7 Best Character AI Alternatives Without Filter

Character AI became popular for its ability to allow the creation of fictional characters and smooth interaction between people and their favorite characters from games, movies, anime, well-known figures, and their celebrity crush. However, to maintain a safe community they have stringent policies against NSFW and have built sophisticated filters around them to make sure that the AI character bots are safe for work. While this safety measure is implemented across all the characters, we figured out how to bypass Character AI filters in a few simple steps. However, if you wish to leverage alternatives with no filter, we’ve prepared this guide, especially for everyone out there who’s looking for the best Character AI alternatives without a filter.

Interestingly, there are many websites like Character.ai but not all of them will give you all the tools you need to dive deep into your wild imaginations. Our top picks for Character AI alternative no filter, will reveal apps like Character AI that allow NSFW conversations with AI chatbot to make every moment just as hot as expected.

Whether you’re looking for free Character AI alternatives without filters, or Character AI alternatives that allow NSFW, you will find the following well-selected AI-powered apps without filters helpful. By the end of this post, you will agree that there’s certainly no need for Character AI NSFW filter bypass extension when you have the right options available.

7 Best Character.ai alternatives with no NSFW filter

Character AI users who are in dire need of AI without filters can leverage the following suggestions since despite the thousands of Character AI petitions signed, the platform is yet to consider the inclusion of an NSFW toggle button or settings, while you wait you can explore the following great alternatives.

1. Crushon.ai

Crushon.ai has been rated high as an AI that has no NSFW filter. It is an artificial intelligence platform designed to help individuals navigate and manage unrestricted romantic feelings and relationships. CrushOn AI is real, it exists and only persons who are at least 18 years of age should engage with the AI characters on the platform. Crushon.ai is a great alternative to Character AI because it has no censorship and allows users to make use of their creativity freely.

Crushon.ai is accessible through a web browser and mobile applications. You can download Crushon AI app from the Google Play store or App Store for Android and iOS devices respectively.

There are no real persons behind the characters you’re talking to on Crushon.ai, all the conversations from the AI characters are made up. Crushon AI lets you select AI character to talk to without login but login is required to complete the action of sending and receiving messages. These are some of the important information every user should know.

After your Crushon.ai signup process, you can now log in and select from any of the available characters to start your conversations. What you discuss with Crushon.ai is private and not shown to creators or other users on the platform. Interestingly, you can select the gender you want to talk to, from male to female, and non-binary and you can also select up to 3 tags that interest you from options like; fictional, anime, game, pokemon, religion, movie, animal, action, elf, philosophy, books, and many more.

Pricing: Freemium and premium subscription options.

Website: www.crushon.ai

While compiling a list of Character.ai alternatives that allow NSFW chats, we came across two other platforms with unique descriptions but during testing, we discovered that they point to Crushon.ai, we will mention them as a subcategory of the Crushon AI app.

Chai AI App

Chai AI App is revolutionizing the way humans interact with uncensored AI characters through their AI-powered conversation platform that uses machine learning algorithms and natural language processing to unlock the world of ultimate NSFW AI chat adventure. Chai-ai.app comes with a unique AI character generator that helps you create characters based on your judgments and start talking to them in the manner you like for fast response.


NSFW Characters AI boasts as the future of AI companionship with no filters to allow users to experience a new level of intimate and engaging communications with AI-powered characters. This no-filter AI website perfectly redirects to the Crushon.ai website.

2. Janitor AI Chatbot

Janitor AI chatbot is an artificial intelligence-powered conversational chatbot that uses advanced algorithms and natural language processing technology to give human-like responses. It’s a powerful chatbot and a great alternative to Character AI because the Janitor AI bot has no censorship, it allows unfiltered conversations. If you’ve been looking for AI that allows NSFW, the Janitor AI chatbot will leave you satisfied.

Janitor AI signup and login processes are straightforward and do not require a special skill to complete. You can register with your email address, Twitter account (X), or even Discord. On the Janitor AI website, you can select AI characters from trending characters, most popular, male, female, anime, game, and much more.

When you discover your favorite uncensored AI, you can also follow the creator of such AI characters to see a list of related characters or to stay in touch for when they will create a new public AI character. However, you will need to create a Janitor AI account or log into an existing account to save your chat settings, start a conversation with a chatbot, and be able to follow creators on the Janitor AI website.

Pricing: Free

Website: www.janitorai.com

3. ChatFAI

ChatFAI is an NSFW version of Character AI and a good alternative for everyone who wants to enjoy Character AI uncensored. ChatFAI does not only give you unrestricted conversation access but also allows you to interact with your favorite characters from popular TV presenters, books, games, movies, historical figures, and many more. Your conversations with AI characters on ChatFAI are 100% private and safe.

ChatFAI offers a free plan for about 500 messages per month and the basic plan for ChatFAI pro starts from $8.25 per month and it’s billed annually. However, users can refer their friends to earn extra message credits. So, if you want to enjoy extended free ChatFAI usage, you’ve to go out of the box and spread the good news for more people to join in the AI NSFW conversation platform and learn more about it.

