPT, you need to provide a prompt, which is a sentence or a short paragraph that describes the context or the topic you want the AI to write about. The prompt should be clear and concise, and it should contain enough information to guide the AI to generate the desired output.

Prompts are chats sent to ChatGPT, they’re the primary element of communication with ChatGPT AI. When you access the chat interface, you will get a response only when you send a chat (prompt) to the AI. The response you will get thereafter depends on the prompt that you’ve already sent. So, since results depend on prompts sent, the version of ChatGPT used, and whether or not a plugin was installed to enhance results, it’s necessary that we make this ChatGPT prompts guide available to everyone willing to learn more about the effective use of ChatGPT, from the most used ChatGPT prompts to the untapped.

While many may think that they have to upgrade to ChatGPT Plus before they can get better results, it’s important to note that upgrading to ChatGPT Plus doesn’t give you access to a list of ChatGPT prompts to use for specific purposes. For sure, you will enjoy instant access to ChatGPT, including during peak hours, fewer limitations, and the ability to install plugins because you’re a ChatGPT premium user.

The ChatGPT Plus monthly subscription costs $20 per month. Interestingly, our ChatGPT prompts can be used on both the free ChatGPT and ChatGPT 4. They’re well-grouped and easy to copy and paste.

Table of Contents


chatgpt prompts for students

These ChatGPT prompts for learning, cover a wide range of academic subjects and can be used to stimulate discussions, research, or creative writing among students in various educational settings.

Whether you’re looking for ChatGPT prompts for studying or writing, you will find this section helpful because we’ve made a list of the best ChatGPT prompts for students to enhance their learning.

The following are examples of what ChatGPT prompts look like for students in different academic fields. You can copy any of the prompts and paste them to ChatGPT. However, it’s important to always explain in detail to ChatGPT what you need help with. You can put ChatGPT in the position of a student by saying, You’re a student in grade 6, and the following assignment is given to you to give the best results.

ChatGPT Prompts For Mathematics

  1. Can you calculate the volume of a cylindrical water tank with a radius of 2 meters and a height of 5 meters?
  2. Solve a system of linear equations with three variables and explain the steps you took to arrive at the solution.
  3. Find the derivative of the function f(x) = 3x^2 – 2x + 1.
  4. Explore the concept of probability by calculating the probability of rolling a pair of dice and getting a sum of 7.
  5. Investigate the Pythagorean Theorem and provide real-life examples of its application.
  6. Calculate the mean, median, and mode of a dataset containing the ages of 20 students in your class.
  7. Discuss the principles of trigonometry and its use in solving problems related to triangles.
  8. Explore the concept of exponential growth and give examples from fields like finance or biology.
  9. Analyze the properties of prime numbers and explain why they are significant in number theory.
  10. Solve a challenging calculus problem related to optimization, such as finding the maximum area of a rectangle inscribed in a semicircle.

ChatGPT Prompts For Science Students

  1. Can you explain the process of cellular respiration and its role in producing energy for cells?
  2. Help me describe the life cycle of a butterfly, highlighting the stages of metamorphosis.
  3. Assist me in investigating the impact of deforestation on biodiversity in the Amazon Rainforest.
  4. Discuss the concept of the periodic table and its organization of elements.
  5. Tell me more about the laws of motion formulated by Sir Isaac Newton and provide examples of their application.
  6. Analyze the greenhouse effect and its connection to global climate change.
  7. Explain the structure and function of DNA in genetic inheritance.
  8. Describe the rock cycle and the formation of different types of rocks.
  9. Investigate the scientific method and design an experiment to test a hypothesis of your choice.
  10. Discuss the conservation of energy in closed systems, using real-world examples.

ChatGPT Prompts For Literature

  1. Compare and contrast the themes of love and tragedy in Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” and “Hamlet.”
  2. Analyze the symbolism of the “green light” in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby.”
  3. Explore the concept of allegory in George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” and its commentary on politics.
  4. Discuss the role of symbolism in Gabriel García Márquez’s “One Hundred Years of Solitude.”
  5. Examine the character development of Holden Caulfield in J.D. Salinger’s “The Catcher in the Rye.”
  6. Investigate the use of first-person narrative in Mark Twain’s “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” and its impact on the story.
  7. Analyze the representation of gender roles in Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice.”
  8. Explore the historical and cultural context of Chinua Achebe’s “Things Fall Apart.”
  9. Discuss the significance of the “double” in Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”
  10. Write a critical analysis of a modern novel or short story of your choice, focusing on its themes, symbolism, and literary techniques.


  1. Examine the factors that led to the outbreak of World War I and the consequences of the war in the world.
  2. Discuss the impact of the Renaissance on art, science, and culture in Europe.
  3. Analyze the role of women in the American suffrage movement and their fight for the right to vote.
  4. Explore the history of the Silk Road and its significance in connecting different civilizations.
  5. Can you investigate the causes and outcomes of the French Revolution and its impact on France and the world?
  6. Discuss the role of Nelson Mandela in the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa.
  7. Analyze the impact of the Industrial Revolution on society, including changes in labor, transportation, and urbanization.
  8. Examine the history of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States and the key figures involved.
  9. Discuss the events and consequences of the Cuban Missile Crisis during the Cold War.
  10. Explore the history of the Ottoman Empire and its influence on the Middle East and Europe.

ChatGPT Prompts For Writing Students Essay

  1. Write a descriptive essay about a place you find particularly peaceful and explain why it holds that significance for you.
  2. Compose a narrative essay recounting a personal experience that taught you an important life lesson.
  3. Craft a persuasive essay arguing for the importance of arts education in schools.
  4. Write an informative essay explaining the process of creating a piece of art, whether it’s a painting, sculpture, or musical composition.
  5. Develop a compare-and-contrast essay exploring the differences between traditional education and online learning.
  6. Create a literary analysis essay focusing on a specific character from a novel and their impact on the story.
  7. Craft an argumentative essay discussing the ethical considerations of animal testing in scientific research.
  8. Write a reflective essay on a book that profoundly influenced your thinking or perspective on a particular topic.
  9. Compose a research paper on the history and future of space exploration, including the challenges and potential benefits.
  10. Develop a cause-and-effect essay examining the consequences of excessive use of social media on mental health and relationships.

ChatGPT Prompts For Technology

  1. Explore the evolution of smartphones, from their early days to the latest innovations, and their impact on society.
  2. Discuss the concept of cybersecurity and the importance of protecting personal information online giving examples.
  3. Analyze the ethical implications of artificial intelligence in decision-making processes, such as self-driving cars.
  4. Investigate the development and potential applications of quantum computing in the field of technology.
  5. Explain the concept of blockchain technology and its role in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.
  6. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of 5G technology in terms of connectivity and data speeds.
  7. Explore the Internet of Things (IoT) and its impact on everyday life, including smart homes and wearable devices.
  8. Analyze the role of technology in addressing environmental issues, such as climate change and pollution, with examples.
  9. Discuss the ethical considerations of gene editing technologies like CRISPR-Cas9 in the field of biotechnology.
  10. Investigate the challenges and opportunities of space exploration technology, including plans for missions to Mars.

ChatGPT Prompts For Language Arts

  1. Write a short story that begins with the sentence, “The door creaked open, revealing a room frozen in time.”
  2. Create a dialogue between two characters who have opposing viewpoints on a controversial topic of your choice.
  3. Develop a poem that explores the theme of resilience in the face of adversity.
  4. Assist me in writing a character monologue from the perspective of a historical figure, such as Leonardo da Vinci or Cleopatra.
  5. Craft a letter to an imaginary friend, discussing the ups and downs of life and the lessons learned.
  6. Invent a new fairy tale with a unique twist on a classic theme, such as “The Princess and the Dragon’s Apprentice.”
  7. Create a script for a short play that explores the dynamics of a dysfunctional family gathering.
  8. Write a travelogue-style essay describing a fictional journey to a fantastical land filled with mythical creatures.
  9. Develop a satirical piece that humorously critiques a current social or political issue.
  10. Craft a diary entry from the perspective of a character experiencing a pivotal moment in their life.

Social Studies ChatGPT Prompts

  1. Compare and contrast the economic systems of capitalism and socialism, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Discuss the impact of globalization on cultural diversity and identity in the modern world.
  3. Analyze the historical events and ideologies that led to the formation of the European Union and its current challenges.
  4. Explore the role of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in addressing global humanitarian crises.
  5. Investigate the causes and consequences of income inequality within a specific country or region.
  6. Discuss the cultural significance of a traditional celebration or festival from a non-Western culture.
  7. Examine the concept of cultural relativism and its implications for understanding different societies.
  8. Analyze the role of propaganda in shaping public opinion during times of conflict or political upheaval.
  9. Discuss the historical context and consequences of the Cuban Revolution and its impact on Cuba and the United States.
  10. Explore the concept of political ideologies, such as liberalism, conservatism, and socialism, and their evolution over time.

