10 Best Undress AI Apps That Let You Undress Photos With AI

Do you want a list of undress AI free tools that can replace clothes with skin or see-through clothes?

AI has made it possible to remove clothes from photos effortlessly and in a matter of a few minutes, saving time and cost without downloading heavy photo editing software. Interestingly, most undress AI apps are for FREE.

Since the introduction of powerful AI technologies to online photo editing, there are now several photo editing AI tools that can be used to upscale images, remove spots, optimize images for social media, remove image backgrounds with AI and the most mind-blowing AI tools for undressing photos will be listed in this guide. However, undress AI tools are some sort of deepfake AI that uses deep learning and machine learning ability to replace images and manipulate photos leaving them undressed.

Despite the numerous controversies over AI that can see through a dress, more undress AI apps keep surfacing on the internet. Many free AI apps can undress a photo online in a few minutes without creating an account while some of such AI tools offer paid plans to allow users access to more features that can allow them to undress anyone and increase the number of daily upload limits for undressing photos.

Whether you’re looking for how to remove clothes from a picture, or want to know a list of AI apps that can undress photos, this guide will teach you everything you need to know about how undress AI apps work, and the technology behind it. If you’re wondering whether it’s legal or illegal to use Undress AI apps, you will find the answers before the end of this post.

Before we continue with the list of undress AI apps and how to use them, let’s first take a look at the meaning of undress AI.

What is undress AI?

Undress AI apps are AI-powered application that uses advanced algorithms to remove dresses from photos with great precision. The AI chatbots utilize some basic metrics from the photo provided to determine its appearance after the clothes are removed to match the color and tone of the skin in the photo provided. While some powerful undress AI apps can identify gender and undress people accordingly, some might require you to specify the gender for the photo you want to undress with AI to appear realistic.

Generally, AI-powered image editing applications that can effortlessly edit out clothes from a photo or generate images of popular profiles without clothes, are regarded as undress AI apps or AI cloth remover apps due to their specially trained chatbots that use advanced algorithms to detect and trash clothes leaving behind the imaginary body uncovered.

10 Most popular undress AI apps

What is the best adult AI image generator? Let’s take a look at some NSFW AI-based apps that can undress people or convert text to images. Such tools are used for removing clothing from images you provide just as background remover apps would remove the background of a photo. Although most background remover tools will leave you to figure out what the new background would be, those AI apps listed here don’t just make clothes disappear, they reveal what’s underneath the dresses.

1. Undress VIP

Undress.vip is one of the most popular free AI tools for undressing photos that takes virtual AI girlfriend interaction to a new level allowing users to undress images and also faceswap video content. Interested persons can access and use the Undress VIP chatbot through its Telegram bot. 

To start undressing your photos using this AI tool, you will have to download Telegram, visit their website, and click on the Telegram link provided. Next, click on the start button on the Telegram chatbot, read the terms and conditions, and click on “I Agree” to activate the undressing feature of the chatbot. Now you can select your photo from your gallery and upload it to the AI, it will list options for effects you want to apply on the photo whether you want to remove the entire clothes or just a shirt lift and many other options.

Undress VIP free users can access a limited number of features while the paid members can explore more mind-blowing photo editing styles.

2. DeepSwap

DeepSwap AI is one of the highly advanced face swap video tools powered by artificial intelligence that uses deep learning to generate deepfake videos, its video editor can also be used to generate a realistic gender swap and celebrity face swap GIF. DeepSwap promises that it does not collect user data and all uploaded user data and face swaps will be deleted from DeepSwap servers immediately after 7 days.

Numerous amazing features come with DeepSwap, from AI inpainting and outpainting to the best AI girlfriend generator tool for realistic and anime portrait creations. It takes only 3 simple steps to create face swap videos with DeepSwap and there are no filters to what you can do this means you have a lot of flexibility to apply your creativity.