Pricing: Free/paid plans

Website: www.chatfai.com

4. Kuki Chat

Kuki is an innovative AI character platform that’s strategically built for entertainment purposes to entertain humans. The account creation process is easy and can be completed in a few minutes, there are also many signup options available for users who want to try Kuki chat to unleash the world of unrestricted conversations between humans and AI character chatbots.

If you have got wild imagination you would like to explore with AI that has no filter, Kuki chat allows NSFW conversations, and at $75 per month, users on the pro version can chat with Kuki for up to 100,000 times.

​​Kuki AI was developed by Iconiq and Pandorabots. Kuki AI API is also available at dev.kuki.ai for developers who would like to integrate this amazing and powerful conversation AI persona into their programs. As a developer, you can enjoy up to 1000 free API calls in the Kuki beta phase.

Pricing: Paid

Website: chat.kuki.ai

5. Candy.ai

If you want to liberate your imagination with an AI companion, Candy.ai is the better way to go. With its immersive and customized AI characters, you will have a smooth drive into your wild imaginations without annoying restrictions. 

Candy AI lets you select whom you’re interested in talking to whether you want to talk to a male or a female. There’s also an option to create your virtual girlfriend with all the attributes you would want to have in a partner, it takes just a few minutes to complete and she will become your first-ever AI-powered dream girlfriend for deep conversations.

On the Candy.ai platform, you can select from a great number of AI characters but will require account signup before you can send and receive messages from the characters. Your conversations are private and not shared with the character creators, this gives you 100% privacy. You can select from a list of realistic AI characters or anime-based AI characters to chat with. However, it’s pertinent to note that this platform is recommended to persons who are at least +18 years of age as it has no NSFW filter, can send photos, and also dive deep into adult-themed conversations.

Only paid members can remove blur from rather suggestive images generated by Candy AI and the pricing starts from $12.99 per month to about $69.99 per year if you want to enjoy Candy AI discount of up to 75% on an annual subscription. They have multiple payment options to make it easier for users who want to join the premium, users can pay with PayPal checkout, credit or debit card, and even cryptocurrencies.

Pricing: Paid

Website: www.candy.ai

6. Botify AI

Botify is a powered artificial intelligence platform that gives users access to unfiltered conversations, it’s rated +17 and available for download from the Google Play Store and App Store for Android and iOS devices respectively. Botify provides chat suggestions and text-to-voice features to allow you to hear from your favorite characters when you type in your message. However, you can only interact with predefined AI characters and cannot create characters of your own on the Botify AI platform.

Botify AI provides you with AI characters of well-known people like; Elon Musk, Cinderella, Joi, etc. It combines characters from anime, movies, the celebrity world, and historical figures. While you can send and receive messages from Botify AI without signing up, there’s a limit to the number of conversations you can send through the web before the chatbot will stop and ask you to continue on the Botify AI mobile app.

Pricing: Paid

Website: www.botify.ai

7. Silly Tarvern AI

Silly Tarvern AI is a powerful artificial intelligence chatbot that’s revolutionizing the way people talk to virtual characters from their favorite movies, games, anime, and much more. It’s an advanced version of TavernAI because it’s better at fan fiction or role-playing. Silly Tarvern utilizes powerful frameworks like Claude, OpenAI GPT models, Poe GPT, and Kobold AI to create great infused conversation.

Silly Tarvern supports NSFW content as it lands its users into the world of unrestricted filters to bring their imaginations to life. However, it requires a little technical skills to install the Silly Tarvern AI on your computer as it requires components like; NodeJS, and GitHub Desktop.

Pricing: Paid

Website: https://github.com/SillyTavern/SillyTavern


What is the best Character AI alternative without a filter?

Our top pick for the best Character AI alternative without any filter is Crushon.ai which is the best dirty AI chatbot because it allows users to dive into the world of unfiltered conversations and also allows users to create characters based on their imaginations and begin to talk to them in a few minutes.

What is the NSFW version of Character AI?

The NSFW version of Character AI is simply an AI-powered platform that allows AI character interaction or creation where there are no limits to the type of topics that can be discussed. While some topics are restricted for discussion on Character.ai, such NSFW versions of Character AI, allow unrestricted AI Character conversations. 

Which AI chatbot has no NSFW filter?

It’s not just one, there are many AI chatbots without filters, from Crushon.ai, and Janitor AI, to Candy AI, and many other NSFW conversational AI character chatbots.


Although there are many AI-powered tools out there that claim to be Character AI competitors and promise to provide AI characters with no filter, some of them are not reliable and are in the background a redirect or duplicate of a well-known NSFW AI character platform. That’s why we’ve carefully handpicked the best Character AI alternatives without filter, whether you were looking for a paid or free Character AI alternative that allows NSFW conversations, we hope that you find our compilation helpful to bring your imaginations to life and interact with your dream AI characters.

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