5 Best Websites To Find Free ChatGPT Prompts 

Where is the best place to find ChatGPT prompts? Let’s take a look into the most common ChatGPT prompt questions most people ask, especially those who want to know how to effectively use ChatGPT with the best prompts out there for free.

What is the best site for ChatGPT prompts? Many ChatGPT users and prompt engineers have unanimously agreed that to use ChatGPT effectively, one must have access to quality ChatGPT prompts. This simply implies that the result you get from ChatGPT heavily relies on the prompt you use.

While prompts play a crucial role in determining the type of content you will get from ChatGPT, it’s pertinent to learn various ways prompts can be used effectively to output the desired results.

Whether you’re looking for where to get good writing prompts, the prompts in GPT specially packaged for OpenAI ChatGPT, or one-click prompts on ChatGPT, this guide is specially baked for you as we will make a list of reliable sources where you can find ChatGPT prompts for free, for your content writing, marketing, coding, academic writing, and businesses.

Best places to find free ChatGPT prompts

From Chat GPT prompts for students to ChatGPT prompt list for business owners and everything in between, the following websites can serve as free ChatGPT prompt generators and better writing prompts tutorial hubs for both beginners and professionals who want to hone their prompting skills.

1. ChatGPT Gist

ChatGPT is a modern-day AI blog providing helpful artificial intelligence tips, with a special interest in ChatGPT and other innovative AI tools that can sharpen your skills and give your productivity a boost. Since the inception of ChatGPT Gist, they’ve written several free tutorials on prompting for ChatGPT, such as the ChatGPT Prompt for beginners, and a guide on how to enter ChatGPT prompts in different ways. These two free tutorials clearly explain what a ChatGPT prompt is, how to create one, and the effective use of prompts for better results. It doesn’t matter whether you’re new or have been using ChatGPT for some time now, we’re a reliable place to learn more and sharpen your AI skills.

It is easy to find many ChatGPT prompt examples on ChatGPT Gist, these examples have already been tested with different GPT models and they all yielded great results. You can simply copy and paste them to see for yourself.

Apart from writing guides on ChatGPT prompting, ChatGPT Gist has also published several articles on ChatGPT prompt browser extensions that allow you access to several ChatGPT prompt libraries for one-click insertion. There are also several free tutorials available on ChatGPT Gist for different AI platforms like Google Bard, Midjourney AI, and many more.

2. Content at Scale

Aside from building the world’s most humanlike AI content writer, Content at Scale has developed a free AI prompt library to assist users in making use of ChatGPT and other related AI chatbots effectively with just a few simple clicks. Without signup, interested persons can visit the AI prompt library on the Content at Scale AI website, where there are categories of AI prompts like AI prompts for 3D, advertising, art, blockchain technology, business, chatbots, and career development. No matter what AI prompts you’re looking for, you can easily get it under the outline categories on the AI prompt library.

Navigating through the prompt library is straightforward and not difficult to use, when you visit the AI prompt library, proceed by clicking on the category of choice, when you see a prompt you like under the category, click on the View Prompt button to further reveal the prompt. Once revealed, you will then see the Copy Prompt button which makes it easier for you to copy and paste prompts to your favorite AI chatbot. Below the copied prompt, you will also see other related AI prompts to explore and some of the related blog posts that can further enlighten you about the use of AI prompts and how to effectively tweak them to get the most desired result for yourself.

3. OpenAI Developer Forum

The OpenAI Developer forum is an interactive community filled with ChatGPT users and enthusiasts. Here, you will see different types of ChatGPT prompts used by different people, the errors or challenges they’re facing while using ChatGPT, and lots more. Honestly, being a community member on the OpenAI forum will expose you to more effective ways to use ChatGPT and also create an avenue for you to ask questions and get answers from other community members.

From troubleshooting ChatGPT to seeing wonders done with ChatGPT by other users, joining the OpenAI community is something everyone who wants to get more done with ChatGPT should consider.

To create a post on the OpenAI community, you must first sign up, the process is easy hence you have a ChatGPT account already.

4. Prompt Chat 

Prompt Chat is a community-run AI prompt platform filled with AI prompt engineering experts and regular users who are inspired by the work of artificial intelligence to share their most effective AI prompts and strategies for getting the most out of AI chatbots like ChatGPT and Google Bard. Whether you’re looking for the best prompt for a book summary in ChatGPT or prompts to write your first ebook in ChatGPT, different categories of AI prompts on Prompt.chat will pique your interest, from SEO prompts, funny ChatGPT prompts, jobs, and education to business prompts and AI prompts for design. The list is endless, and the most interesting part is that it is shared by users in the community and the platform is user-friendly, allows social login, and is easy to use.

5. PromptBase

PromptBase promises to provide users with the best ChatGPT prompts, while some of their quality AI prompts for ChatGPT are free, they also have a marketplace for some premium AI prompts for ChatGPT, Midjourney, DALL·E, and Stable Diffusion, etc.  PromptBase also has a network of top ChatGPT prompt engineers who craft different mind-blowing ChatGPT AI prompts to enhance your interactions with the ChatGPT chatbot and boost your productivity. PromptBase has different categories of AI prompts to select from, users can also make use of the search bar. If you’re interested only in ChatGPT prompts, you can visit promptbase.com/chatgpt to copy and paste free ChatGPT prompts of your choice.

There’s also an avenue for AI prompts monetization on PromptBase for creators who know how to craft effective ChatGPT prompts. You can sell your AI prompts on PromptBase.


What are the most effective ChatGPT prompts?

The most effective ChatGPT prompts are the type that incorporates all the tiny details required to get the best results out of ChatGPT, it helps the AI chatbot to clearly understand what you want to carry out with the prompt.

How do I master ChatGPT prompts?

The easiest way to master ChatGPT prompts is to stick to helpful ChatGPT prompt guides, your constant use of them, and your ability to try different prompt styles and take note of their outcome.

Where can I get good writing prompts?

If you plan to write content with generative AI tools like ChatGPT, Chatsonic, Jasper AI, and many others, you can get good writing prompts from ChatGPTGist.com

What are the best ChatGPT prompts for university students? 

The best ChatGPT prompts for students are the prompts that can help them understand their academic activities better, and boost their productivity.  Since ChatGPT is trained on a vast dataset including academic materials, it can help university students greatly if used properly. However, it’s pertinent to always check if your school allows the use of ChatGPT and other generative AI tools for academic purposes.

Final thoughts

Whether you’re a professor, or school student looking for ChatGPT prompts for academic writing, A social media user looking for ChatGPT prompts for Instagram posts, or a business person looking for ChatGPT prompts for business, the list of ChatGPT prompt generator websites and free blogs on ChatGPT prompts we listed in this guide, have some cool ChatGPT prompts for you and all it takes to satisfy your need for the most effective AI prompts to use for free.

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