Interestingly, you can try DeepSwap for free without creating an account. Click on the Create a Swap Now button on their website deepswap.ai to upload an original video you want to apply faceswap effect to, and then choose the celebrity face you want to swap and provide the additional style you want to apply to the video. Click on the swap button to carry out your instruction. The AI chatbot will reface your video and make it available for download. You can enjoy additional features when you sign up for a free account such as the DeepSwap free credits.

3. SoulGen

If you’re allowed to find a virtual girlfriend what would you describe her as? Or if you’re allowed to describe how you want to see your crush on the screen right now before you, what would you say? Well, highly advanced AI tools like SoulGen help you describe in text what you want to see in your dream girl and it will make it a reality. With just a simple prompt, you can create a very realistic real/anime image of a girl in a few minutes. 

To start generating real/anime images with SoulGen, visit their official website at soulgen.ai and click on the sign up button. You can continue with Google or enter your email to complete the signup process. This usually takes a few minutes to complete and after a successful SoulGen account creation, you will have access to the AI art photo editor free trial.

SoulGen premium comes with advanced features such as the remove blur, multitasking, generator speed boosters, and no watermark. However, you can start with the free version of SoulGen and upgrade to the premium when there’s the need for that to expand your limit and it starts from $9.99 per month and a $69.99 yearly subscription. You can pay for SoulGen with a debit or credit card or Stripe checkout option. 

4. DeepNude

DeepNude App is an advanced AI-powered photo editing chatbot that has gained a lot of criticism due to its ability to remove clothes from images. Despite its mind-blowing technology, it has increasingly sparked concerns over potential misuse, ethics, and users’ privacy. So, if you like photo editing AIs that have gone beyond the usual to entertain your creativity, the DeepNude app is for you.

DeepNude AI allows you to seamlessly upload photos you want to see behind the clothes and you can use its online editor tool called nudifier which allows you to select the area of a photo you want to undress. It’s easy to use and can take instructions from your prompts.

Although there are many free DeepNude apps on the internet now, the ones we’ve reviewed are free and do not require signup or credit card information before you can use their services. However, you may experience a limited amount of photo uploads per day, this is a measure implemented not to weigh down their servers.

5. Dream GF

Dream GF is revolutionizing the way people interact with artificial intelligence, it’s one of the best platforms to create a virtual AI girlfriend with whom you can chat. You can simply describe your dream girlfriend and have DreamGF generate your virtual companion or sexting AI with all the features you’ve outlined. It’s also an adult-themed AI application and we advise that only those who are above 18 years old should try it. DreamGF prides itself as the most reliable high-quality AI porn generator on the internet.

If you want to delve into the world of AI dating using DreamGF.ai, you will have to create an account by clicking on the “FREE TRIAL” You can sign up for DreamGF with your gmail account or enter any of your preferred email address to complete the account creation process. After a successful account creation, you can now have access to an interface where you can interact with the AI chatbot to achieve your purpose of use.

DreamGF offers a free trial with limited features such as the number of prompts per day, limited image upload, and a limited number of AI models/girlfriends to select from. If you want to experience the advanced features of the DreamGF, you can opt for the DreamGF paid plans starting from $9.99 per month.

6. Nudify Online

Nudify.online uses advanced algorithms for undressing photos. Due to its high number of daily users and criticism spreading like wildfires, Nudify Online has indicated on its website that you should use only your images or images of people whom you have obtained written permission from. However you decide to use the undressing app, Nudify AI points out that you’re solely responsible for the images you generate as the project and its AI chatbot were created for entertainment purposes and not to make anyone feel bad.

Nudify Online has a blog where they also teach users how to take clothes off pictures using deep fake nude technology to create realistic deepnude photos and also how to swap the clothes of a person in the photo you uploaded. To use Nudify Online you need to create an account and agree that you’re at least 18 years old.

