How Does ChatGPT Continue Generating Button Works?

The Continue generating button was recently introduced to ChatGPT to help users continue a conversation that was stopped mid-response probably because the conversation was too long or due to some technical glitch. 

Let’s find out what the continue generating ChatGPT response button is and how it works…

ChatGPT an innovative AI chatbot built by OpenAI that generates responses in human-like form, has gained popularity and happens to be the most successful app launch in human history It gained billions of users in the first few months after launch.

Interestingly, ChatGPT is averaging over $1 billion in annual revenue and still growing. The introduction of ChatGPT has shown the incredible role AI can play in various industries as it could help them improve their skills, boost productivity, and reduce the cost of labor. Recently, so many companies have laid off workers especially those who are more prone to the risk of losing their jobs to ChatGPT.

ChatGPT over the years has introduced tremendous updates to make the AI chatbot more user-friendly, and to improve the way it responds to prompts. The introduction of ChatGPT 4 made it known to the world that there’s more to gain from OpenAI and that this is just the beginning as we hope to see more ChatGPT updates in the future.

If you’ve been using ChatGPT for a while now, you must have noticed that earlier this year, there were instances where ChatGPT would pause and stop generating responses, leaving you with a half-baked output. Previously, the common thing to do was to type “continue”, “go on,” or “keep generating” as a prompt and send it to ChatGPT to continue generating responses from where it stopped the conversation. This method still works but there’s a new ChatGPT update rolled out by OpenAI to enable ChatGPT to continue automatically and complete the response it was generating when you click the designated button.

What is the continue button in Chat GPT and how does it work?

The continue button in ChatGPT was recently added to help users continue their conversation with ChatGPT automatically without having to send another prompt. This is to save you time if ChatGPT keeps stopping mid-response, at the click of a button, it will trigger ChatGPT to continue generating a response from the exact point it previously stopped. 

With the Continue generating button, you can effectively use ChatGPT without manually asking it to continue from where it stopped or worrying about where to download and install Continue Generating Auto Clicker browser extension.

How to make use of ChatGPT Continue generating button

Whether ChatGPT runs out of space or you notice that even Chat GPT-4 stops writing, there’s always a solution to it, the steps below will help.

  1. To use the Continue generating button, you must login to your ChatGPT account.
  2. Send a prompt to start generating a response.
  3. The Continue generating button will only appear when the conversation stops mid-response. This is to say, it is automatic and will be hidden if every response is generated completely.
  4. Once the Continue generating button appears, click on it to complete the previous conversations. The button will appear at the bottom right of the conversation that stopped mid sentence.
  5. With the above, you’ve successfully asked ChatGPT to automatically complete the conversation for you.

Is ChatGPT continue generating not working for you? Try prompts like; “Complete the conversation” or “Complete the previous response.”

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What does continue generating do in ChatGPT?

This ChatGPT function helps you continue a conversation that stopped mid-sentence, it appears automatically and there’s no option to manually make it permanent on your ChatGPT dashboard.

How do I make ChatGPT continue automatically?

When ChatGPT cut-off response, there are browser extensions that promise to automatically continue the conversation with the chatbot but we strongly recommend you use the ChatGPT inbuilt button to automatically continue generating response.

Why does ChatGPT stop generating a response?

ChatGPT may stop generating a response if the servers are busy at the moment, if it encounters a network error, or if the response is too long. In cases where it could not generate any response at all, you would see “error generating response” If the response stopped in the middle, you would see the “Continue generating” button.


ChatGPT will disable Continue generating button for all the conversations that are completely generated, the AI chatbot is intelligent enough to know when the button should appear to help users smoothly continue their chat with ChatGPT without typing a word. So, whenever ChatGPT stops mid-sentence, look out for the Continue generating button and click on it, to automatically complete the response. This works for plain texts, and also for whenever ChatGPT stops writing code in the middle.

What’s your thought about the newly added ChatGPT future, do you use it often or prefer to type? We would be glad to hear from you via the comment box below.

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