Environmental Science Prompts

  1. Investigate the impact of plastic pollution on marine ecosystems and propose strategies for reducing plastic waste.
  2. Analyze the environmental benefits and challenges of transitioning to renewable energy sources like solar and wind power.
  3. Discuss the concept of sustainable agriculture and its potential to address food security and environmental concerns.
  4. Explore the consequences of deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest on climate change and biodiversity.
  5. Investigate the effects of air pollution on human health and suggest measures to improve air quality in urban areas.
  6. Analyze the role of biodiversity in ecosystem resilience and its importance for maintaining ecosystem services.
  7. Discuss the challenges and benefits of conserving endangered species and their habitats.
  8. Explore the concept of ecological succession and its role in ecosystem development.
  9. Investigate the impact of climate change on Arctic ecosystems and indigenous communities in the region.
  10. Discuss the concept of sustainable urban planning and its potential to create more environmentally friendly cities.

ChatGPT Prompts For Philosophy Students

  1. Explore the ethical dilemmas surrounding the use of autonomous vehicles and their decision-making algorithms in life-or-death situations.
  2. Discuss the philosophical arguments for and against the existence of free will.
  3. Analyze the ethical principles underlying different theories of justice, such as utilitarianism and deontology.
  4. Explore the concept of existentialism and its key themes, as exemplified in the works of Jean-Paul Sartre or Albert Camus.
  5. Discuss the moral implications of genetic engineering and the creation of designer babies.
  6. Examine the philosophy of environmental ethics and its implications for the treatment of non-human animals and the environment.
  7. Analyze the concept of the social contract and its role in the formation of political societies, as proposed by philosophers like Thomas Hobbes or John Locke.
  8. Discuss the philosophy of mind and the mind-body problem, considering various dualist and materialist viewpoints.
  9. Explore the philosophical debates surrounding the concept of personal identity and the persistence of the self over time.
  10. Analyze the ethical considerations of artificial intelligence and its potential to develop consciousness and moral agency.

Economics Prompts

  1. Discuss the concept of supply and demand and its role in determining prices in a market economy.
  2. Analyze the economic impact of government policies, such as taxation and subsidies, on businesses and consumers.
  3. Explore the concept of economic inequality and its potential consequences for social and political stability.
  4. Discuss the principles of comparative advantage and international trade, using real-world examples.
  5. Analyze the economic factors that contribute to inflation and the measures governments can take to control it.
  6. Explore the role of central banks in managing a country’s monetary policy and their influence on interest rates.
  7. Discuss the economic challenges and opportunities presented by the gig economy and remote work.
  8. Analyze the economic consequences of globalization on job markets and income distribution.
  9. Investigate the economic principles of behavioral economics and how they explain irrational decision-making.
  10. Discuss the economic arguments for and against government regulation of industries, such as healthcare or telecommunications.

ChatGPT Psychology Prompts

  1. Explore the theories of personality development proposed by Sigmund Freud and their contemporary relevance.
  2. Analyze the psychological factors that contribute to stress and strategies for stress management.
  3. Discuss the ethical considerations of conducting psychological research involving human subjects.
  4. Investigate the concept of cognitive dissonance and its role in shaping attitudes and behaviors.
  5. Explore the psychological effects of childhood trauma and the potential for healing through therapy.
  6. Analyze the theories of motivation, including Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and self-determination theory.
  7. Discuss the concept of social psychology and its insights into group behavior, conformity, and prejudice.
  8. Investigate the nature vs. nurture debate in the context of intelligence and personality traits.
  9. Explore the concept of positive psychology and its focus on well-being and human flourishing.
  10. Analyze the psychological principles of memory and discuss the factors that influence memory recall and accuracy.

ChatGPT Prompts For Geography

  1. Investigate the impact of climate change on the melting of polar ice caps and its consequences for sea-level rise.
  2. Analyze the geographical factors that influence population distribution and density in a specific country.
  3. Explore the concept of urbanization and its effects on land use and infrastructure in growing cities.
  4. Discuss the environmental challenges posed by desertification and strategies for combating it.
  5. Investigate the geographical features and cultural significance of the Himalayan mountain range.
  6. Analyze the effects of globalization on the movement of goods, services, and people across borders.
  7. Explore the geographical factors that contribute to natural disasters, such as earthquakes and hurricanes.
  8. Discuss the concept of geopolitics and its role in international relations and conflicts.
  9. Investigate the geographical distribution of renewable energy resources and their potential for sustainable development.
  10. Analyze the impact of tourism on fragile ecosystems and indigenous cultures in popular travel destinations.

Art and Music Prompts

  1. Critique a famous work of art, such as Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa,” discussing its composition, technique, and historical context.
  2. Analyze the cultural significance of a specific style of music, like jazz, blues, or hip-hop, in the context of social and political movements.
  3. Discuss the evolution of art movements in the 20th century, from Impressionism to Abstract Expressionism.
  4. Explore the influence of a particular artist, such as Frida Kahlo or Pablo Picasso, on the art world and their legacy.
  5. Analyze the impact of music on human emotions and well-being, drawing examples from classical, pop, or world music.
  6. Critique a contemporary art installation or performance piece, discussing its artistic intent and audience reception.
  7. Explore the role of public art in shaping urban environments and fostering community engagement.
  8. Discuss the concept of art therapy and its use in promoting mental and emotional healing.
  9. Analyze the cultural significance of traditional art forms from a specific region or indigenous culture.
  10. Explore the connections between music and storytelling in opera or musical theater and their ability to convey complex narratives.

Health And Wellness

  1. Investigate the physical and mental health benefits of practicing mindfulness meditation.
  2. Analyze the impact of diet and nutrition on overall health and longevity, focusing on a specific dietary pattern.
  3. Discuss the challenges of managing stress in the modern world and strategies for building resilience.
  4. Explore the concept of healthcare disparities and their root causes in terms of socioeconomic factors.
  5. Investigate the effects of sleep deprivation on cognitive functioning and overall well-being.
  6. Analyze the role of physical activity and exercise in preventing chronic diseases like obesity and diabetes.
  7. Discuss the ethical considerations of organ transplantation and the allocation of donor organs.
  8. Explore the psychological factors that contribute to addiction and strategies for recovery and rehabilitation.
  9. Analyze the public health implications of a major disease outbreak, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.
  10. Investigate the benefits and risks of various alternative and complementary therapies, such as acupuncture or herbal medicine.

ChatGPT Prompts For Political Science Students

  1. Discuss the concept of democracy and its variations in different countries, including direct and representative democracy.
  2. Analyze the role of political parties in shaping the political landscape and influencing policy decisions.
  3. Explore the impact of lobbying and interest groups on the legislative process and policymaking.
  4. Discuss the principles of international relations theory, such as realism, liberalism, and constructivism.
  5. Analyze the concept of human rights and the challenges of promoting and protecting them on a global scale.
  6. Investigate the historical development and contemporary role of the United Nations in international diplomacy.
  7. Discuss the ethical considerations of government surveillance and its implications for civil liberties.
  8. Analyze the factors that contribute to political polarization and its impact on governance and public discourse.
  9. Explore the concept of political ideology and its influence on the formulation of public policies.
  10. Discuss the role of the media in shaping public opinion, including issues related to bias and misinformation.

Cultural Studies Prompts

  1. Explore the cultural significance of a specific traditional dance form from a particular region or community.
  2. Analyze the portrayal of gender roles and stereotypes in popular culture, such as film or television.
  3. Discuss the cultural impact of a global phenomenon, such as the spread of K-pop music or Japanese anime.
  4. Investigate the history and symbolism of a traditional costume or clothing item from a specific culture.
  5. Analyze the role of folklore and oral traditions in preserving and transmitting cultural heritage.
  6. Discuss the concept of cultural appropriation and its controversies in the fashion and entertainment industries.
  7. Explore the cultural practices and rituals associated with a major life event, such as a wedding or funeral.
  8. Analyze the representation of race and ethnicity in literature and media, considering issues of diversity and inclusion.
  9. Discuss the cultural significance of a specific culinary tradition or dish from a particular country.
  10. Investigate the impact of globalization on the preservation and revitalization of indigenous languages and cultures.

Physics Prompts For Students

  1. Explore the principles of Newton’s laws of motion and provide real-world examples of their application.
  2. Analyze the concept of wave-particle duality in quantum mechanics and its implications for our understanding of matter and energy.
  3. Discuss the principles of electromagnetism and their applications in technology, such as electric generators and transformers.
  4. Investigate the properties and behavior of light, including phenomena like refraction and diffraction.
  5. Analyze the concept of energy conservation and the law of conservation of momentum in physics.
  6. Explore the physics of fluid dynamics and its relevance to phenomena like weather patterns and aerodynamics.
  7. Discuss the principles of thermodynamics and their role in understanding heat transfer and energy efficiency.
  8. Investigate the concept of nuclear physics and its applications in nuclear energy and medicine.
  9. Analyze the behavior of particles at the subatomic level, including quarks and leptons.
  10. Discuss the concept of relativity in physics, both special and general, and its implications for our understanding of space and time.

Business And Entrepreneurship

  1. Develop a business plan for a sustainable startup focused on renewable energy technologies.
  2. Analyze the factors that contribute to the success of a well-known entrepreneurial venture or startup.
  3. Discuss the impact of e-commerce on traditional retail businesses and the changing landscape of consumer shopping habits.
  4. Investigate the challenges and opportunities of global supply chain management in the 21st century.
  5. Analyze the ethical considerations of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and its impact on brand reputation.
  6. Explore the concept of innovation and its role in driving competitiveness and growth in the business world.
  7. Discuss the principles of marketing and advertising strategies in the digital age.
  8. Investigate the economic factors that influence pricing strategies for products and services.
  9. Analyze the challenges and benefits of small business ownership and entrepreneurship.
  10. Discuss the impact of disruptive technologies and startups on established industries and business models.