7. PromptChan AI

Promptchan happens to be number 7 on our list of undress AI apps, it allows users to generate realistic uncensored images, art, and videos from text. This implies that you can describe what you want in natural language and have the Promptchan AI use deep neural network models to generate results based on your input. While it’s popularly known as an AI undresser app, it comes with many other amazing photo editing features such as image filters, image to anime, AI h*ntai generator, oil painting, and sketching to enhance your undress AI online experience.

With Promptchan AI, you can unleash your creativity and generate eye-catching images in a matter of minutes. Its interface is user-friendly and allows free membership with limited features whereas paid membership is subscription-based and starts from $5.99 per month.

8. Undress.app

Undress.app is a deepnude app that uses AI technology to analyze images and detect clothing from photos that can be easily undressed with AI. users can boost their processing time, and specify age, and body type for how they want the AI to provide manipulated images uncensored. Undress App boasts of at least 100,000 users every day who are undressing photos with AI, it provides a premium plan that starts from $5 per month.

Although there’s a free credit for every new Undress.app user to make picture manipulations up to 10 times, we understand that most people have a lot of photos they would want to manipulate using AI, so it’s obvious that the 10 attempts provided by Undress App online, are fair compared to its competitors.

To start using Udress App, simply visit their official website at undress.app free sign up link, to create an account, upload a standing image you want to undress and it will take a few minutes to generate the required output for you. Undress.app also has photo editing tools that allow you to select only the areas you want to remove clothes from with ease.

9. Seduced AI

Seduced AI takes you into the realm of NSFW content generation with the ability to unleash your fantasies simply by typing your prompts and selecting an AI model. You have at least 10 amazing AI models to select from, whether you want to create realistic or anime-based characters that will be used in roleplay on the Seduced.ai website.

To make things easier, Seduced AI comes with a lot of styles to select from, you can also save previously generated AI girls/characters and reuse them any time you want. It’s not only about images, undressing photos, or face swaps, Seduced AI allows users to generate videos effortlessly up to 6 seconds in video length. There’s also no special skill to use Seduced AI, you can get creative on your mobile phone or laptop

To start undressing photos with Seduced AI, you will need to sign up by clicking the “JOIN” button and you will have to subscribe to one of the three available plans; Pro at $25, Platinum at $50/month, and Diamon plan at $150/month. There are flexible payment options like; credit card, credit card (Patreon), and cryptocurrency payment.

10. AI Undressing

Undressing.io is an incredible online undressing app that is powered by AI to analyze photos and allow you to set your preferences and sexual fantasies to output the visuals in image format. Newly signed-up users will receive free credits to try out a few features while the paid plan allows users to use prompts and further customize their undressing. Undressing.io has over 250 different styles and has generated more than half a million images. There are over 5000 images generated every day on the undressing.ai platform.

There are three categories of subscription plans on undressing.io. The starter plan, the basic plan, and the pro plan. it costs $4.99/month, $12.99/month, and $29.99/month respectively. The processing speed and limit for the number of photos that can be uploaded and manipulated varies and depends on the plan, the higher the plan, the higher the processing speed.

How to undress photos online

Now that you’ve seen a list of web apps powered by artificial intelligence that can undress photos in a few minutes, let’s take a look at the general steps you can take for how to use undress AI apps to remove clothes from any photo.

1. Prepare your photo

Get the photos you want to undress ready, this often involves selecting the best photo to output high-quality results. Most AI undress apps will perform better when the images you upload are of high quality. The more exposed the body, the better the result.

2. Sign up for undress AI app.

In this step, you will need to select one of the best free AI undressing apps, download and install it on your device, or open your web browser and access the undress AI website to create an account. However, a few of the undress AI platforms allow a little usage without account creation.

3. Upload your photo

Use the undress AI app uploader to upload the photo you want to undress, most of the undress AI tools also have a drag-and-drop feature that allows you to drag a photo from your computer onto their platform to begin image upload.

