How To Get Unbanned From Character AI

Character.AI is a platform that allows users to interact with artificial intelligence fictional characters from movies, books, games, anime, and historical figures. However, Character AI just like every other platform out there has its rules and regulations and every user should abide by the terms to keep the community safe and healthy.

While many might have signed up for Character AI without reviewing their terms and conditions or simply decided to go out of the terms, getting banned by Character AI becomes inevitable. From what we’ve seen so far on platforms like; Quora and Reddit, it signifies that many people are struggling to know how to get unbanned from Character AI platform. That’s why we have prepared this special guide for everyone out there who’s banned from using

However, before we delve into how to unban or unblock yourself from Character AI, let’s take a quick look at what causes Character AI ban, so you can carefully avoid them if you do not want to go through the waiting period of unbanning an account.

Reasons why you may be banned on platform

On, you can get banned for engaging in any behavior that violates the platform’s usage policies, such as:

1. Harassment or bullying of other users

2. Sharing inappropriate or explicit content

3. Promoting hate speech or discrimination

4. Engaging in fraudulent or deceptive activities

5. Violating copyright or intellectual property rights

6. Using the platform for illegal activities

7. Creating content that incites violence or harm

It’s important to always adhere to the platform’s guidelines to avoid being banned. It’s also important that we point out that the rate limit on is different from the Character AI account ban. rate limit can be triggered when the system notices suspicious activities or several calls in a short time, such as frequent tab reload, etc.

In the next section, we have advice for you on what to do when your Character AI account is banned or blocked, to unban it, or reactivate your Character AI.

How to unblock yourself from Character AI ban

Although you can use Character AI without an account, the features available to you will be limited and you cannot create a custom AI character without login. So, when your Character AI account is blocked, you can do the following to get Character AI unblocked.

1. Contact Character AI support

If you have been banned from due to suspicious activities, the best course of action is to reach out to the platform’s support team to inquire about the ban and request a review of your account. It’s important to communicate respectfully and provide any necessary information or clarification that may help in the reconsideration of your ban. 

Adhering to the platform’s terms of service and demonstrating a genuine understanding of any violations that may have occurred can also be beneficial in the appeal process. 

Ultimately, the decision to unban an account rests with the platform, and it’s important to respect their policies and guidelines. This process can be time-consuming as there are always many people in the queue waiting to hear from Character AI support regarding one issue or the other.

2. Use VPN

Why is character ai not letting me log in? When you suddenly can’t login Character AI account, it could be that Characted AI has banned your IP address or is no longer available in your region generally. What to do in this case is to download a VPN app from our list of free and most reliable VPN services.

Install the downloaded VPN on your mobile phone or computer, and select a location where is allowed. Once the selected region is not blocked by C.AI, you will be allowed access to the C.AI platform again, to continue conversations with your favorite AI characters.

3. Use Tor browser

Alternatively, if you do not want to use VPN app, you can utilize browsers that can mask your IP address to access the platform whenever you notice that has become inaccessible to you.

To download and install the Tor browser isn’t rocket science, simply visit the Tor download page and select the version most appropriate for your device type to begin downloading the application. After a successful installation, launch your Tor browser and enter the following address in the address bar to access the Character AI platform and start talking to your favorite movie characters, characters from games, anime, historical figures, and your celebrity crush.

4. Use Character AI without censorship

How do I remove guidelines from character AI? Character AI has stringent policies against certain types of content, but aside from Character AI hacks for bypassing NSFW filters, you can also leverage a list of Character AI alternatives without filters. Such an AI character platform allows you to talk to already existing chatbots or even create your own with all the qualities you need in a chatbot and allows you the freedom to think freely and dive deeper into your wild imaginations for a chat with AI.


Can you get banned on for NSFW?

NSFW chats/content belong to a group of banned words/keywords on, frequent use of such words or several attempts to bypass the NSFW filter can lead to account suspension or outright ban.

How to know if character AI banned you?

While many are asking to know if it is possible to get banned on Character AI, there are a lot of people out there searching for Character AI ban screen so they can know if they’re banned since they find it difficult to access the AI character platform. If you’ve frequently tried to make use of Character AI banned words, and later on couldn’t access the platform whereas you reside in an eligible region, this could mean that you’re banned from the platform. Character AI might display a message that your account is suspended, “Character AI: Sorry, you have been blocked” or display an error code.

What is Shadowbanned on character AI?

Character AI shadowban happens when the visibility of your AI character is reduced partially or drastically due to a violation of terms. If your AI character on contains inappropriate content such as violence, self-harm, or even NSFW words, the visibility will be reduced as it would be in the Character AI shadowban list. However, shadowban can be lifted if you modify your character and filter out the inappropriate content.

What are Character.AI guidelines?

There are several guidelines on the platform such as respect for other people’s opinions and beliefs, not trying to break AI filters, and even more. The complete Character AI guidelines can be seen on this page


If you got blocked from Character AI, it’s not the end of the world as there are several ways around it, from filing for appeal, using VPN, Tor browser, or Character AI alternatives without filters to even creating a new account. However, it is best to keep to the guidelines of any AI platform to avoid the stress of account reactivation after a ban, and we hope that this guide has outlined possible causes of Character AI ban and also given you the best solutions to unblock your Character AI account. This will perhaps save you the stress of strolling through one TikTok video and the other in search of what to do.

We would like to know if you find this guide helpful in unbanning your account, if you do, please do not hesitate to share this guide with others who love to interact with AI characters on Character AI platform.

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