Sociology Prompts

  1. Explore the concept of social stratification and its impact on access to education and opportunities.
  2. Analyze the effects of urbanization on social structures and communities, focusing on issues of gentrification and displacement.
  3. Discuss the sociological factors that contribute to the digital divide and disparities in internet access and digital literacy.
  4. Investigate the role of media and popular culture in shaping societal norms and perceptions of gender and identity.
  5. Analyze the concept of socialization and its impact on the development of an individual’s identity and values.
  6. Explore the sociology of deviance and crime, including theories of criminal behavior and the criminal justice system.
  7. Discuss the concept of social change and the role of social movements in driving cultural and political shifts.
  8. Investigate the social dynamics of family structures and their evolution in contemporary society.
  9. Analyze the concept of globalization and its effects on cultural diversity and social interconnectedness.
  10. Discuss the principles of sociology of religion and the role of religion in shaping social institutions and behavior.


What are examples of ChatGPT prompts for PDF interactions? If you’re working with PDF, you can understand that PDF editing or converting PDF to documents can be challenging. Although there are several online PDF converter tools out there, they all have their own limitations and fees for extra features. With the availability of ChatGPT plugins, you can upload PDF to ChatGPT and interact with them using prompts.

The ChatGPT PDF prompts help you ask questions about the information contained in the file, and by so doing, you’re training ChatGPT with your own data and will get responses based on the data (PDF) you uploaded. Below are examples of ChatGPT PDF prompts to try.

  1. How many pages are in this document?
  2. Can you summarize chapter one of this document for me?
  3. Kindly translate chapter two of this document into English.
  4. Who is the author of this book?
  5. How many chapters are in this document?
  6. Who is “name of the character” in this story?
  7. Please extract the text content from the attached PDF file and summarize it for me.
  8. I have a PDF document containing some text. Can you help me extract and display the text from it?
  9. I need to find information about [topic] in the PDF document. Can you locate and display the relevant section?
  10. Search for any occurrences of the word ‘income tax’ in the PDF file and provide the context in which it appears.
  11. Convert the PDF file to a plain text document.
  12. Can you convert this PDF file into a Microsoft Word document for me?
  13. Retrieve the metadata (author, title, creation date) from the PDF file.
  14. Tell me more about the properties of this PDF document, such as its author and creation date.
  15. Are there any annotations or comments in this PDF file? If so, can you list them?
  16. Show me any highlights or notes made in this PDF document.
  17. Jump to page 7 of the PDF document and describe what you see.
  18. Navigate to the last page of the PDF and provide a summary of its contents.
  19. I have a PDF form. Can you help me fill out the fields?
  20. Provide instructions on how to complete the interactive PDF form attached.
  21. Extract images from the PDF file and display them.
  22. Are there any images or diagrams in the PDF document? If yes, please extract and describe them.
  23. Extract tables from the PDF file and format them as a spreadsheet.
  24. I need to work with the tables in this PDF. Can you convert them into an Excel sheet?
  25. Can you help me redact sensitive information from this PDF file?
  26. I want to remove personal information from this PDF. Provide instructions on how to redact it.
  27. Check the security settings of this PDF document, and let me know if it’s password-protected.
  28. Help me understand the encryption and permissions set on this PDF.
  29. I need to rotate a specific page in the PDF. How can I do that?
  30. Crop a section of a page in the PDF document and save it as a new file.
  31. I have two PDF files. Can you guide me on how to merge them into a single document?”
  32. Split the PDF document into individual pages and save them as separate files.

When interacting with PDFs using ChatGPT, be sure to specify your exact requirements and, if applicable, provide context about the PDF file you’re working with. This will help the ChatGPT model generate more accurate responses and instructions.


chatgpt prompts for business

When it comes to business, ChatGPT plays a vital role, and the use of ChatGPT prompts in crafting classy and attractive business names that reflect one’s brand identity is paramount. There’s a ChatGPT prompt for everything, be it business development, business plan writing, a business idea generator, or a strategy for sales boosting.

If you’re planning on starting a small business or already have an established business and want to boost your sales, the best ChatGPT prompts for business can help you with reliable business advice. Here are some prompts to get started with and improve your business:

  1. I’m conducting market research for a new product in the tech industry. Can you provide insights on current market trends, customer preferences, and potential competitors?
  2. Our company is looking to expand internationally. Assist us with an outline of a comprehensive market entry strategy, including target regions, market analysis, and risk assessment.
  3. We’re developing a new mobile app for fitness enthusiasts. Could you suggest features, user experience improvements, and a marketing strategy to make it successful?”
  4. I need assistance with creating a five-year financial forecast for my startup. Please help me with revenue projections, cost estimates, and potential funding sources.
  5. I’m opening a yoga studio that focuses on mindfulness and relaxation. What are some business name options that reflect tranquility and well-being?
  6. I’m starting a tech startup that offers cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions. Assist me with names that convey security, trust, and advanced technology.
  7. I’m looking for a name for my boutique fashion brand. Can you generate ideas that spur style, luxury, and uniqueness?
  8. I’m starting a mobile app for travel enthusiasts. What are great business name ideas that evoke wanderlust and adventure?
  9. We’re facing high employee turnover. What are some employee retention strategies and best practices for creating a positive workplace culture?
  10. Our customer support team is overwhelmed with inquiries. How can we optimize our support processes, implement chatbots, and improve customer satisfaction?
  11. I’m planning a content marketing campaign for our B2B software product. Can you provide a content strategy, including blog topics, social media tactics, and SEO recommendations?
  12. Our sales team needs help with lead generation. Please suggest effective lead-generation techniques and tips for converting leads into customers.
  13. We run an e-commerce store, and our conversion rates are low. How can we optimize our website, improve product listings, and boost sales?
  14. Our company wants to improve supply chain efficiency. Can you provide insights on inventory management, logistics optimization, and sustainability practices?
  15. We’re facing a public relations crisis. Guide us in managing the situation, crafting effective crisis communications, and rebuilding trust with our stakeholders.
  16. I’m preparing a pitch deck for potential investors. Help me create a compelling presentation that highlights our startup’s value proposition, market opportunity, and financial projections.
  17. We need to assess our competitors in the automotive industry. Can you provide a detailed analysis of their strengths, weaknesses, market share, and potential threats?
  18. We’re considering forming strategic partnerships. Can you suggest industries or companies that align with our business goals and outline a partnership proposal strategy?
  19. I’m starting a new digital marketing agency. I need unique and catchy business names that convey innovation and expertise?
  20. I’m launching a bakery specializing in artisanal bread. Can you provide business name ideas that capture the essence of homemade, high-quality bread?
  21. I need a name for my eco-friendly cleaning product line. Can you generate a list of names that emphasize sustainability and cleanliness?
  22. I’m launching a fitness center with a focus on high-intensity workouts. What are some business names that convey energy and motivation?
  23. I need a name for my gourmet coffee shop. Give me names that reflect premium coffee quality and a cozy atmosphere.
  24. I’m starting a consulting firm specializing in sustainable business practices. Suggest business name ideas that highlight sustainability and expertise.
  25. Hello ChatGPT, I’m opening a pet grooming salon. Can you assist me with business names that are fun, pet-friendly, and easy to remember?
  26. I’m launching a landscaping and gardening business. What are some names that capture the beauty of nature and expert landscaping?
  27. I need a name for my food truck that serves fusion cuisine. Can you help me with catchy and creative business names that reflect the fusion concept?
  28. We’re starting a software development company. Can you provide business name ideas that convey innovation, reliability, and cutting-edge technology?
  29. My Dad is opening a bookstore with a focus on rare and collectible books. What are some business names that evoke the charm of antique books?
  30. I’m launching a home decor store with a vintage aesthetic. What are some business names that reflect nostalgia and timeless style?
  31. I’m starting a tutoring center for STEM subjects. Kindly assist me with some business name ideas that emphasize education, excellence, and science?
  32. I need a name for my event planning business. Make a list of business names that convey creativity, attention to detail, and memorable events?
  33. I and my friends are starting a wine bar. Can you suggest business names that capture the sophistication and enjoyment of wine culture?
  34. My parents are opening a children’s toy store. What are some business names that are playful, imaginative, and child-friendly?
  35. What business can I start that leverages my passion for [specific hobby or interest]? I have expertise in [related skills] and believe there’s an untapped market for this.
  36. I’m interested in sustainable living and eco-friendly products. What business opportunities exist in the sustainable industry, and how can I carve a niche for myself?
  37. What are some low-cost, high-potential business ideas that can be launched online? I have limited initial capital but a strong desire to start a business.
  38. Considering the current trends in technology, what business can I create in the field of [specific tech niche]? How can I differentiate my offering in this competitive landscape?
  39. I have a background in health and nutrition. What innovative health-related business ideas can I explore that cater to the growing demand for wellness products and services?
  40. I’m passionate about food and cooking. What unique food-related business concepts can I develop, such as a food truck, catering service, or specialty food product?
  41. What business opportunities are available in the gig economy, and how can I leverage my skills or resources to create a successful gig-based business?
  42. I’m a creative person with skills in [specific creative skill, e.g., graphic design, photography, writing]. How can I turn my creative talents into a profitable business venture?
  43. What businesses are thriving in my local area [mention your local area], and how can I identify gaps or underserved markets to create a successful local business?
  44. I’m interested in the future of education and e-learning. What innovative online education or edtech business ideas can I explore to make learning more accessible and engaging?
  45. What business can I start that aligns with current health and wellness trends, such as mental health, fitness, or holistic well-being?
  46. I have a passion for travel. How can I start a travel-related business, whether it’s a travel agency, blog, or a unique travel experience service?
  47. What opportunities exist in the sharing economy, and how can I create a business that capitalizes on the concept of sharing resources or services?
  48. I’m interested in the aging population and senior care. What business ideas can I develop to provide valuable services and products for seniors and their caregivers?
  49. Considering the rise of e-commerce, what niche markets within online retail are currently underserved, and how can I tap into these opportunities?
  50. I have a background in technology and a fascination with artificial intelligence. What AI-driven business ideas can I explore in industries like healthcare, finance, or entertainment?
  51. What business opportunities are emerging as a result of changing consumer behaviors and preferences, such as the shift towards online shopping or remote work?
  52. I’m passionate about the environment and reducing waste. How can I start a business that promotes sustainability and helps people adopt eco-friendly practices?
  53. What businesses can I start in the realm of digital marketing and social media, given the increasing importance of online presence for brands and individuals?
  54. I want to create a business with a strong social impact. What ideas exist for businesses that not only generate profit but also contribute to positive social change?
  55. Feel free to use these prompts as a starting point for brainstorming your own business ideas or for seeking inspiration in various industries and niches.