4. Enter your prompts

Some undress AI apps might require that you enter a text prompt on what you want as the image output, allowing you to explain your imaginary girlfriend, or crush and what style they should appear in. While some platforms require you to accompany your image upload with prompts, some will get the desired result without prompts while some will only require a prompt without image upload to generate output according to your fantasies which could be in realistic or anime form.

5. Download your content

Most undress AI apps will first take a little time to analyze your input and generate results, while some will take a long time due to the workload at hand. After a successful image manipulation process, your photos or videos will be available for download at a single click.

The above steps can help you get around whenever you come across any free or paid undress AI app.


What is the difference between explicit and implicit AI?

Explicit AI relies on human-crafted rules and knowledge, making it suitable for well-structured and rule-based problems. Implicit AI, on the other hand, leverages machine learning techniques to learn from data, enabling it to handle complex, data-driven tasks that are difficult to explicitly program. Many modern AI applications incorporate a combination of both approaches, using explicit rules and knowledge to complement the learning capabilities of implicit AI systems.

Is the undress AI app free?

While there are a good number of free undress AI apps on the internet, they offer limited features and tiny daily upload limits. Some of the undress AI apps offer free trials and paid plans for more advanced features.

Is undress AI app safe?

The safety of Undress AI apps or similar applications can be a concern, as they can be used for unethical or harmful purposes, such as non-consensual image manipulation and deepfake creation. These apps use AI and machine learning to manipulate and alter images, often in ways that could violate privacy and consent.

Why is my undress app not working?

Your undress app might stop working if your browser has expired cookies or due to a poor network connection. To fix this error, check your internet connection, clear your app cache, and try again.

Does undress AI programs save photos?

Some undress AI programs save photos for some time and automatically wipe them out over a specified period as indicated on their website while others are instantly deleted after they’re generated. Always read how user information is handled for whichever undress app you decide to use.

Final thoughts

The ubiquity of download links and websites offering the ability to undress AI MOD APK has become a pervasive presence across the vast landscape of the internet. In a digital world characterized by the allure of novelty and the promise of newfound capabilities, it is of paramount importance to tread cautiously and prioritize user safety. Beneath the surface of undress AI apps, lies a complex web of ethical and legal concerns that we must carefully navigate.

At its core, this post was conceived with the noble intent of fostering educational awareness. Yet, as we traverse this digital landscape, it becomes increasingly imperative to underline the potential ramifications of engaging with undress AI tools. While these tools may purport to offer a whimsical outlet for entertainment, they are not without their ethical and legal challenges.

One of the primary ethical concerns revolves around the generation of images that involve individuals’ faces without their explicit consent. This not only invades their privacy but also raises profound questions about the boundaries of consent in the digital realm. The act of manipulating someone’s likeness in this manner raises pertinent questions about consent and personal autonomy in a world increasingly dominated by technology.

Furthermore, the legal implications of utilizing undress AI tools are far from trivial. The legal landscape surrounding these tools remains murky and uncharted, but it is evident that their usage carries the potential for serious legal consequences. The creation and dissemination of altered images without consent could lead to lawsuits, copyright infringement claims, and potentially even criminal charges, further complicating the digital sphere’s legal terrain.

While proponents of such tools may argue that they are designed purely for amusement, the broader global community harbors apprehensions about the broader misuse of AI technology. Undress AI tools employ advanced machine learning algorithms to detect and remove clothing from images, primarily featuring women. This capability raises concerns about the objectification, harassment, and exploitation of individuals, particularly women, within a society already grappling with issues related to privacy, consent, and gender equity.

In summation, as we explore the world of undress AI apps and their proliferation on the internet, it is incumbent upon us to exercise prudence, consider the ethical dimensions, and recognize the potential legal entanglements that may ensue from its usage. The digital age has ushered in transformative possibilities, but it is our responsibility to ensure that we harness these tools ethically and responsibly, safeguarding individual rights and upholding the principles of a just and equitable society.

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