How To Get Midjourney Student Discount

How much does Midjourney education cost?

Asking how to get Midjourney subscription for free or a Midjourney student discount, is the same as asking how to use Midjourney without Discord, while it is no longer possible to use Midjourney subscription for free, you can enjoy Midjourney Plus discount by following this guide.

Midjourney is one of the most popular text-to-image AI generation tools on the internet today, accessible through the Midjourney Discord server and due to its amazing features, subscription plans were introduced for users who would like to make the most out of this innovative text-to-image generator AI tool. 

However, while it’s understandable that Midjourney is worth the cost, there are a great number of people who want to access and use Midjourney AI but can’t afford the subscription cost. They resort to searches on how to use Midjourney for free, which can land them to jump into unauthentic websites promising free Midjourney accounts or Midjourney coupon codes.

Instead of looking for how to get Midjourney for free by searching for a Midjourney discount code, it’s important to pay attention to how you can get Midjourney discounts. So, whether you’re a student looking for Midjourney discount for students or a teacher, content creator, or digital artist looking for a means to cut down costs on AI tools you use for your designs, then this guide is for you as it focuses primarily on Midjourney pricing, how to Midjourney subscription works and how you can enjoy at least 20% Midjourney subscription discount.

How to get Midjourney Plus discount for students

Suppose you’re looking for how to get Midjourney Plus students discount online. In that case, it’s pertinent to know that there’s no special Midjourney subscription for students or people in the academic sector such as the school professors or heads of art departments. However, the Midjourney team can decide to run a promo and provide people or students with Midjoourney promo codes upon verification using the official school email or school-based allocation. In the meantime, there are no special Midjourney Plus discounts for students. However, interested persons who want to get at least a 20% discount on Midjourney subscription should continue reading.

When you visit the Midjourney pricing page, there are the Basic Plan, Standard Plan, Pro Plan, and Mega Plan. Starting from $10, $30, $60, and $120 per month respectively. Here’s the secret to the Midjourney subscription discount, you can enjoy a 20% discount when you choose the annual subscription option.

For example, instead of paying $10 per month on the Basic plans, which if multiplied by 12 would be $120 in total, go for the annual subscription at $96/year and save yourself a 20% Midjourney discount.

Now that you know how to get Midjourney Plus discounts, if you would like to subscribe to any of the pro plans, the good thing is that it’s a straightforward process. You can use the /subscribe command on Discount to generate your subscription page link or go to to reveal the subscription page. You can also access the Midjourney subscription page through the Manage Sub tab on the sidebar of your Midjourney dashboard.

If you cannot afford the Midjourney yearly subscription at the moment, you can try other free Midjourney alternatives or paid options that are cheaper.


How do I upgrade my Midjourney subscription?

To upgrade your Midjourney subscription plan, simply visit and log in. Then access the “Manage Sub” page, scroll down to the plans available, and click on Upgrade to make a payment and complete the process. Midjourney uses Stripe as its payment processor and accepts payment from Visa or Master card credit/debit cards.

How much does Midjourney cost per month?

Midjourney costs $10/month for the basic plan, $30/month for the Standard Plan, $60/month for the Pro Plan, and $120/month for the Mega Plan.

Can you use Midjourney without a subscription?

It is possible to use Midjourney AI without a subscription during the trial period. Unfortunately, Midjourney has scrapped the trial period and now requires that you subscribe to any of the available subscription plans to use Midjourney.

What happens when you run out of fast hours on Midjourney?

Certain GPU times are given to every user for the month, and when you run out of fast hours on Midjourney, you may have to wait for a relaxed generation or engage in the Midjourney to earn free hours that allocate Midjourney free Fast GPT hour to you each day by ranking images. Midjourney gives fast-hour awards to at least 2,000 participants each day.

Can you profit off of Midjourney?

There are so many ways of making a profit off of Midjourney and one of the ways is to sell Midjourney art online.

How many images do you get on Midjourney standard plan?

On the Midjourney Standard plan, you can generate from 200 to 900+ images per month, along side other benefits.


Midjourney uses highly advanced artificial intelligence techniques to generate images from text also allowing users to input different camera commands to get the best output. Making quality photos with Midjourney is easier than you can ever imagine, and hosted on the Discord server, which is a platform most people are already familiar with, it makes the image generator bot easily accessible for creators to make designs on the go.

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