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Welcome to Kindroid where you can create your twin and meet your kindreds online for authentic, personal, and unfiltered conversations with an AI companion.

The world of artificial intelligence is undeniably captivating for numerous reasons. First and foremost, it’s the remarkable ability of AI systems to mimic human-like intelligence and perform tasks that were once considered the exclusive domain of human expertise. From natural language processing and image recognition to autonomous decision-making and problem-solving, AI has pushed the boundaries of what technology can achieve. This capacity for AI to learn and adapt from data and experience, a concept known as machine learning, is particularly fascinating as it allows AI to continuously improve and evolve its capabilities, making it a transformative force across various industries.

What is Kindroid AI?

Kindroid is an innovative AI chatbot that uses Natural Language and machine learning technology to allow you to create a custom AI companion designed in your image. With its advanced features, you can modify your appearance, set permanent memory, and set realistic voices for your digital companion. Interestingly, your Kindroid personality can be whosoever you wish it to be, this is a flexibility you will enjoy when you sign up for Kindroid AI.

How to sign up for Kindroid AI

Creating a Kindroid AI account is a straightforward process and takes only a few minutes to complete. To set up your Kindroid account, follow the steps below:

1. Visit Kindroid AI official website

Open your favorite web browser and visit the website.

2. Create an account

Select your sign-up option. There’s an option to continue with Google, Apple ID, with email. We will use the “Continue with Google” option for this tutorial.

3. Enter your bio

Kindroid AI will want to know you and what to call you. At this stage of account registration, you will be asked a few details to build your bio such as; the name you want to be called, your date of birth, and your gender.

4. Choose a name for your Kindroid

At this signup stage, you will be asked to enter a name and choose the gender of your Kindroid, there’s the male and female options to choose from.

5. Choose your Kindroid appearance

Kindroid will display a list of image suggestions for you, choose one out of them. The image suggestions are referred to as animated Kindroids. To upload your selfie, simply click on the “Custom” tab to upload a photo of yourself. 

Under the custom tab, after uploading your selfie you will be asked to further describe your Kindroid’s physical appearance where you have a maximum of 300 characters to help the AI know how your custom avatar should appear.

6. Generate backstory and greetings

Kindroid backstory and greetings provide you with a generate setup option where you will enter a few texts to describe what your Kindroid should be like and have it automatically generate your backstory and greetings when you click the “Generate” button. The manual setup option allows you to manually craft your backstory and gettings. However, you can always modify this later. Click on the “Next” button once you’re done with this step.

7. Preview your Kindroid

An animated preview of your Kindroid will be shown to you, if you’re satisfied so far, kindly click the “Finish” button to complete your Kindroid account signup.

Boom, you’ve successfully created a Kindroid AI account and will be welcomed on the chat box with a message and a play button if you want the chatbot to read aloud.

How to download Kindroid AI app

Kindroid AI is available for download on both Google Play Store and the Apple Store for Android and iOS users respectively. We will show you how to download Kindroid for free for your device types.

Kindroid for Android devices:

  1. Open your Play Store app
  2. Search for “Kindroid” or click here for the direct link
  3. Tap on the install button for the app with Kindroid as the developer.

Your download will start automatically.

Kindroid for iPhone device:

  1. Open your App Store application
  2. Search for “Kindroid” or click here to download
  3. Tap on the Get button to start your download and installation.

After a successful download, you will see the Kindroid AI app on your phone.

How to use Kindroid AI

Now that you’ve successfully created an account on Kindroid, let’s take a look at some of the tips on how best to use the Kindroid AI chatbot.

  1. Visit and log in to Kindroid with your credentials.
  2. After a successful login, you will see the chat interface.
  3. Enter your prompt and get a response from your Kindroid.
  4. Click the play button to use Kindroid voice output
  5. Click the recycle button close to the output to regenerate response on Kindroid.

That’s it, in a few simple steps you can get started talking to your AI companion with ease.

Kindroid AI overview

NameKindroid AI
PlatformCloud computing
Mobile AppAndroid and iOS
Age rating17+
PricingFreemium and premium
FilterNo filter
User friendlyYes


Is kindroid AI safe?

Kindroid AI is safe to use for users who are at least 17+. There has been no report concerning around safety of user information and no one would see your conversations with Kindroid. It is private and secure, beware of Kindroid AI mod they may contain harmful files. Always download your app from the official stores or the AI website.

Does Kindroid have a community on Reddit?

Kindroid has an active Reddit community where users share their amazing experiences and challenges for feedback from the team and other community members. The link to Kindroid Reddit community is available on the application download page, Kindroid also has discord servers for users to join which can be seen on their website.


In the world of AI chatbots, many users who are amazed by the wonderful features of Kindroid AI consider it the best alternative to Replika AI and Character AI. We’ve also seen several Kindroid Tiktok videos on how interestingly people are applying their creativity to make the most out of Kindroid. This practically shows that a great number of people who have tried it, consider it a great AI tool just as we do.

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