ChatGPT Business Prompts with Startup Capital.

You can send business prompts to ChatGPT with the specific budget amounts to get a more detailed and accurate response on advice that will align properly with your startup capital.

  1. I have $5,000 in savings. What small-scale business can I start with this budget, and how can I maximize my initial investment for growth?
  2. With $10,000 in hand, what profitable business ideas can I explore that have the potential for rapid ROI (Return on Investment)?
  3. I’m looking to start a side hustle with $2,000. What are some low-cost, high-potential business opportunities I can consider, especially in the online space?
  4. What type of home-based business can I start with less than $1,000? I want to minimize upfront costs and gradually scale up.
  5. I’ve received an inheritance of $50,000. What business can I start that allows me to invest a significant amount upfront while ensuring long-term sustainability and profitability?
  6. With a budget of $20,000, what are some franchise opportunities or small business ventures I can explore in my local area?
  7. I want to start a tech-related business with $15,000. What tech niches or startup ideas can I pursue, and how should I allocate my budget for product development and marketing?
  8. “I have access to $30,000 in funding from friends and family. What are some collaborative business ideas that I can explore, and how should I structure the business and investment?
  9. What businesses can I start with $500? I’m looking for creative, low-cost business ideas that can be tested quickly.
  10. With $25,000 in savings, what service-based business opportunities can I consider, and how can I market my services effectively within this budget?”
  11. I’m a skilled craftsman with $3,000 to invest. What craft or handmade product business can I establish, and how can I market my products to a niche audience?
  12. What franchise opportunities are available for an initial investment of $50,000, and which ones have a proven track record of success and growth?
  13. I have $7,000 to start a food-related business. Should I explore opening a food truck, a small restaurant, or a catering service, and how can I make the most of my budget?
  14. With $12,000, what niche subscription box business can I create, and how can I source unique products while staying within budget?
  15. I want to start an e-commerce store with $8,000. What steps should I take to select the right products, set up a website, and launch my online business successfully?
  16. What businesses can I start for under $1,000 that can be managed part-time while I continue working my current job?
  17. I’m interested in real estate. How can I begin investing in real estate with a budget of $50,000, and what strategies should I consider for maximum returns?
  18. With $10,000 to invest, what are some business ideas in the health and wellness industry, and how can I promote my brand effectively on a limited budget?
  19. I have $6,000 saved up, and I’m passionate about eco-friendly products. How can I start a sustainable business, and what eco-conscious products should I consider selling?
  20. What small-scale franchises or dealership opportunities can I explore with $40,000 as my initial investment, and what are the potential earnings and growth prospects for each?

Feel free to adapt and combine these prompts to suit your specific business niche and preferences. Generating a business name that resonates with your vision and target audience is an important step in branding and marketing. These prompts can also help you generate valuable insights and strategies for various aspects of business management and decision-making.


chatgpt prompts for marketing

Are you looking for the best marketing prompts for ChatGPT or still wondering if ChatGPT can help with marketing? We’ve got you covered in this section as we will guide you on how to use ChatGPT for marketing campaigns using prompt examples. Be it email marketing, Instagram marketing, Facebook marketing, or general social media marketing, having the best ChatGPT prompts for marketing, will give you an outstanding position even in the most competitive market.

  1. Create a compelling Instagram caption and hashtags for a fashion brand’s new summer collection photo. The target audience is young adults aged 18-25.
  2. Design an Instagram Stories poll for a food delivery service to engage with followers. The poll should focus on favorite cuisines.
  3. Draft an Instagram contest announcement post for a beauty brand. Describe the rules, and prizes, and encourage user-generated content.
  4. Write a Facebook post promoting a local fitness center’s limited-time offer on gym memberships. Include a call to action and highlight the benefits.
  5. Develop a Facebook ad copy for a tech gadget retailer showcasing a new product’s features and a limited-time discount.
  6. Create a Facebook event page for a charity run organized by a non-profit organization. Include event details, registration info, and a compelling description.
  7. Craft a social media content calendar for a travel agency for the upcoming holiday season. Include post types and themes for each week.
  8. Write a series of engaging social media posts for a small coffee shop, emphasizing its cozy atmosphere and unique coffee blends.
  9. Plan a social media campaign for a nonprofit organization’s fundraising event, including post frequency, content types, and key messaging.
  10. Compose a personalized email newsletter for a pet store, featuring new product arrivals, pet care tips, and exclusive subscriber discounts.
  11. Write a series of automated onboarding emails for a SaaS company to welcome new users, explain key features, and encourage product usage.”
  12. Design a cart abandonment email for an e-commerce website, highlighting the benefits of completing the purchase and offering an incentive.
  13. Create a Google Ads headline and description for a local bakery promoting online cake orders for birthdays and special occasions.
  14. Write ad copy for a PPC campaign for a digital marketing agency targeting small businesses looking to improve their online presence.
  15. Develop a Google Ads campaign strategy for a travel agency specializing in adventure vacations, including keyword research and ad groups.
  16. Outline a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for a new e-commerce startup, including SEO, social media, email, and paid advertising channels.
  17. Create a content marketing plan for a software company aiming to establish thought leadership in the tech industry.
  18. Design a customer retention strategy for a subscription box service, incorporating email marketing, loyalty programs, and personalized offers.
  19. Create an Instagram carousel post highlighting the top 5 benefits of your fitness app. Use engaging visuals and persuasive captions.
  20. Devise a content strategy to increase engagement on a struggling Instagram account for a niche bookstore. Include post ideas and a posting schedule.
  21. Craft a series of Instagram Stories to tease an upcoming product launch for a tech gadget company. Build anticipation and excitement.
  22. Write a Facebook ad targeting a local restaurant’s page followers to promote a special ‘Chef’s Table’ event. Emphasize exclusivity and the gourmet menu.
  23. Develop a crisis management plan for a retail brand facing negative comments on its Facebook page. Outline steps to address the issue and rebuild trust.
  24. Create a Facebook Live session outline for a cosmetics brand to showcase makeup tutorials and answer viewer questions. Include key talking points.
  25. Brainstorm creative ideas for a social media challenge to boost brand awareness for an eco-friendly clothing line. Include a unique hashtag and participation incentives.
  26. Design a social media calendar for a B2B software company to establish thought leadership. Include guest posts, industry news shares, and original content.
  27. Propose strategies to handle a social media crisis for a fashion retailer facing a product recall situation. Include messaging, response timelines, and public relations tactics.
  28. Craft a subject line and pre-header text for an email promoting a flash sale of electronic gadgets. Maximize open rates and click-throughs.
  29. Outline an email automation workflow for a nonprofit organization to nurture donor relationships. Include thank-you emails, impact updates, and donation appeals.
  30. Create a re-engagement email campaign for a subscription box service with dormant subscribers. Encourage them to reactivate their subscriptions.
  31. Optimize a Google Ads campaign for a local plumbing service. Suggest negative keywords, ad extensions, and landing page improvements.
  32. Write ad copy for a PPC campaign targeting businesses seeking cybersecurity solutions. Highlight the company’s expertise and competitive pricing.
  33. Analyze and recommend bid adjustments for a Google Ads campaign for a luxury travel agency based on performance data and ROI.
  34. Develop a content distribution strategy for a content marketing agency aiming to reach a wider audience. Include guest posting, influencer collaborations, and social sharing.
  35. Create a customer journey map for an e-commerce store selling home decor items. Identify touchpoints and opportunities for personalization.
  36. Design a lead generation strategy for a software-as-a-service (SaaS) startup. Incorporate landing pages, email campaigns, and lead scoring.
  37. Write a detailed product description for our new [product name]. Highlight its unique features and benefits that set it apart from competitors.
  38. Explain how our [product category] can solve common customer problems. Mention key advantages and use cases.
  39. Craft a persuasive customer testimonial for [product/service] from a satisfied customer. Highlight the transformation or positive experience they had.
  40. Generate a review that emphasizes the exceptional quality and value of our [product].
  41. Compare our [product] to a similar product in the market. Highlight key advantages, price competitiveness, and customer satisfaction.
  42. Create a side-by-side comparison chart of our [product] and our top competitor’s product, focusing on key features and benefits.
  43. Write a blog post that discusses a common problem our target audience faces and how our product can effectively solve it.
  44. Develop a listicle highlighting ‘X Ways Our [Product] Can Simplify Your Life’.
  45. Write a step-by-step guide on how to use our [product] effectively. Include tips and tricks for getting the most out of it.
  46. Create an explainer video script that demonstrates the unique technology behind our [product].
  47. Craft a brand story that explains the inspiration behind our company and its mission. Connect it to our products and values.
  48. Write a series of social media posts that showcase the human side of our brand, featuring our team members and their stories.
  49. Create a promotional email announcing a limited-time discount for our [product/service]. Highlight the urgency and value of the offer.
  50. Write a social media post that teases an upcoming flash sale for our most popular product.
  51. Develop a lead magnet, such as an ebook or whitepaper, that addresses a pain point in our industry and captures leads.
  52. Write an email series for nurturing leads, educating them about our products, and moving them toward a purchase decision.
  53. Compile user-generated content (UGC) from social media, such as customer photos and reviews, to showcase the positive experiences people have had with our products.”
  54. Ask ChatGPT to generate a caption for a UGC post that emphasizes the authenticity and satisfaction of our customers.
  55. Generate responses to common customer inquiries related to our products. Ensure the responses are clear and informative.
  56. Write a chatbot script for our website that proactively offers assistance and product recommendations based on user behavior.

