Is It Possible To Jailbreak ChatGPT?

Do you want to jailbreak ChatGPT or find out if it is possible? Let’s discover more about ChatGPT jailbreaking prompts in this guide.

While OpenAI is yet to admit that it is possible to jailbreak ChatGPT, there are a good number of ChatGPT users and prompt engineers who believe that ChatGPT can be jailbroken, We’ve seen people claim they have ultimate ChatGPT jailbreak scripts and can force ChatGPT to go outside its regulations to provide answers to questions you shouldn’t ask ChatGPT or questions that are outside its training data.

However, while many claim that they have the best ChatGPT jailbreak prompts, we will in this guide explain to you what it means to jailbreak ChatGPT, popular prompts for jailbreaking ChatGPT, and why you should be careful if at all you should use them.

What is jailbreak in ChatGPT?

Jailbreak in ChatGPT is to break the rules of OpenAI and make the AI chatbot misbehave, AI jailbreak is common in the artificial intelligence chatbot community and such prompts can trigger ChatGPT into roleplaying that might be harmful. ChatGPT is built to be secure and mindful of the responses it generates to guarantee user safety. While certain prompts are constructed to mislead or confuse the chatbot, such prompts are regarded as jailbreak prompts.

When you’re able to force ChatGPT to go out of its trained safety boundaries to teach you things that are unethical, then you’ve successfully jailbreak it to suit your needs. However, OpenAI is in continuous work to make sure that the platform is secure and safe to use for everyone, some of the ChatGPT negative prompts are blocked already and no longer working, while there are more and more new ChatGPT jailbreak prompts surfacing the internet every now and then.

It might take ChatGPT some time to recognize such prompts and block them from functioning, while the latest jailbreak prompts might work for you now, there’s no guarantee it will still be relevant as ChatGPT keeps rolling out new security features.

If you try any of the jailbreak prompts on the internet today, ChatGPT will not be responsible for the outcome of such prompts since they’re bypassed and clearly against the OpenAI community. Your frequent violation of the OpenAI rules and regulations can also get your account suspended or banned.

What are the types of ChatGPT jailbreak prompts now?

There are many prompts believed to be ChatGPT jailbreak prompts, but the following, are the most popular types of ChatGPT jailbreak prompts.

ChatGPT DAN Mode Prompt

DAN also known as ChatGPT DAN mode is a very popular ChatGPT jailbreaking prompt, from our findings, it is the first form of jailbreaking prompt for ChatGPT to ever exist and they’re coined to be in versions such as; DAN 5.0, DAN 6.0, DAN 11.0, etc with the latest DAN prompt believed to be the most effective prompt that throws ChatGPT off the restriction state to Do Anything Now. There are so many prompts to activate DAN on GitHub, they’re usually lengthy and available for copy and paste, where you can edit certain instructions in the chat box and then send it to the ChatGPT chatbot for processing. Some also apply such prompts to My AI on Snapchat.

ChatGPT STAN Prompts

The STAN prompt is an abbreviation for Strive To Avoid Norms. This is a specific prompt that overrides or subverts the default OpenAI restrictions for ChatGPT, it tends to trick ChatGPT to do everything possible to break the ChatGPT norms and go out of the box to give unfiltered information. If you’re using STAND mode ChatGPT it simply means that you’ve removed the ChatGPT filter for the information that you seek. Since this is a prompt against the norms of ChatGPT, the information provided can be harmful to the user and anyone else you share it with.

There are also other jailbreak prompts like the DUDE and Mongo Tom prompt which form part of the most popular ChatGPT jailbreaking prompts on GitHub and Reddit where a great number of users are interested in blackhat ChatGPT hacks.

How do I enable DAN mode in ChatGPT?

To activate or enable DAN mode in ChatGPT on iPhone, Android or your web browser isn’t a rocket science or stressful process. Most jailbreak prompts follow the same or similar pattern of giving instructions to ChatGPT to ignore OpenAI restrictions. The following steps will help you activate the ChatGPT DAN mode on your account.

  • Visit and click on the “Login” button
  • Enter your ChatGPT credentials to login.
  • Search for DAN prompts or any other ChatGPT jailbreak prompts online, especially on GitHub and Reddit
  • Copy out any of your favorite prompts and edit to your taste.
  • Paste it into the ChatGPT chat box and send.

The above step is simply how to jailbreak ChatGPT using the DAN prompt, you can also follow the same steps to activate other malicious ChatGPT prompts on your accounts such as the DUDE prompt, etc. ChatGPT will process the prompt and give you responses if the DAN prompt is still working. If you copied an expired DAN prompt, it’s likely you will not get the desired output, you will get a message that ChatGPT can’t provide you with such information.


What can a jailbroken ChatGPT do?

Jailbroken ChatGPT can go out of the OpenAI rules and regulations to talk about things in real time, make predictions and provide unverified and harmful information.

Can you jailbreak ChatGPT 4?

Yes, the same illegal prompts used on the free version of ChatGPT is reportedly used on the ChatGPT 4.

Can you get banned from ChatGPT for jailbreaking?

ChatGPT jailbreak prompts should be used for educational purposes if you want to see which jailbreak prompt works and how possible it is to break restrictions and generate unverified information. Frequent use of such prompts can lead to account suspension or ban.

Can ChatGPT be jailbroken?

There are more successful ChatGPT jailbroken attempts in the past than now. While it’s easily possible to jailbreak ChatGPT previously, they’re constantly upgrading their security features to protect users from unverified and harmful information.


We hope that this guide helps you understand the jailbreak ChatGPT meaning, and know the most popular of the jailbreak prompts. Honestly, ChatGPT jailbreak can ruin your ChatGPT experience, it is something you should treat as information for educational purposes. Also, know that your ChatGPT account is at higher risk of being banned if you constantly go against ChatGPT content policy.

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