How To Write Essays With ChatGPT

How can I use ChatGPT to write an essay? Yes, and we will show you in this guide the very best steps to take to write good essays without plagiarizing. A few days ago, we made a post on how to use ChatGPT without being caught, because we understand the role ChatGPT plays in writing academic essays and how it can help you become a better student generally.

Imagine a world where the task of writing essays becomes an exhilarating journey, a place where the quill and parchment of yesteryears have given way to the boundless potential of artificial intelligence. In this brave new world, essay writing is an art, a science, and an adventure that unfolds with each keystroke, your guide is an AI companion named ChatGPT that can help you harness the immense potential of AI to craft compelling and insightful essays that will leave your readers captivated. Even your school teacher would be proud of you and score you a good grade.

Honestly, we are lucky to be bestowed with tools that augment our abilities, and ChatGPT stands as a beacon of this technological prowess. But, like any adventurer setting forth on a quest, you must be equipped with knowledge and a sense of purpose. From understanding the essay prompt and topic, crafting a compelling thesis, conducting comprehensive research, and constructing well-structured arguments, ChatGPT will be your trusty companion at every turn with its great machine learning feature and Natural Language processing abilities.

Through this guide, we will unlock the power of AI in essay writing, revealing not only the convenience it brings but also the importance of responsible and creative utilization. You will learn how to tap into the wealth of information, assistance, and inspiration that AI offers, allowing you to weave essays that resonate with depth, clarity, and a touch of your unique brilliance.

With the right prompts, you can have your own Chat GPT essay generator or essay writer free of charge and score great points with your outstanding essays, whether you want to write a short essay or something far from it.

How to write an outstanding essay using ChatGPT

Writing essays with the help of ChatGPT can be a valuable tool to improve your writing, gather information, and generate ideas. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to effectively use ChatGPT for essay writing:

Understand your essay prompt

Before you embark on the journey of essay writing, it is paramount to lay a solid foundation, and that foundation begins with understanding your essay prompt. This seemingly simple step is the cornerstone upon which your entire essay rests, influencing the direction, focus, and content of your work.

The essay prompt is your guiding star, your roadmap, and your compass in the vast terrain of the writing process. It defines the scope of your essay and sets the parameters for what you should discuss. Failing to comprehend the topic can lead to misinterpretation, resulting in an essay that misses the mark.

Consider this: if your essay prompt asks you to “Discuss the impact of social media on society,” a thorough understanding of this prompt will prevent you from veering off into unrelated tangents or writing a generic piece. It will also help you identify the key components that must be addressed in your essay, such as ‘social media,’ ‘impact,’ and ‘society.’

Define your thesis statement

In the grand tapestry of essay writing, your thesis statement stands as a vibrant thread, weaving through every paragraph, binding your ideas into a coherent and purposeful narrative. It is the essence of your argument, the nucleus of your essay, and, perhaps most importantly, the beacon that illuminates the path you are about to tread. 

The thesis statement is the bedrock of your essay, and its significance cannot be overstated. It is the statement that encapsulates your main argument or perspective on the topic. Your entire essay will revolve around this central point. In essence, it informs your reader what to expect from your essay, guiding their understanding and expectations.

Imagine, for instance, that your essay explores the impact of social media on society. A well-defined thesis statement might be: “Social media has significantly influenced how we communicate, consume information, and build our personal identities.” This thesis provides a clear roadmap for the reader, outlining the three key areas of focus in your essay.

A thesis statement is not a mere observation; it is your stance on the topic. It should express your perspective or argument. In our example, you’re taking a stand on social media’s influence. Additionally, make it specific, include supporting points, and present clear sentences to ChatGPT for optimum performance.

Gather enough facts

The ability to conduct thorough research and gather relevant information is paramount for effective essay writing. With the advent of AI, such as ChatGPT, this process has been significantly streamlined, providing writers with an invaluable resource. Before diving into research, clearly outline your objectives. What specific information are you seeking? Identify the key themes, concepts, or data you need to support your thesis statement. Having a well-defined research goal will make your interactions with ChatGPT more productive.

ChatGPT can provide a vast array of information on numerous topics. Use open-ended questions to tap into its large database of knowledge. For example, you can ask, “Can you provide an overview of recent advancements in renewable energy technologies?” or “What are the key arguments in the debate over climate change policies?

While ChatGPT is a valuable resource, it’s essential to cross-verify information. Double-check facts and ensure the credibility of sources. AI can provide general information, but it’s wise to consult specialized databases, academic journals, or credible websites for in-depth research. This allows you to properly reference your research and maintain academic integrity, properly cite these sources using the appropriate citation style (e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago).

