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Namelix AI is revolutionizing the way people generate names for their businesses with the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

Every standard business starts with finding a name, I have never seen a business registration or product launch without a name. If you’ve ever searched for the AI that helps with business names, then this guide is for you to create your own brand name using artificial intelligence!

Generating business ideas is something that requires critical thinking and consumes a whole lot of time to craft a highly creative business name that will represent your brand online and offline. There are millions of businesses across the world and even if you consider using your own name for a business, there might be someone else who already registered the same name for their own business. 

Honestly, you will agree that your business name requires all the carefulness and strategies in your business domain to come up with a unique, sweet, and easy-to-remember business name. A name that gives you confidence and screams what you do, a name that people would like to mention wherever they are.

Two out of every three, are asking what to name their businesses, thankfully Namelix is an AI powered name generator app that can come up with a catchy business name for you, so you can focus on other things that matter. There’s always a variety of business name suggestions for you to choose from.

What is Namelix AI?

Namelix is a free AI powered business name generator that uses advanced machine learning algorithms to generate meaningful short and brandable business names. It’s an AI name business name generator tool built by a reputable brand strategist and logo maker called Brand Mark that lets you create unique professional logos for your business. While Namelix takes care of business name generation using artificial intelligence, Brand Mark which is the parent company, can convert your business name into a brand logo design sample.

Sometimes it’s possible to lack inspiration for which name is best for a new company, that’s why this helpful startup AI business name generator tool is here to help businesses find the right name that will give them the confidence and courage to push their businesses to the next level.

How does Namelix work? 

Namelix AI business name generator uses machine learning algorithms to learn more about your business through the keyword you provided in the box it will also ask you a few questions on how random you want the business name generating process to be or what style of business you want to generate a name. The whole process usually takes a few minutes for this AI free business name generator to output creative, catchy, short, and brandable business names for you.

How to use Namelix AI business name generator

Follow the steps below, to leverage the power of this AI creative business name generator tool that’s completely free to use. Interestingly, it has a simple and user-friendly interface that does not require any special skill or training to use. Simply follow the few steps below to start generating business name ideas free without credit card requirement or account sign-up.

1. Visit

Open your preferred browser and visit the official Namelix website at to access the AI business name generator chatbox. There’s no such thing as a Namelix login or account creation, it’s not required.

2. Enter a keyword related to your business.

What keywords come to your mind about your business? Simply type in the most appropriate keywords for your brand, if you want to set up a clothing brand, keywords like; menswear, fashion, fashion stylist, black owned clothing brand, plus sized vintage clothing, and even more could be the best start.

3. Click on the “Generate” button.

After you’ve figured out the keywords around your brand, and typed them in correctly, you can activate the process of business name generation by clicking the Generate button at the right side of the business keywords box.

4. Select a name style and click Next.

There is a variety of business name styles to select from, you can choose the newest style Auto, brandable name styles like Rolex, and Google, or non-English words like Audi, and Toyota. Other style options include alternate spelling, compound words, real words like Apple, or Amazon, shore phrases, and evocative.

5. Set business name generator randomness

You can specify how random you want the business name suggestions to be, there are three available options to select from. You can choose any of the business name randomness options from low, medium, to high and click Next.

6. Enter additional brand information [optional]

Add additional brand information like a little description about your brand. This is, however, optional. You can also toggle on the Check domains button to get business domain name suggestions alongside your brand name and click the Generate button to get results. In case you want to have a website for your business, we’ve prepared a guide on how to create a website with ChatGPT. It’s a simple and easy-to-follow guide for whether you’re a beginner or a professional.

To further customize your business name-generating process, you can leverage the advanced settings. The information on how to generate custom business name ideas is in the next paragraph.

Namelix AI business name generator advanced settings: On the gear icon located at the top right of the business name generator popup box, you can choose your brand name length, blacklist words you don’t want to be part of your business name ideas, and also select your preferred domain name extension from .com, .net, .org, .co, to .io and many more. Namelix utilizes Namecheap API for domain name search to know which domain name is available for the name you chose. However, it’s always advisable to further confirm the availability on or other domain name registrar.

7. View results for your AI generated business name ideas

View your business name generated result page. When you click on the more button on one of the sample business names on the result page, Namelix will reveal a list of domain names available for the name and also describe how the name/logo was formed, it’s a kind of logo description made easy AI feedback.

You can use the save button to favorite your best business names and designs from the list. To further customize your business logo, the logo maker Namelix option will redirect you to which is the parent company’s online logo maker tool where you can change the colors, and style, and play around with their logo editor online and set up an account to save and download your final design.

While Namelix AI is a free business name generator tool for startups, Brand Mark requires a few to allow you to customize your startup logo and download it. 


Is Namelix free to use? 

Yes, Namelix AI is free to use and does not require a credit card or account creation before one can access and use its innovative AI-powered business name generator tool for free.

What is Namelix used for? 

Namelix is used for generating unique, creative, short, and brandable names most relevant to the keywords you provided about your new startup ideas. With its advanced machine learning algorithms, it can understand your preferences and give you outstanding business name recommendations.

How much does Namelix cost?

Namelix costs $0 saving you both time and the high cost of paying for business name generator tools online.

What are the features of Namelix? 

The key features of Namelix include; AI powered business name generator, a text box for business or startup idea input, business name generator customization options like; name style, random business name generator guage, logo maker, and domain name suggestions.

Is Namelix Legit?

Namelix is a free AI business name generator tool that generates short brandable and cool business name ideas for startups, it’s legitimate and has not been reported as a scam or fake tool.

How do you name an AI company?

You can use Namelix AI business name maker to name your AI company simply by entering a few keywords around artificial intelligence companies and a brief description of your proposed AI company to have Namelix generate outstanding company names for you and also look for domain name availability about the name suggested.


Namelix AI uses machine learning algorithms to adopt the best practices for naming a business and it takes only a few minutes to generate hundreds of business name ideas for your startup. It does not only generate words for you, Namelix presents these short brandable business names in logo form to give you a glimpse of what your brand might look like in different styles. Using a free AI business name generator like Namelix does not only improve your skills, it helps you cut down the amount of time you could spend brainstorming on what name to use for your brand or the cost of money you would spend to hire an expert for business name ideas. Every startup business should leverage such a wonderful free tool to cut costs and make an outstanding presence in their niche.

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