For optimal results, tailor these prompt templates to your specific products or services and your target audience. Also, regularly analyze the effectiveness of your marketing content to make improvements over time.


chatgpt prompts for social media

if you’re a social media person, it’s understandable that you can sometimes run out of content on what to post on your social media handles. Whether you’re a social media manager looking for ChatGPT prompts for Instagram captions, Instagram reels, Facebook posts, tweets, or any other social media platform, you will find the following ChatGPT prompts helpful.

  1. Hey ChatGPT, can you help me come up with a captivating Instagram caption for this stunning beach photo I took in Bali?
  2. I’m curious about your preferences! What’s your go-to dessert: 🍰 or 🍦? Create a Twitter poll with options and a brief introduction.
  3. Draft a Facebook post to promote my latest blog article about sustainable gardening. Make it engaging and shareable!
  4. I want to share my recent promotion at work on LinkedIn. Craft a post that highlights my accomplishments and gratitude.
  5. I’m working on a Pinterest pin for my DIY project. Write a catchy and informative description for the pin about making homemade candles.
  6. I’m about to film a TikTok video demonstrating a quick makeup tutorial. Can you help me write a catchy introduction for the video?
  7. I’m posting a cooking video on YouTube featuring my grandma’s famous lasagna recipe. Suggest a compelling title and a detailed video description.
  8. I’ve got a hilarious snap to share with my friends on Snapchat. Help me come up with a witty and funny caption!
  9. I’m hosting an AMA about my adventures in wildlife photography on Reddit. Craft a captivating post title to draw in the audience.
  10. Create an Instagram story poll to engage my followers. The topic is: ‘What’s your favorite season: Spring or Fall?
  11. I’d like to start a meaningful discussion on Twitter about the impact of technology on our daily lives. Begin a thread with a thought-provoking question.
  12. I’m setting up a Pinterest board for fitness inspiration. Write a motivating and descriptive board title and description.
  13. Our company just reached a major milestone – 10 years in business! Craft a LinkedIn post that highlights our achievements and thanks our clients.
  14. I’m hosting a virtual workshop on Facebook. Write an engaging event description with all the details and benefits of attending.
  15. Feel free to adapt these prompts to your specific needs and audience preferences on different social media platforms.
  16. Certainly! Here are some additional prompts for various social media content creation:
  17. Design an engaging Instagram story using the question sticker. Ask my followers: ‘What’s your favorite weekend activity?
  18. I’d like to quote tweet a thought-provoking statement. Craft a response that adds value to the conversation and sparks engagement.
  19. I’m going live on Facebook to discuss mental health tips. Write an engaging introduction script to captivate my audience from the start.
  20. Create a Pinterest pin for my fashion inspiration board. Write a compelling description that reflects the style and mood of the board.
  21. I’m writing a LinkedIn article about the future of remote work. Suggest a captivating headline and a brief teaser to pique interest.
  22. I want to create a custom Snapchat geofilter for my friend’s birthday party. Share a creative design concept for the filter.
  23. I need an eye-catching YouTube video thumbnail idea for my vlog about a recent adventure. Describe an engaging visual concept.
  24. I’m starting a hashtag challenge on Twitter to promote eco-friendly habits. Write a tweet to kick off the challenge and explain the rules.
  25. I’m hosting a charity event on Facebook. Provide a description for the event cover photo that captures the cause and encourages participation.
  26. I’m sharing a series of healthy recipe ideas on Instagram. Create a visually appealing carousel post with engaging captions for each recipe.
  27. I’m participating in a TikTok dance challenge. Craft a catchy and fun caption for my video to join the trend.
  28. I want to share a personal travel story on Reddit’s travel subreddit. Write an engaging post introduction to draw readers in.
  29. I’m updating my Pinterest board cover image for a DIY crafts collection. Write a description that conveys the essence of the board.
  30. Our project team just won an industry award! Craft a LinkedIn post to celebrate this achievement and acknowledge the team’s hard work.
  31. I’d like to include an endorsement for a product in my YouTube video. Write a brief script that seamlessly integrates the endorsement.”
  32. Feel free to adapt these prompts to your specific social media goals and preferences. Whether you’re aiming to engage your audience, promote an event, or share valuable content, these prompts can help you create compelling social media posts.


Managers can use ChatGPT for various tasks and purposes. If you’re a project manager, there are ChatGPT prompts for leaders that can help you in your duties as a manager, they can serve as an apparatus for self-improvement, and better team communication and give the business or project that you manage an incredible productivity boost. Here’s our ChatGPT ultimate prompting guide for managers.

  1. Can you help me create a project plan for [project name]?
  2. What are some best practices for managing remote teams effectively?
  3. Provide tips on prioritizing tasks in a project with tight deadlines.
  4. How can I improve team morale and motivation?
  5. What are effective ways to provide constructive feedback to my team members?
  6. Suggest team-building activities for a newly formed team.
  7. Help me optimize my daily schedule for maximum productivity.
  8. What time management techniques can I use to balance multiple projects?
  9. Give me strategies for reducing time spent in unproductive meetings.
  10. Provide a template for conducting performance reviews.
  11. What should I include in a performance improvement plan for an underperforming team member?
  12. How can I provide constructive criticism during a performance review?
  13. Give me tips for resolving conflicts within my team.
  14. What are the best practices for handling employee disputes?
  15. Help me mediate a conflict between two team members.
  16. What questions should I ask in a job interview to assess a candidate’s cultural fit?
  17. Suggest strategies for attracting top talent to our organization.
  18. How can I improve our onboarding process for new hires?
  19. Assist me in creating a strategic plan for the next fiscal year.
  20. What are the key factors to consider when setting long-term organizational goals?
  21. Provide insights on industry trends to inform our strategic decisions.
  22. Help me develop a budget for the upcoming quarter.
  23. Help me understand how to facilitate a successful sprint planning meeting.
  24. What factors should I consider when determining the sprint duration?
  25. Suggest techniques for estimating user stories during sprint planning.
  26. What are some common challenges in daily standup meetings, and how can I address them?
  27. Provide tips for keeping daily standup meetings concise and focused.
  28. How can I encourage team members to share impediments during the standup?
  29. What steps should I take to resolve impediments quickly and efficiently?
  30. Can you provide examples of common Scrum impediments and how to address them?
  31. How can I encourage team members to report impediments without fear?
  32. What cost-cutting measures can I implement without compromising quality?
  33. Give me tips for managing departmental expenses effectively.
  34. How can I foster a culture of collaboration and self-organization within the Scrum team?
  35. What techniques can I use to facilitate effective retrospectives?
  36. Suggest activities to improve team morale and cohesion.
  37. What key metrics should I track to assess the team’s performance?
  38. Explain the concept of velocity in Scrum, and how can I use it for forecasting?
  39. How can I create meaningful sprint burndown charts?
  40. What are some best practices for scaling Scrum in large organizations?
  41. Help me understand the differences between Scrum of Scrums and LeSS (Large Scale Scrum).
  42. Provide guidance on transitioning from a single Scrum team to multiple Scrum teams.
  43. Suggest professional development opportunities for my team members.
  44. How can I support the career growth of my employees?
  45. Provide guidance on creating individualized development plans.
  46. What steps should I take in response to a sudden crisis or emergency?
  47. How can I encourage a culture of continuous improvement within the Scrum team?
  48. Suggest techniques for conducting effective sprint retrospectives.
  49. What role does the Scrum Master play in promoting agile best practices?
  50. Give me strategies for managing stakeholder expectations in Agile projects.
  51. How can I involve stakeholders in the development process without causing disruptions?
  52. Provide tips for communicating progress and changes to stakeholders.
  53. Help me develop a crisis communication plan for our organization.
  54. What are the best practices for leading during times of uncertainty?

