Best Platforms That Offer Free ChatGPT Tutorial For Beginners

ChatGPT is an innovative AI chatbot that’s easy to use. It takes just a few seconds to create a ChatGPT account, and it’s also available for free to users through the GPT-3.5 model, while paid users can easily switch between GPT-3.5 and GPT-4.0 (ChatGPT Plus). However, to make the most of ChatGPT, you need to know the right prompts for everything, and that’s why we will reveal to you in this free guide the best list of places to access ChatGPT tutorials for free.

If you’ve been online since the launch of ChatGPT, you must have come across one or more testimonies on how ChatGPT changed someone’s life, and if it’s your first time hearing about ChatGPT, you might be wondering what the right ChatGPT website is and how you can make money using ChatGPT. Interestingly, you do not have to spend money on a ChatGPT subscription before you can convert ChatGPT to a money-making machine.

Honestly, while many are scared that ChatGPT will replace them at work, a great number of people are looking for the best possible ways to learn more about ChatGPT, improve their skills, and boost their productivity.

If you want to get certified in ChatGPT, it all starts by learning more about it and from reliable sources who imbibe and promote the ethical use of this AI-powered conversational agent that generates human-like responses based on the information available in its large training data.

Where to learn ChatGPT online for free

We’ve got a complete list of the best platforms that offer ChatGPT tutorials for beginners for free. So, if you’ve been looking for ChatGPT courses online to learn more about ChatGPT, here is a list of reliable platforms that are beginner-friendly and can also help you enhance your ChatGPT skills, even if you’re a pro.

1. ChatGPT Gist

If you’re looking for where to learn ChatGPT for free, ChatGPT Gist is a good start for beginners and advanced users. ChatGPT Gist is a passionate initiative that provides ChatGPT smart tips and is also committed to democratizing access to comprehensive ChatGPT tutorials for individuals worldwide. Our mission spans from simplifying the ChatGPT signup process to guiding users through the login procedure, enhancing their proficiency, and ultimately elevating their productivity.

At the core of ChatGPT Gist lies the desire to disseminate the latest and greatest from the world of ChatGPT OpenAI. We strive to be a beacon of reliable information, offering invaluable insights and recommendations to empower users as they journey through the ChatGPT landscape. Our overarching goal is to make the ChatGPT experience seamless and enjoyable.

Here’s what you can expect from ChatGPT Gist:

  • User-Friendly Guidance: We provide step-by-step tutorials, ensuring that anyone, regardless of their technical expertise, can easily sign up for ChatGPT and log in without hassle.
  • Skill Enhancement: Our tutorials don’t stop at the basics. We delve into advanced tips and tricks to help you unlock the full potential of ChatGPT and sharpen your conversational skills.
  • Productivity Boost: We go the extra mile to offer strategies and techniques that will boost your productivity when using ChatGPT, whether it’s for work, creativity, or problem-solving.
  • Problem Solving: Even the most reliable systems can encounter errors. That’s why ChatGPT Gist is here to provide not just one, but a variety of reliable solutions for every ChatGPT error you might encounter. We’re dedicated to ensuring your ChatGPT experience is as smooth as possible.

Join us in this exciting journey of discovery and empowerment with ChatGPT. Together, we’ll explore the endless possibilities, harness the capabilities, and overcome any challenges that come our way in the world of ChatGPT. Let’s make ChatGPT work for you and let the conversations flow effortlessly.

2. ChatGPT Tutorial W3Schools

W3Schools has been around for decades now and is popularly known for its help in teaching programming languages for free. With the recent release of the ChatGPT model, W3Schools has created various entries to make ChatGPT easier for newbies and people who are already tech-savvy. From ChatGPT prompt tutorial, and ChatGPT tutorial for developers, to ChatGPT 4 tutorial and everything in between.

Basically, W3Schools offers two different ChatGPT courses for the two latest versions of ChatGPT models, the GPT-3.5 and the GPT-4.0. You can access the tutorials below for free.

W3Schools ChatGPT-3.5 Tutorial: You can start learning how to use ChatGPT 3.5 now by visiting the W3Schools ChatGPT course for the GPT 3.5 model.