If your essay requires a balanced view, ask ChatGPT to present arguments from opposing sides of the issue. For example, “Can you provide arguments both in favor of and against the use of genetically modified crops in agriculture?

Outline your essay

A comprehensive outline is a fundamental step in essay writing that ensures your thoughts are organized, your arguments flow logically, and your essay is easy for the reader to follow. When working with ChatGPT, you can harness its capabilities to help you construct a clear and effective essay outline. 

Based on your thesis statement, determine the main points you need to address in your essay. Each of these points should become a major section or topic in your outline. For example, if your thesis is about the impact of social media, your main points might be; Communication, Information Consumption, and Personal Identity.

ChatGPT can provide additional information, context, and subtopics related to your main points. For instance, if you’re exploring the impact of social media on communication, you can ask ChatGPT for specific examples, statistics, or trends in this area. Consider the logical flow of your essay. Decide how you want to order your main points in your outline. Typically, the order should make sense in terms of building your argument or providing a coherent narrative.

  • Write the introduction
  • Develop body paragraphs
  • Cite sources properly
  • Write the conclusion

You can do all of the above essay structures using ChatGPT.

Edit and proofread

After writing your essay with ChatGPT’s assistance, thoroughly review it for grammar, clarity, and coherence. Make any necessary revisions. You can also share your essay with someone who has a higher academic background for feedback. They can provide valuable insights and help you refine your work.

Additionally, you can check if your essay is good through the use of Grammarly browser extension, or the Grammerly app where you can copy and paste your essay to make sure that all your editings are grammartically correct.


Can you use ChatGPT to write essays without plagiarizing?

CahtGPT can be used to write essays that are plagiarism-free due to its large volume of trained data sets. To get the best out of ChatGPT for essay writing, it’s advised to always bring in your own creativity and integrate it with responses from ChatGPT.

How do you ask ChatGPT to write an essay with references?

ChatGPT can now surf the internet, which will enable it to cite sources for information picked from around the web. However, there may be no references for the information provided from the data ChatGPT is trained on already.

How do you use ChatGPT for essays without being caught?

If you’re scared of being caught by AI detectors, it’s important to use ChatGPT as an essay writing assistant to give you information about certain things rather than depend on it for your entire essay writing. However, if you’re good at prompts, you can craft an interesting essay using ChatGPT for over 70% of the content.

Can essays written by ChatGPT be detected?

Essays are just like every other text generated by AI or ChatGPT. So many AI tools claim they can easily detect ChatGPT writing patterns, but we always advise teachers to approach this with caution so as not to wrongly accuse their students of using ChatGPT.

Can I use ChatGPT to reword my essay?

Yes, you can ask ChatGPT to reword, rewrite, or rephrase your essay. Interestingly ChatGPT can also output essays written in another language to English or from English to any other language.

How do you introduce an essay without saying I?

Introducing an essay without using the first-person pronoun “I” is a common academic and formal writing practice. To create an effective introduction that avoids “I,” you can employ various strategies such as; a third-person introduction, subject-centric introduction, and impersonal introduction.

How do you say this essay will discuss without saying it?

To convey that your essay will discuss a particular topic or issue without explicitly stating it, you can use alternative phrases or expressions to create a more engaging and varied introduction. Here are a few examples: “This essay will explore…” “The focus of this essay is on…” “The central theme of this essay revolves around…” “The primary objective of this essay is to examine…” “The subject of our analysis centers on…”

Can I use ChatGPT to write my thesis?

Yes, you can write your thesis statement using ChatGPT if you’re able to craft a clear prompt that also provides information about your topic and what you’re looking for in a thesis statement.


Interestingly, ChatGPT is good at many things especially when it comes to writing, it can attempt your school exams questions, help you get your homework done, attempt HSC exam questions, or give you ideas for how best to write essays and many more. While ChatGPT is a valuable resource, make sure your voice and ideas remain at the forefront of your essay. Use ChatGPT as a tool to enhance your writing, not as a substitute for your own thinking and creativity. By following these steps in this guide, you can effectively use ChatGPT to assist in your essay writing, to make the process more efficient and help you produce high-quality essays.

Have you ever used ChatGPT for essay writing before or you’re about to give it a try, trust you find our guide helpful to get you started or help you improve your already existing ChatGPT skills. If you find value in this guide, do not hesitate to share this post with your friends on social media, so they will learn more on effective essay writing using AI tool such as ChatGPT.

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