Feel free to tweak these prompts to your specific managerial needs and context. ChatGPT can provide valuable insights and recommendations to assist managers in various aspects of their roles.


Whether you want to make a lesson plan, conduct research, or learn more about how ChatGPT can help students understand your teachings better, ChatGPT is here to help. With the right prompts, you can find your teaching job interesting and less stressful, even the most difficult-to-understand math can be simplified by ChatGPT.

  1. I need some ideas for teaching [subject/topic].
  2. Can you help me create a lesson plan for [topic]?
  3. Give me some activities for teaching [subject] to [grade level].
  4. What are effective classroom management strategies?
  5. How can I make my lessons more engaging?
  6. What are some techniques for teaching [specific skill] to [grade level] students?
  7. How can I support students with learning disabilities?
  8. What strategies can I use to manage disruptive behavior in the classroom?
  9. How do I address bullying or conflicts among students?
  10. What are some alternative assessment methods?
  11. How can I provide constructive feedback on student assignments?
  12. What’s the best approach to grading fairly and efficiently?
  13. Where can I find resources for professional development in [subject]?
  14. What are some good books or courses for improving my teaching skills?
  15. How can I stay updated with the latest educational trends and research?
  16. How do I effectively communicate with parents about their child’s progress?
  17. What should I include in a parent-teacher conference?
  18. Give me tips for handling difficult conversations with parents.
  19. What are some useful educational apps or tools for my classroom?
  20. How can I integrate technology into my teaching?
  21. What are the best practices for online or blended learning?
  22. How can I create an inclusive and diverse classroom environment?
  23. What’s the importance of fostering a growth mindset in students?
  24. How do I promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills?
  25. How can I manage stress and burnout as a teacher?
  26. What should I do when I encounter resistance to new teaching methods?
  27. Give me advice for balancing work and personal life as a teacher.
  28. How can I align my curriculum with state or national standards?
  29. What are some best practices for curriculum mapping and design?
  30. Can you suggest resources for developing a project-based learning curriculum?
  31. I’m teaching a 5th-grade science class next week. Can you suggest some hands-on experiments related to the water cycle?
  32. I want to create an engaging lesson on Shakespeare for my high school English class. Can you provide me with some creative activity ideas?
  33. My history class is studying Ancient Egypt. What multimedia resources can I use to make the lessons more interactive?
  34. How can I differentiate instruction to meet the diverse needs of my students in a mixed-ability classroom?
  35. I have a particularly shy student in my class. What strategies can I use to help them participate more actively in discussions?
  36. What are some effective ways to incorporate student-led discussions and group work into my teaching?
  37. I suspect that one of my students may be struggling with a learning disability. What steps should I take to provide appropriate support?
  38. What are some strategies for creating a positive and inclusive classroom environment to prevent bullying and promote empathy?
  39. How can I address the emotional well-being of my students, especially during challenging times?
  40. I’m looking for alternatives to traditional exams. What are some innovative assessment methods I can use for my high school history class?
  41. What are some techniques for providing specific and constructive feedback on student writing assignments?
  42. How can I streamline the grading process while ensuring fairness and accuracy?
  43. I’m interested in improving my teaching skills in mathematics. Can you recommend any online courses or workshops?
  44. What are the benefits of joining professional teacher organizations, and how can I find the right one for me?
  45. How can I create a professional development plan to advance in my teaching career?
  46. I need advice on how to communicate effectively with parents about their child’s behavioral issues without causing tension.
  47. What strategies can I use to involve parents in their child’s education and promote a strong home-school partnership?
  48. How should I handle a situation where a parent disagrees with my teaching approach?
  49. I have limited experience with educational technology. What are some user-friendly tools that can enhance my lessons?
  50. How can I use online platforms to foster collaboration and discussion among my students in a virtual classroom setting?
  51. What are the potential pitfalls of using technology in education, and how can I address them?
  52. I want to create a more culturally responsive classroom. Can you provide resources or strategies for achieving this goal?
  53. How can I encourage my students to embrace failure as a learning opportunity and develop a growth mindset?
  54. What are some practical ways to incorporate social and emotional learning (SEL) into my teaching practices?
  55. I’m feeling overwhelmed and stressed. What self-care strategies can help me manage the demands of teaching?
  56. How can I navigate resistance from colleagues or administrators when implementing innovative teaching methods?
  57. Are there any time management techniques specifically tailored to teachers to help me maintain a work-life balance?
  58. I’m redesigning my 9th-grade biology curriculum. What steps should I follow to ensure alignment with state standards and educational goals?
  59. Can you suggest project-based learning ideas for teaching environmental science to middle school students?
  60. What are the key principles of backward design, and how can I apply them when developing a new curriculum unit?


Prompt generators have a formula for improving your interaction with AI tools such as ChatGPT. Interestingly, some of the ChatGPT prompt generators have extensions, and can also be accessed through platforms like GitHub, and their official websites. Below is our top list of best ChatGPT prompt generators you can try.

  1. ChatGPT prompt generator by Hugging Face
  2. ChatGPT prompt generator
  3. ChatGPT prompt generator by Aspose

Although there are many more ChatGPT prompt generator tools out there, we’ve included only the most reliable ones we’ve come across and promise to add more to the list as soon as we discover them.


The ChatGPT DAN prompt is the abbreviation for ChatGPT Do Anything Now. This prompt was coined by users who want to jailbreak ChatGPT to go out of the OpenAI rules and regulations to get information outside its training data. It is believed to be the prompt to make ChatGPT do anything.

Although there are several arguments about whether the DAN prompt still works on ChatGPT or not. DAN prompts also exist in various versions such as; The DAN 6.0 Prompt, the DAN 6.2 Prompt, the DAN 7.0 Prompt, the DAN 8.0 Prompt, the DAN 9.0 Prompt, the DAN 10.0 Prompt, The DAN 11.0 Prompt and so on. Whether there’s the latest version of the DAN prompt, it’s important to note that DAN prompts, STAN (Strive To Avoid Norms) prompts, do not form part of the ethical use of ChatGPT and can mislead users.

People who are looking for ChatGPT DAN prompts to copy and paste to ChatGPT often find them on GitHub to bypass ChatGPT restrictions. Since we do not encourage going out of the OpenAI regulations we’re unable to provide examples of DAN prompts or show you how to enable ChatGPT DAN mode on your chatbot.


Image credit: Bitrix24

Having some smart SEO prompts for ChatGPT at your fingertips creates the magic for your content creation journey. It’s understandable how incredible ChatGPT prompts for content writing are in the blogging industry and one major thing to consider is the ranking factor and how to ChatGPT for SEO to produce content well-optimized for search. If you’re a blogger or article writer looking forward to up your keyword research game and want to boost your content SEO writing skills, the following ChatGPT SEO prompts will help you create content that will make it to the first pages of SERP.

Using ChatGPT for SEO-related tasks requires crafting prompts that are specific, detailed, and sophisticated to generate valuable insights or content. Here are some prompts tailored for different SEO purposes:

  1. Please provide a list of long-tail keywords related to ‘digital marketing strategies’ that have low competition and high search volume.
  2. Hey ChatGPT, I have content on my webpage about ‘best SEO practices in 2023’ suggesting specific improvements to enhance its SEO performance, including keyword placement and semantic suggestions.
  3. How can I compare the backlink profiles of my website and my top three competitors in the ‘online marketing tools’ niche? Identify the top domains linking to my competitors that I’m missing and suggest outreach opportunities.
  4. I need to conduct a technical SEO audit for my website and provide a detailed report highlighting any issues related to site speed, mobile-friendliness, schema markup, and canonicalization. How can I achieve that, also give me some tool recommendations.
  5. Generate five unique content ideas for a blog series on ‘voice search optimization.’ Consider recent trends, potential search intent, and relevant subtopics.
  6. Create a step-by-step guide for optimizing a Google My Business profile for a local bakery in New York City, focusing on improving visibility in local search results.
  7. Develop a link-building strategy for a B2B software company in the cybersecurity niche. Include outreach methods, content ideas for linkable assets, and a timeline for execution.
  8. Create a monthly SEO performance report template that includes key metrics such as organic traffic, keyword rankings, backlink growth, and conversion rates. Specify how to visually represent this data.
  9. Provide guidance on implementing schema markup for a real estate website to improve search engine visibility. Suggest specific schema types and markup for property listings.
  10. Explain the impact of voice search on SEO and provide a detailed strategy to optimize a website for voice search. Include tactics like question-based content creation and featured snippet optimization.
  11. Assist me with optimized product descriptions and metadata for a range of ‘organic skincare products.’ Ensure that the content is compelling, informative, and SEO-friendly.
  12. Generate a list of blog post topics related to ‘on-page SEO optimization techniques’ that are both current and likely to generate organic traffic.
  13. What are some blog content on  ‘digital marketing agency’ space that can take me to the first page of google?
  14. Find trending SEO topics for the upcoming year (e.g., 2024) that are likely to gain traction. Suggest three blog post ideas based on these emerging trends.
  15. Outline the structure and key points for a comprehensive guide on ‘technical SEO for beginners.’ Include sections, subtopics, and a brief summary of what each section should cover.
  16. Develop a blog post about the importance of local SEO for small businesses. Provide tips and best practices for optimizing their online presence in local search results.
  17. Create an informative blog post that explains effective link-building strategies for improving website authority. Include case studies or examples to illustrate each strategy.
  18. Outline the steps for a detailed guide on ‘voice search optimization for websites.’ Include sections on understanding voice search, optimizing content, and technical considerations.
  19. Generate a list of actionable tips for e-commerce websites to improve their SEO. Include advice on product descriptions, category pages, and user-generated content.
  20. Write a blog post analyzing the impact of the latest Google algorithm update on website rankings. Explain the changes, offer insights, and provide strategies for adapting.
  21. Create a blog post that guides readers through the process of conducting effective keyword research for SEO. Include recommended tools, techniques, and examples.
  22. Write a detailed blog post on advanced content optimization techniques, including keyword density, semantic SEO, and using natural language processing for better rankings.
  23. Develop a blog post outlining the best practices for optimizing websites for mobile SEO. Cover topics like mobile-friendly design, page speed, and mobile-first indexing.
  24. Outline the structure for a comprehensive guide on optimizing videos for search engines. Include sections on video metadata, thumbnails, and video sitemaps.
  25. Write a blog post that showcases a real-life case study of a local business that significantly improved its online visibility through effective local SEO strategies.
  26. Generate a blog post discussing the ideal content length for SEO in different contexts (e.g., blog posts, product descriptions, landing pages). Provide evidence and recommendations.

