How To Get Character AI Plus Discount

Character AI recently announced its paid membership plan, it’s worth it but so many people are looking for a Character AI Plus discount or coupon code to enjoy some percentage cut-off. While almost everyone would like to enjoy massive discounts on, we’ve decided to write this guide for you, so that you will learn more about Character AI pricing and find out if there’s any discount or coupon code for you to enjoy the most advanced features of Character AI.

With an innovative AI tool like C.AI+, you can bring all your imagination to life because it lets you create characters and talk to them in real-time. With all the amazing features of Character AI, comes some unfavorable limitations and if you want to supercharge your experiences, is the best way to go. There are a lot of benefits that come with Character AI Plus such as access without spending time in the waiting room, high-speed responses and early access to new Character.AI features, and instant community access to interact with other community members, you will also be crowned with the Character.AI support badge which makes you stand out from the crowd. However, to enjoy all these features, you would need to pay at least $9.99/month in Character AI subscription fee.

While the Character AI Plus monthly subscription is worth it, we still cannot deny the fact that it’s going to be about $120 annual subscription and a thing many would find difficult to pay for especially students who want to keep themselves busy with AI characters. The truth is that more AI tools are surfacing the internet every day and no matter how cheap a particular tool might be, it’s important to bring into account a list of other AI tools you’re on their premium subscription, more reasons to always be on the lookout for discounts.

How to get Character AI discount

Most people we’ve seen on Reddit asking for Character AI discount codes include students and working-class users, while they’re most likely to land on the wrong Character AI website in their quest for Character AI student discount or promo code.

While there is currently no student discount for Character AI or Character AI discount for academic institutions, we will suggest the following methods for users who are interested in enjoying cheap Character AI subscriptions.

Use Character AI alternatives.

One of the smartest things to do if you cannot afford to pay for subscription at the moment is to leverage free Character AI alternatives that allow free usage or at a discounted fee. A good example of Character AI alternative you can use for free is which allows you to enjoy similar features of Character AI plus free with no charge. On the basic plan, you can enjoy up to 50 messages/month with your custom characters and free community characters access. When you finally want to upgrade to premium, the pricing starts from $4.9/per month which is over 70% discount on Character AI Plus subscription.

The account creation processes on Character AI alternative websites usually take a few minutes to complete. We’ve curated a list of the best free and paid Character AI alternatives you can leverage to enjoy massive discounts for the same features you might pay higher on the Character AI premium subscription.

Interestingly, some of the alternative apps for creating AI characters, allow filter bypass, giving you the ground to make full of your creativity to craft a well-fitting character to talk to while giving you the 100$ confidentiality needed. You will enjoy a discount and at the same time Character AI without filters because you’ve decided to try out a new platform today.

Additionally, searching for free Character AI alternatives can help you reveal AI apps that create characters you can talk to just like, you will get to know a list of alternative tools to compare their features and pricing and join a premium membership for whichever one is most affordable to you.


Is Plus free for students?

There is currently no student discounts on the official website, or special for students. The monthly subscription for Plus is the same for everyone at $9.99 per month. However, students can leverage Character AI alternatives that provide the same or similar AI character effects to chat with custom characters for free or at a lesser fee as there’s currently no Character AI student discount at the moment.

Is it worth paying for Character AI Plus?

Yes, Plus comes with a lot of amazing features that make it stand out and worth the money. If you’ve been on the version for some time now, you can imagine what amazing features you will enjoy when you migrate to the paid plan on where there are no restrictions or waiting room, you can have access to the chatbot at any time and also enjoy Character AI community membership.

Is Character AI safe?

Is Character.AI safe to use? Yes, it’s safe to use Character AI. It adopts highly advanced security layers to protect users and it clearly states how user data is handled, no staff from Character AI would see your chat this applies to other users on the platform.

Is Character AI free? 

The beta Character AI is the free version where you can download Character AI for free, set up an account, and create characters to talk to, the features are now limited and more features can be enjoyed on the premium version called the Character AI Plus, or Unfortunately, there’s no official Character AI Plus free plan or demo.

What does C AI+ do?

C AI+ members enjoy fast message replies, the ability to skip the waiting room, access to paid membership exclusive community chat, priority support, and many more amazing features.


Character AI is an amazing AI tool that can serve as a character generator allowing users to generate characters and have engaging conversations with AI characters for free with limited features. While they’ve taken a new turn to launch the most advanced version of Character AI that’s accessible at $9.99/month, interested users who want to enjoy Character AI cheaper plans can try alternative tools for this purpose. While we await for official announcement from the Character AI team regarding Plus discounts and promos, you can stick to the free version or leverage free alternatives.

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