W3Schools ChatGPT-4 Tutorial: If you recently upgraded to ChatGPT Plus, it’s important to equip yourself with the best ChatGPT skills. In order to get value for your money, you need to effectively make use of ChatGPT 4, and that’s why this free ChatGPT Plus tutorial is for you.

3. ChatGPT YouTube Tutorials

There are a good number of YouTube platforms that offer ChatGPT tutorials for beginners for free, where you can begin to learn about the incredible features of ChatGPT. Whether you’re a programmer, a content writer, a YouTuber looking to spice up your video creation with ChatGPT, or a blogger looking to boost their SEO game, the content such channels provide is incredibly amazing and something everyone can learn with ease and free without payment.

ChatGPT Tutorial by Adrian Twarog

Adrian Twarog has a verified YouTube channel with over 370,000 subscribers. A few months ago, he released a ChatGPT video tutorial titled “ChatGPT–Tutorial A Crash Course on Chat GPT for Beginners,” where he explains what ChatGPT is, how to get started, and the best ways to use ChatGPT prompts with examples, which include funny ChatGPT prompts for jokes and humor, prompts for developers, a cover letter, and a resume. The video has over 5 million views and 2,000 comments, which shows how helpful the ChatGPT tutorial video is to viewers.

ChatGPT Tutorial by Charlie Chang

Charlie Change provided a helpful ChatGPT insight that every beginner and advanced ChatGPT user will find helpful in his ChatGPT crash course video, “ChatGPT Tutorial: How to Use Chat GPT For Beginners 2023.” This is a complete beginner guide that’s tailored to help you get around ChatGPT real quick and for free. The ChatGPT tutorial video on YouTube by Charlie Change has over 2 million views and over 40k likes; this shows how helpful the free ChatGPT course is.

Complete ChatGPT Tutorial by Santrel Media

This free ChatGPT tutorial by Santrel Media provides an easy-to-follow guide on how to create a ChatGPT account, how to play around with the ChatGPT chat interface, tips on ChatGPT training data and knowledge cutoff, and how to set a reminder for ChatGPT for follow-up feedback. However, in the ChatGPT tutorial video, Santel Media focused more on ChatGPT command types and their best uses.

You can learn ChatGPT for free and make effective use of it by leveraging the above-listed YouTube channels. Ensure you’re subscribed to those channels and enable your notification by clicking the notification bell icon on the YouTube channel so you can get notified each time they drop a new ChatGPT video guide. With this, you can stay in the loop for the latest trends in the ChatGPT community and the best new methods to make more with ChatGPT chat.

4. Codecademy ChatGPT tutorial for beginners

Intro to ChatGPT is a free ChatGPT tutorial provided by Codecademy that delves into the generative AI world and modules for how to use ChatGPT in everyday life, in business, the risks and limitations, ethics, and prompt engineering with ChatGPT. If you’re also interested in ChatGPT certification, Codecademy offers one of the best ChatGPT certifications. However, the certification is not free; it requires a small fee to get certified.

You can join the 44,792 students who have already enrolled in the free ChatGPT tutorial for complete beginners to get started and become a ChatGPT expert. It takes approximately 7 hours to complete this ChatGPT course online.

5. ChatGPT tutorial PDF download

The role of PDF in the internet space can never be overemphasized. While there are a good number of free video guides on how to use ChatGPT, there’s also the need to have such guides in PDF format. That’s why various reliable institutions are beginning to prepare ChatGPT tutorials in PDF and making them available for download for free, to help spread the awareness for ChatGPT AI.

If you’re looking for where to download ChatGPT tutorial PDF. version, make sure you have Adobe PDF reader and proceed with any of the download links below:


Honestly, to become an expert in ChatGPT, you have to learn how to make use of it and begin to practice. The more you practice with ChatGPT, the more you learn about it and it’s also important to always give feedback, as it helps OpenAI learn and understand how to improve the ChatGPT AI and serve you better.

We hope that you find our list of ChatGPT tutorials for complete beginners helpful. Feel free to share this post with your friends on social media to help them get started with ChatGPT.

If you have free resources that can help beginners learn more about ChatGPT, do not hesitate to let us know through our contact page. We will also be glad to hear from you via the comment box below regarding your experiences with ChatGPT so far.

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