How To Copy And Paste From ChatGPT Without Background

Are you looking for the best ways to copy and paste from ChatGPT without background? We’ve got you covered with the most reliable and easy ways to copy and paste from ChatGPT to Word or any other of your favorite editors without background.

Since its launch, ChatGPT is become increasingly popular with each passing day, it has also brought a significant amount of improvement to enhance user experience. However, ChatGPT just like every other cloud computing-based application, has its own limitations, and some unpleasant displays users would want to adjust. One of these is the black background that appears when you copy ChatGPT response and paste it into Microsoft Word or Google Docs etc.

Our today’s guide does not only show you how to copy and paste from ChatGPT without invalid formatting, but we also made sure to put your different device types into consideration such as Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac. This is to make sure that every ChatGPT user finds it easy to copy and format generated text to their taste.

How do I remove the background when copying from ChatGPT?

You can get rid of the black background on ChatGPT by following the steps below. In this section, we will rely on a ChatGPT Chrome extension to copy text and paste it into your text editor.

  1. Visit the Chrome Web store at
  2. Search for Superpower ChatGPT
  3. Click on the “Add to Chrome” button to download and install the extension on your browser.
  4. Visit and click on the “Login” button.
  5. Enter your ChatGPT credentials to login to your ChatGPT account.
  6. You will notice the additional tools provided for you by Superpower ChatGPT that you installed earlier.
  7. Send a prompt to ChatGPT.
  8. Highlight the response you got and click on the copy button located at the bottom right of the generated text.
  9. Go to your favorite text editor and paste, your copied text will appear without black background.

If you followed the steps above completely, you’ve successfully learned how to copy text without background color in ChatGPT

How to remove black background from text copied from ChatGPT

If you’ve already copied text from ChatGPT and it happens to appear in a dark background in your text editor, the following steps will help you get rid of black background in copied ChatGPT text.

  1. Highlight the text in your text editor.
  2. Navigate to the ribbon and click on “Format”
  3. Scroll down to “Clear Formatting” and click on it.

The above simple steps will clear ChatGPT invalid formatting on your text and return your text background to normal.

How do I get rid of the grey background in ChatGPT?

Sometimes, already copied text from ChatGPT might appear with grey background formatting on your text editor. Using Google Docs as an example, here are the steps to follow to get rid of grey background from your already copied ChatGPT response.

  1. Navigate to the format in your text editor.
  2. Go to Paragraph Styles, and click on borders and shading
  3. On the next box, navigate to the background color and select None.
  4. Click on Apply, to save your changes.

With the steps above, you do not have to worry about a grey background each time you copy and paste content from ChatGPT.

How do I remove the box when copying from ChatGPT?

If you notice a box around your text each time you copy text from ChatGPT, the following steps can help you get rid of box around your text.

  1. From the toolbox on your text editor, locate borders
  2. From the border options, select none.
  3. The box around your ChatGPT copied text will disappear.

If it is an empty box that appears on your text editor and leaves a huge space on your document, you can get rid of it simply by selecting that area and hitting the backspace button on your keyboard or the delete button on your Mac.

How to copy text from ChatGPT in Android and iOS?

Interestingly, ChatGPT app is now available for download from the Google Play store for Android users and iOS users to access ChatGPT without going to their phone browsers. To copy text from ChatGPT mobile app is easy, follow the steps below.

  1. Open your ChatGPT mobile app on your phone
  2. Type and send your prompt.
  3. Navigate to the generated response, and hold it for a while to trigger the options box
  4. From the options box, select “Copy”.
  5. Open the application where you want to paste the copied ChatGPT response, and hold on to an empty space to see the paste option. Select paste and you’re done.

ChatGPT app provides user-friendly options for its mobile app users, you can also select text from the responses if you do not want to copy out all the responses at once. Simply long-press the response and choose the “Select” option to highlight only the part of the response that you want.

How do I copy a table from ChatGPT to Excel?

Based on popular demand, we see the need to include in this ChatGPT copy and paste guide, how to simply copy a table from ChatGPT and paste it in an Excel spreadsheet. So, if you’re using Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet package, the following steps can help you work with ChatGPT seamlessly.

  1. Login to with your ChatGPT username and password.
  2. Ask ChatGPT to create a table for you, provide the column headings, and table data that you want on the table.
  3. Highlight the table only, do not highlight the text before and after the table.
  4. Open the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet on your computer, and navigate to the first cell.
  5. Right-click and select paste

You’ve successfully copied the table from chatGPT to Excel, you can now adjust the column to fit the data properly in your spreadsheet and that’s all.


What is the copy button in ChatGPT?

The copy button in ChatGPT adds the functionality to help users copy out text responses with a single click. Instead of the manual means of highlighting and using shortcut keys such as the Ctrl+C on Windows and CMD+C on Mac, OpenAI recently introduced the ChatGPT clipboard button located at the top right corner of each response close to the thumbs up and thumbs down icons.

Why can’t I copy and paste from ChatGPT?

If your ChatGPT copy button is not working, it could be that it is hidden because the AI chatbot is still generating responses for you, or that there are network glitches. Refresh your browser to fix this error, if it persist, consider to logout and login again and then try to copy the ChatGPT conversation.


ChatGPT copy and paste extension, and text formatting tools on different text editors can help you copy and paste text without background color from ChatGPT or remove background color on the already copied text from ChatGPT. 

Did you find this guide on how to copy text from ChatGPT without background formatting helpful? If you do, do not hesitate to share with your friends on social media so they can make effective use of ChatGPT without any formatting errors.

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