How To Get ChatGPT Unblocked On A School Computer

Students in schools with strict AI restrictions are always wondering how possible it is to get ChatGPT unblocked at school, we will answer you in this guide if that’s why you’re here.

ChatGPT is an innovative AI chatbot with so many unique features that can help you learn more as a student and improve your skills. You can use ChatGPT to improve your essay writing skills, build your vocabulary, solve mathematics, or conduct several other academic writings. Unfortunately, most schools have strict measures for ChatGPT and your IT department is most likely to add ChatGPT to their list of apps blocked in your school.

Using ChatGPT at schools with such strict measures can be challenging, your system administrators must have blocked ChatGPT due to the policies of the institution where you study. However, if you want to unblock ChatGPT on your school Chromebook, you will find this guide helpful as it involves the simplest and easiest methods for students to get ChatGPT unblocked on a school computer for free. You do not need ChatGPT unblocked script or some random websites that promise to give you access to ChatGPT unblocked no login.

Students who wish to access ChatGPT 4 at a discount should check this guide on how to get a ChatGPT Plus student discount. 

Before you proceed with the next section of this blog post which will reveal to you the strategies to use ChatGPT in schools where it is blocked, we ask that you review the implication of bypassing your school firewalls to access apps that are blocked by administrators and make sure you do not run into troubles using any of the methods below.

Get ChatGPT unblocked at school with VPN

The steps below will require VPN to complete, we recently published a list of the best ChatGPT VPNs on the internet that you can select from to help you get AI chatbot unblocked at school.

  1. Download and install a strong VPN
  2. Launch the VPN application.
  3. Select servers in locations like; the US, Canada, or the UK.
  4. Visit the ChatGPT website at
  5. Click on the Signup button to create an account or the Login button to log in to ChatGPT if you already have one.

Turn off the VPN and log out of ChatGPT immediately after you’re done using ChatGPT on a school computer. This will help you stay out of trouble and prevent other students from accessing and abusing it.

Due to the speedy growth of different AI services, it’s rare to see AI unblocked at schools, if you want to access ChatGPT at school without VPN, you may have to talk to your school’s IT administrators to seek permission and know if they can possibly unblock and grant you access or monitor your use of AI in school.

How To Unblock ChatGPT On A School Computer Without VPN

If you want to unblock ChatGPT on your school Chromebook without VPN, the following steps will help you achieve that.

  1. Launch the browser on your school computer
  2. Search for a list of ChatGPT alternatives
  3. Try connecting to them to discover which one is not blocked by system administrators.
  4. Start sending prompts, and that’s it.

Most ChatGPT alternatives leverage the OpenAI API to build ChatGPT-powered chatbots, because there are many of these tools coming up on the internet daily, it will take some time for your administrators to discover and blacklist them.


Are students allowed to use ChatGPT?

Different schools have different rules for students’ access to AI, some schools can allow monitored access while some schools do not allow AI tools like ChatGPT to be used within and outside the school premises.

Is ChatGPT a problem for schools?

Most schools worry that ChatGPT will lead to cheating and make students depend heavily on the use of AI chatbots for writing their essays and carrying out assignments and homework.


Using ChatGPT anywhere can be interesting as restrictions often lead to frustration especially when one needs the assistance of an AI tool to improve the quality of their work and optimize their delivery rate. While ChatGPT is considered a powerful AI chatbot that’s safe to use, there are many companies that blocked ChatGPT from their employees, schools that do not want to give students access to ChatGPT, and countries that placed a ban on ChatGPT.

The use of VPN is legal, but accessing a restricted website with VPN might have legal implications depending on the institution’s or country’s policies which differ from one to the other. It’s important to always verify what has consequences and which does not.

Happy unblocking ChatGPT without VPN and also with the use of free VPN extensions, or applications.

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