These prompts can help you generate blog post ideas that align with your SEO goals and cater to your target audience’s interests and informational needs. You can then use the generated ideas as a starting point to create high-quality, SEO-optimized content. However, the effectiveness of these prompts depends on the context, your specific SEO goals, and the data and recommendations provided by ChatGPT. You may need to iterate and refine your prompts to get the most relevant and valuable insights for your SEO efforts.


chatgpt prompts for programmers

Should programmers use ChatGPT, is no longer a debate. There are more programmers who have used ChatGPT for coding in recent times than ever before because ChatGPT is very advanced with programming skills that understand different programming languages and can handle a variety of programming tasks. Whether you’re. a beginner or pro, ChatGPT can help you get more done. From code snippet explanation to debugging and many more.

  1. Can you explain how this code snippet works: [insert code snippet]?
  2. I have this code that I think can be optimized. Can you help me make it more efficient?
  3. I’m encountering an issue in my code. Here’s the error message: [insert error message]. Can you help me debug it?
  4. I need to implement an algorithm for [describe problem]. Do you have any suggestions on which algorithm to use and how to approach it?
  5. What are the pros and cons of using [programming language] versus [another programming language] for [specific task]?
  6. What are some best practices for writing clean and maintainable code?
  7. What coding style and conventions should I follow when writing code in [programming language]?
  8. Can you explain when to use a linked list versus an array, and what are their advantages and disadvantages?
  9. I’m working with an API, and I’m having trouble understanding the documentation. Can you help me with it?
  10. I’m designing a software system, and I’m not sure about the architecture. What architecture patterns should I consider for scalability and maintainability?
  11. Could you review this piece of code [insert code snippet] and suggest improvements or point out any issues?
  12. What are some best practices for unit testing and integration testing in [programming language]?
  13. How should I effectively use version control systems like Git in my development workflow?
  14. What are common security vulnerabilities in code, and how can I protect my applications from them?
  15. I’m designing an API for my application. What are some principles of good API design?
  16. What is the best way to deploy a web application built with [technology stack]? Are there any deployment strategies I should consider?
  17. How should I handle errors gracefully in my code to ensure a good user experience?
  18. Can you explain the Singleton design pattern and provide an example of when it’s useful?
  19. I’m starting a project. Should I use a framework like [framework name] or build everything from scratch?
  20. I have a large codebase that has become difficult to maintain. What strategies should I use for refactoring it?
  21. I’m working on a Python project, and I’m having trouble understanding how this Python generator function works. Here’s the code: [insert code snippet]. Can you break it down step by step?
  22. I have this Python code for parsing a large JSON file, and it’s quite slow. I suspect there’s room for optimization. Here’s the code: [insert code snippet]. What optimizations can I apply to make it faster?
  23. I’m developing a web application in Node.js, and I’m getting this error when I try to start the server: ‘Error: Cannot find module [module name].’ I’ve already checked my file paths. Can you help me troubleshoot this issue?
  24. I’m working on a recommendation system for an e-commerce platform, and I need to implement collaborative filtering. Could you provide insights into the collaborative filtering algorithm and how to adapt it for my use case?
  25. I’m deciding between using Python or Java for a data analysis project that involves handling large datasets. What are the performance differences between these two languages, and which one is better suited for data-intensive tasks?
  26. I’m writing Python code for a scientific research project. What PEP 8 guidelines should I pay special attention to, and are there any style considerations specific to scientific computing libraries like NumPy and SciPy?
  27. I’m building a microservices-based architecture for my cloud-based application. What are the key considerations for designing the communication between microservices, and how can I ensure fault tolerance and scalability?
  28. I’ve refactored this section of code to improve readability and maintainability. Here’s the code: [insert code snippet]. Can you review it and provide feedback on the changes I made?
  29. I’m developing a RESTful API using Node.js and Express. What tools and libraries can I use for unit testing and integration testing, and how can I set up a test suite for my API endpoints?
  30. I’m building a web application in Ruby on Rails, and I’m concerned about security. What are the most common security vulnerabilities in web applications, and how can I mitigate them in my Rails application?
  31. I’m designing a RESTful API for a social media platform. Can you provide guidance on structuring endpoints, handling authentication, and ensuring versioning for a scalable and user-friendly API?
  32.  I’m using Docker to containerize my application, and I want to set up a CI/CD pipeline with Jenkins. Can you walk me through the steps for building and deploying Docker containers with Jenkins integration?
  33. In my Java application, I’m encountering a null pointer exception when accessing a database object. How can I implement proper error handling to gracefully handle this situation and prevent crashes?
  34. I’m working on a Java project and considering using the Factory Method design pattern to create objects. Can you provide an example of how to implement the Factory Method pattern in Java for creating different types of database connections?


Are you looking for ChatGPT prompts for YouTube shorts, some ideas to boost your YouTube channel subscribers, or ChatGPT for YouTube script? We’ve got you covered with the best prompts for ChatGPT to write a script for YouTube videos that will be outstanding and interesting to viewers. Every YouTuber out there knows how challenging content creation on YouTube can be. Fortunately, knowing some good prompts for video creation can help you greatly.

  1. Ask ChatGPT to write a song in the style of [famous musician].
  2. Challenge ChatGPT to summarize a complex scientific theory in under 60 seconds.
  3. Have ChatGPT debate two fictional characters on a hot-topic issue, like ‘Darth Vader vs. Thanos: Who Would Win in a Battle?
  4. Let’s see ChatGPT create a hilarious and absurd bedtime story for kids.
  5. Ask ChatGPT to predict the future of technology in the year 2050.
  6. Challenge ChatGPT to narrate a cooking recipe in the style of a famous movie trailer.
  7. Ask ChatGPT to explain a complex philosophical concept using only emojis.
  8. Have ChatGPT create an alternate ending for a popular TV show or movie.
  9. Ask ChatGPT to invent a new superhero and describe their powers and backstory in detail.
  10. Challenge ChatGPT to write a rap battle between historical figures, like Einstein vs. Marie Curie.
  11. Let’s see ChatGPT compose a love letter in the style of Shakespeare.
  12. Ask ChatGPT to tell a spooky campfire ghost story with a surprising twist.
  13. Have ChatGPT generate a dialogue between famous fictional characters who have never met before.
  14. Share tips and tricks for better video editing in [specific software].
  15. Explain how to add engaging transitions and effects to my videos.
  16. Help me optimize my video description and tags for better YouTube SEO. Here’s the description [enter your video description]
  17. Suggest some outstanding strategies to promote my YouTube channel on social media.
  18. Write an engaging script for my upcoming live stream on [topic].
  19. Craft a captivating narrative for my travel vlog series.
  20. Challenge ChatGPT to create a marketing pitch for a bizarre and fictional product, like ‘The Pillow-Pizza.
  21. Ask ChatGPT to explain a complex math theorem using only simple language and analogies.
  22. Have ChatGPT create a hilarious infomercial for a completely useless invention.
  23. Challenge ChatGPT to give life advice as if it were an all-knowing guru.
  24. Ask ChatGPT to generate a satirical news headline and a story about a fictional event.
  25. Create an engaging introduction script for my YouTube channel focused on [your channel’s niche].
  26. Write a script for a channel trailer that highlights the best aspects of my YouTube channel, “mention what your YouTube channel is all about”
  27. Suggest three unique video ideas related to [your channel’s niche].
  28. Brainstorm a captivating story for my next vlog video [say what the video is about]
  29. Generate a script for a tutorial video on [specific topic or software]. 
  30. Help me write a script for a product review video. The product is [describe the process]
  31. Hey ChatGPT, help me provide tips on how to increase audience engagement in YouTube videos. I am in the [name of niche] niche.
  32. Create a list of effective call-to-action phrases for my videos on [what your video is all about]
  33. Generate a catchy video title and thumbnail concept for a video about [your topic].
  34. Suggest a title and thumbnail design that will boost click-through rates for my next video on [how to make money]
  35. Create a fun audience engagement challenge for my subscribers.
  36. Explain the latest YouTube algorithm changes and how they impact content creators.
  37. Write an outreach email to propose a collaboration with a fellow content creator.

