Free AI Website Builders From Best AI-Friendly Web Hosting Companies

We’re in the artificial intelligence era and finding a list of top best AI-friendly web hosting companies that provide special hosting plans for AI projects and AI website builder tools for free, including content writing and SEO tools for business owners.

Web hosting companies that support AI website design and content writing with AI are making online presence easier for individuals and brands with free website builders. Even though some are paid website builder tools, they’re worth the price and save a lot of cost when compared to hiring a website design/development expert.

After we published a post on how to build websites with ChatGPT, we got a lot of questions via email regarding a list of AI that builds websites, while there are many AI website builders out there, we want to focus on hosting companies that are revolutionizing the way website development and design are done, with the help of artificial intelligence. This means that we will list only companies that offer you access to freemium and premium AI website builder tools and also provide you with website hosting plans, SEO tools, marketing tools, and many more.

So, whether you’re a beginner web developer looking for AI assistance to build a website or a professional who wants to improve your skills and boost your productivity with the best AI website builders, you will find this guide helpful. 

Honestly, AI chatbots have taken the internet by storm as they’re infiltrating almost every sector, from content writing to writing code for web development and different programs. Web hosting companies and other big companies using ChatGPT are also not sleeping on this AI revolution, they’re integrating artificial intelligence into their services to create better user experience and also cut down the cost of labor as AI-powered chatbots can now respond to users on support chat and provide them with solutions to their problems. Currently, the price of AI domain extensions now belongs to the most expensive domain in the world.

How much it costs to build an AI website is a great investment not to joke with, if you want to deploy your AI application, it should be with a company that owns the most secured and highly advanced servers that will help your application run swiftly without several timeouts or frequent technical glitch, this will prevent users frustration. If you also want to consider making your website free with AI, buying a hosting plan from some of our carefully selected list of AI-friendly companies can equip you with the right resources to get started with your website creation for free, with just a few simple clicks and a description of what you want your website to look like, the AI will automatically generate website templates for you to choose the best match for your description where you can further adjust a few things and publish your changes to launch your website.

Best AI-friendly web hosting companies with inbuilt AI website generators

What is the best AI for web development? Utilize any of the following web hosting companies to create your first AI-generated websites using their inbuilt AI website builders.

1. Hostinger

Best for persons looking for Free AI tools for web development, Hostinger AI website builder allows you to leverage the power of artificial intelligence to instantly create a website by describing what you want. The Hostinger AI website generator uses advanced machine learning algorithms to understand your prompt and generate custom website designs based on your input. The built-in AI tool does not only make your website development easier but it also can be used for unique content writing that’s well optimized for search.

Hostinger web hosting packages will give you instant access to free AI website builder tools to automate your web development processes and generate helpful content with ease. It takes only a few simple steps to build websites with AI on Hostinger, there’s no coding skill required to use this tool. If you want to further customize the AI-generated website, you can make use of the Hostinger drag-and-drop editor to customize your AI website design.

Other interesting AI-powered features to enjoy on Hostinger besides the AI website builder include an AI logo generator and an AI-powered business name generator that can help create unique business name ideas for you to pick and continue creating your brand. Hostinger is also known as one of the most reliable web hosting companies that provide affordable hosting services and professional support for every customer on their platform. If you want to launch your AI business app, you can consider Hostinger for reliable hosting services, there are a variety of TLDs to select from, including .ai domain extensions.

Hostinger AI website builder is completely free and exclusive to Hostinger users. You must have an active hosting plan with Hostinger to enjoy the benefits of AI in web development, content creation, and optimization.

2. Wix ADI

Wix ADI lets you bring your dream website to life with the Wix AI website builder.

Wix ADI website builder utilizes advanced algorithm mechanisms to understand what a user wants in a website. There are also hundreds of mobile-friendly website templates to choose from, the drag-and-drop feature also made it possible for noncoders to design and develop a website.

Whether you want to design landing pages with AI or want to create an e-commerce store for your business, Wix ADI will help you streamline the process after which you can convert your AI-generated website to Wix website format.

To automate your website design and development with Wix ADI, you will have to sign up with your email address, there are also options available such as Continue with Google or Continue with Facebook social login. This process usually takes only a few minutes to complete.

After a successful Wix AI signup, you will be asked to choose whether you want to use AI to build a website for yourself, your business, a friend, or clients as a freelancer. If you do not want to respond to the questions, click the Skip button at the bottom right of the screen. On the next screen, you have the option to choose whether to create with AI or not.

Click on Create with AI to reveal the chatbot where you will describe the type of website you want AI to generate for you.

3. Godaddy

Does GoDaddy have AI website builder? Godaddy offers one of the best free website builders for small businesses, powered by artificial intelligence, the Godaddy AI website builder has a great number of amazing web development features that capture everything you need in a small business website. So, suppose you’re looking for how to create a website using AI. In that case, Godaddy is a web hosting service that has been around for decades now and recently integrated a highly advanced website builder AI mechanism to help noncoders create a standard and responsive website from scratch to finish with AI, saving both costs and time.

Aside from helping small businesses save time by letting them describe what they want and have the AI do the job of creating a website for them, Godaddy has a hand full of readily made available AI website templates for one-click installation and options for AI domain names, that’s the .ai domain name extensions at affordable rates. It is also considered one of the best .ai domain registrars.

One of the recent publications by Godaddy, talks about incorporating AI into your small business marketing strategy, where top generative AI tools were mentioned such as Jasper, Copy AI, chatGPT, Synthesia, OpenAI Codex, and many more. Godaddy powered by AI helps website builders or developers grow their businesses and build even WordPress websites with a few simple clicks, just in case you’re wondering if AI can build WordPress websites.