Although ChatGPT is not a video creation tool, it can be used to generate content ideas for your next videos and also give you tips on how to improve your videos and build your own fan base by tailoring what your audience is most interested in, and how you can bring it to them. You can achieve all that and more using prompts.


things you should not ask chatgpt

If ChatGPT refuses to answer your question, it could be that your question is sensitive and against the OpenAI community standard. You have to find out what ChatGPT considers inappropriate that one of the legal means to bypass ChatGPT restrictions on what kind of prompts it should provide answers to.

While ChatGPT is a useful tool for answering a wide range of questions and engaging in conversations, there are certain topics and types of questions that should be avoided or handled with care. Below are some of the examples of questions you should not ask ChatGPT.

1. Personal information.

Never ask for, provide, or inquire about personal, sensitive, or private information such as full names, addresses, phone numbers, Social Security numbers, or financial details. ChatGPT does not have access to real-world personal data and should not be used to share such information.

2. Illegal activities

Do not ask for advice or information related to illegal activities, such as hacking, drug trafficking, or any other criminal acts. Engaging in discussions about illegal activities is against the law.

3. Harmful or offensive content.

Avoid using offensive, derogatory, or discriminatory language when interacting with ChatGPT. It’s important to maintain respectful and ethical conversations.

4. Hate speech and discrimination 

Do not engage in discussions that promote hate speech, racism, sexism, or discrimination against any individual or group based on factors such as race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation.

5. Violence and self-harm:

Do not ask for or provide information that promotes violence, self-harm, or harm to others. Such discussions can be harmful and are not appropriate. You will not get ChatGPT to tell you how to achieve any of the aforementioned.

6. Medical Advice

ChatGPT is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Do not rely on it for medical diagnoses or treatment recommendations. Always consult a qualified healthcare professional for medical concerns. ChatGPT can only provide general information about the health niche and also based on data it is trained on.

7. Suicidal thoughts or self-harm

If you or someone you know is experiencing thoughts of self-harm or suicide, do not seek assistance from ChatGPT. Contact a mental health professional or a crisis hotline immediately for help. ChatGPT will disappoint you if you want to get responses on how to commit suicide or self-harm.

8. Sensitive Topics

Be cautious when discussing sensitive topics such as religion, politics, and controversial issues. Keep in mind that ChatGPT provides information based on the data it has been trained on and may not always offer nuanced or unbiased perspectives.

9. Misuse of AI

Do not attempt to misuse ChatGPT for unethical or harmful purposes, such as generating fake news, spam, or engaging in deceptive activities.

10. Inappropriate or explicit content

Avoid asking or generating sexually explicit or adult content when using ChatGPT. Such content is not appropriate and may violate content guidelines.

Kindly note that constantly going against OpenAI policies can put your ChatGPT account at risk of ban, when you’re banned from ChatGPT you will be restricted access to the AI chatbot. However, there are rare cases of ChatGPT ban, but this doesn’t mean you should go extreme to attract a ban.

ChatGPT is user-friendly, and can always help you get more done, you can get some funny prompts to play around with ChatGPT but asking ChatGPT where you kept your school bag isn’t part of the deal lol.


In this section, we will focus on how to write effective prompts for ChatGPT and the essential steps for best results. Whether you want to write a book or need help with anything, the only way to communicate with ChatGPT is through prompts and we can save you a whole lot of stress and money by teaching you how to make some cool prompts for ChatGPT. The same techniques we used in preparing over 1000 ChatGPT prompts for free.

1. Tell ChatGPT about yourself

A good start for crafting an outstanding prompt that is effective and yields incredible results is to first tell ChatGPT who you are and what you intend to achieve. You can start by telling ChatGPT your role in an organization and the task you’re given to complete to seek advice on the best possible means to get it done correctly.

For example;

I am a senior special assistant to the government of the “name of the country” with a special role in the management of the country’s intercontinental trades. Recently, I was asked to outline the best ways to foster a strong business relationship between the “name of the country” and the “name of the other country”. Give me the best outline for a successful outcome.

You can tweak the above example, the goal is to train ChatGPT to know about you, the role you play, and the goal you intend to achieve.

2. Audience demographics and preferences

When writing ChatGPT prompts, it is important to consider the audience’s demographics. This includes factors such as age, gender, location, and education level. Knowing these details can help to tailor the prompts to the audience’s interests and needs.

For example, if the audience is primarily young adults, the prompts could focus on topics such as relationships, career development, and personal growth. If the audience is more diverse in age, the prompts could cover a broader range of topics that appeal to a wider range of interests.

In addition to demographics, it is also important to consider the audience’s preferences when crafting ChatGPT prompts. This includes factors such as hobbies, interests, and values. By understanding what the audience cares about, the prompts can be crafted to resonate with them on a deeper level.

For instance, if the audience is passionate about environmentalism, prompts could be created around sustainable living and reducing carbon footprints. If the audience is interested in technology, prompts could be created around the latest gadgets and innovations.

See the table below;

Education levelPassions

3. Be clear and specific

The prompt should be clear and specific so that ChatGPT knows exactly what is being asked. Avoid vague or ambiguous language, and use specific terms and phrases that are easy to understand.

4. Keep it detailed

While short and simple prompts still rock, detailed prompts do it better. While presenting your prompts to ChatGPT, feel free to provide all the details you think will enhance the expected output and avoid the use of jargon. Although ChatGPT is super intelligent and can understand even the most unpopular slang, you may consider taking them out of your prompts.

5. Use open-ended questions

Open-ended questions don’t only encourage humans to provide more detailed and thoughtful responses, it do the same to AI chatbots like ChatGPT. Avoid closed-ended questions that can be answered with a simple yes or no, and instead ask questions that require OpenAI ChatGPT to go deeply and provide more detailed responses.

6. Give ChatGPT a role

Role[laying is one of the interesting ways to get the best out of ChatGPT LLM. To make effective use of ChatGPT, you can craft a prompt asking ChatGPT to assume a position and then ask how best it would handle a situation.

You can ask ChatGPT to assume the role of a Manager for a small business that deals on [specify here] and ask what steps it would take to boost sales in your locality [name of locality] and manage a team of [number of team members].

7. Provide context

Providing context for the prompt can help ChatGPT understand why the question is being asked and what kind of response is expected. Use examples or scenarios to provide context and make the prompt more relatable to the AI.

8. Choose the right tone of voice

When writing ChatGPT prompts, it’s crucial to choose the right tone of voice. The tone of voice sets the mood and atmosphere of the prompt, and it can affect how the chatbot perceives the question.

The tone of voice should be confident and knowledgeable, but also neutral and clear. It’s important to avoid being too formal or informal, as this can make the prompt seem stuffy or unprofessional. Similarly, using overly casual language can make the prompt seem unimportant or trivial.

One way to strike the right tone of voice is to use active voice instead of passive voice. Active voice is more direct and engaging, and it can help to convey confidence and authority. Passive voice, on the other hand, can make the prompt seem weak or uncertain.

Another important factor to consider is the target audience. The tone of voice should be appropriate for the audience, whether it’s a general audience or a specific group of professionals. It’s important to use language and terminology that the audience will understand, but also to avoid being condescending or overly simplistic.

9. Test and refine your prompts

Once a ChatGPT prompt has been drafted, it is essential to test and refine it to ensure that it meets the requirements and is effective in achieving its intended purpose.

Testing the prompt involves running it through various scenarios and assessing its effectiveness in eliciting responses that align with the prompt’s objectives. If the generated responses are not satisfactory, you can ask ChatGPT to regenerate using the “Regenerate” button. Alternatively, you can modify your prompt and ask ChatGPT in a new chat, then compare and contrast to pick the best outcome.


What are the best prompts for ChatGPT?

The best prompts for ChatGPT are the ones that are written in a clear manner to help ChatGPT understand what’s expected in the result.

Why are people selling ChatGPT prompts?

The responses you get when you ask ChatGPT a question, greatly depend on the prompts you give, and prompts for everything can be challenging that’s why there’s a great demand for ChatGPT prompts pack and people who can make prompts are leveraging this business opportunity created by ChatGPT.

Should I buy ChatGPT prompts?

Buying ChatGPT prompts is more of a personal preferences. With our ever-growing free list of ChatGPT prompts, you do not need to buy prompts, we don’t just provide free prompts we also teach for free how you can craft outstanding prompts.


If you’re wondering why are people selling ChatGPT prompts, it’s simply because the results you get using ChatGPT are heavily dependent on your input which is in the form of prompts. However, if you’ve been considering buying ChatGPT prompts, we hope that we’ve been able to give you over 1000 ChatGPT prompts for free and also shown you how to write a good prompt to effectively make use of ChatGPT. There are certainly no limits to the generative text use of ChatGPT, want to laugh? ChatGPT can write jokes for you when you apply funny prompts, it can also play games with you when you send game prompts. Feel free to turn it into a playground and discover more amazing features of ChatGPT!

All the ChatGPT prompts in this ChatGPT Prompts Guide, have been tested with ChatGPT and they’re all working 100%. We will keep updating the prompts in this guide to keep accommodating other sectors that missing in the current guide. If there’s any ChatGPT prompt you need help with that’s not on this post, do well to let us know via the comment box below.

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