4. Amazee is a reliable and dedicated cloud application hosting company with a special interest in AI application hosting built for simple and sophisticated AI models to ensure the effectiveness of your operations in the cloud. Amazee aims to help AI developers save costs by skipping buying hosting infrastructures when they can utilize scalable, resilient, and highly enhanced artificial intelligence application hosting by that will help developers build and promote their development. With a team of technical experts who have gathered several years of experience, Kubernetes and DevOps specialists are dedicated to handling infrastructure, to allow you to focus on what matters, their flexible hosting options, and ZeroOps to streamline your machine learning application processes.

Amazee also offers free consultations for prospects to get on a one-on-one conversation with their experts to know what is right for your AI application if you’re looking for where to host your AI project. They can also provide you with a personalized demo and every other detail you need to fully understand what’s best for you and how to effectively use Amazee for your AI application.

Pricing starts from $199 per month.

5. 10Web

10Web does not only offer AI website builder options to its users, there are dedicated AI hosting plans for your AI applications. Generating a website using the 10Web highly advanced AI website builder tool takes only a few simple clicks and is easy to use. Whether you’re a beginner web developer or a professional looking for helpful developer tools to boost your productivity, the 10Web platform is here to help you with AI website builder, AI eCommerce website builder, and Automated hosting for WordPress backed by Google Cloud. Is PageSpeed booster helps you optimize your small business website for speed, by enhancing your core web vital and improving user experience on your newly built website.

How to create a website on the 10Web platform is pretty simple, you can create a website with AI by answering a few questions that will help 10Web understand your business and generate a website with content including images based on what your business is all about. Interestingly, 10Web also provides you with customization tools to further customize your AI-generated website to fit in perfectly for what you want to use it for.

If you want to clone a website with AI, 10Web allows you to input the web address of a page you want to copy or recreate the layout.  

Honestly, 10Web is a handful of AI-powered tools for both small and large-scale businesses, there are many innovative tools to enjoy such as an AI business name generator tool, AI marketing strategy generator, WordPress AI assistant, and AI assistant SEO pack.

6. Codedesign AI offers you a highly advanced AI website builder to create stunning websites from scratch. One of the most amazing things is that you can build a website with AI, and decide whether to host it on their platform or expert the codes to how your AI website on another hosting company. Once you enter your website prompt and click on the generate website button, you will have a website tailored to your needs.

Codedesign has a 30-day money-back guarantee for users who want to get the Codedesign premium to create even more advanced and sophisticated websites with AI. You can also cancel at any time without stories. 

Interestingly, Codedesign does not only generate websites using AI but its website content is also centered around SEO to help small businesses make remarkable search engine ranking presence and drive massive traffic to their website while enjoying flexible publication options like publishing on Codedesign or exporting your AI generated website to your already existing host where your files will be hosted managed. 

Codedesign helps you keep a good track record of your website design changes in case you want to revert to an earlier development stage, it also has a network of developers where you can collaborate with others and build on their platform.

7. GetResponse Free website builder with AI

This is a great option for those looking for a free AI website generator! Get Response is revolutionizing the way websites are developed and designed, with their AI-driven website generator with no coding features to enable small and large-scale business owners with no coding experience to generate websites without any coding skills.

In less than 15 minutes, you can create a website with AI using the GetResponse website builder, there are a handful of free website templates to select from and modify using their easy-to-use drag-and-drop website editor to customize the templates to your taste. Whether you’re looking for a free AI tool to build websites for nonprofits, websites for law firms, real estate, or even school websites and many more, GetResponse website builder provides you with all the necessary tools to create a responsive website without asking for your credit card.  You can also track your website performance with the GetResponse analytical tool, and drive massive organic traffic to your website when you use the available SEO tool to optimize your content for search. Since GetResponse is popularly known as a modern-day automation tool, it provides users with great marketing tools, free domain names, and hosting.


Is .ai a good domain name?

While domain name does not have any effect on website ranking, having a .ai domain name extension can easily help you establish trust and indicate clearly that your website talks about artificial intelligence or is powered by it.

Why are .ai domains more expensive than .com domains? 

We’ve seen many people ask to know why are .ai domain expensive, the answer is simple. With the recent outburst of AI cutting across various sectors, there’s currently an increase in demand for .ai extension because of its obvious relationship with artificial intelligence, which makes AI-powered platforms stand out.

How much does it cost to build an AI website?

In case you want to build your own AI website, the cost of building an AI website depends on several factors such as hiring a team of AI experts or building it from scratch by yourself, server space and maintenance, marketing, and tax. These are just a few of the factors that can determine how much it would cost to build an AI website. However, on average it can cost anything from $5,000 to $100,000+ to build an AI website from scratch.

Can AI replace Web developers?

So many people have asked us how long until AI replace web developers, but the truth remains that AI is unlikely to replace web developers whether back-end or front-end developers. However, web developers who use AI and constantly learn more about how they can improve their skills and boost their productivity with AI will definitely replace web developers who are not following artificial intelligence innovation.


We’re on the journey to making the biggest compilation of web hosting companies with special packages for AI, we mean world-class web hosting service companies that provide free AI website builder tools, free AI content writing tools, and AI for SEO to help small and big businesses develop a standard and fully responsive website with no coding experience.

Whether you were looking for the best AI web hosting companies in USA, Germany, UK, or any part of the world with cheap web hosting and affordable .ai domain names, we hope you find this guide helpful in knowing the top AI web hosting companies for your next AI project or web development and design with artificial intelligence-powered website builders provided by different web hosting companies. However, while AI can generate a fully responsive website for you, it’s important to know that having basic web development and design skills can help you achieve better results when building a website with AI.

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