How To Use ChatGPT In China

China is one of the leading technology countries in the world but unfortunately, it is not among the ChatGPT supported countries. While ChatGPT is not available in China, many people who reside in the Chinese region find it difficult to access and use ChatGPT. Worry no more, we want to get you connected to ChatGPT regardless of what part of China you reside in, follow this guide line by line and word to word to pick the key ingredients on how to sign up for ChatGPT in China.

Most people point out that China has very strict rules when it comes to how their citizens’ data is handled on any application outside China, and with its strong firewalls, it can determine what and what not to allow. The strict Chinese censorship laws have led many the search for the Chinese version of ChatGPT. While we do not want to bring into account some ChatGPT alternatives in China in this guide, we would like to focus solely on how you can access the main ChatGPT in China.

ChatGPT is the most powerful and leading AI chatbot in the world with innovative features to help its users improve their skills and cut down time spent on carrying out certain tasks. It’s a large language model developed by the OpenAI which uses Natural Language and machine learning to output human-like responses. You can learn more about ChatGPT in our What is ChatGPT guide, it’s beginner-friendly and will help you learn more about the most powerful AI chatbot in human history.

In this special guide, we will adopt several methods that work perfectly with using ChatGPT in China, which involves the use of VPN, proxy servers, and IP address encrypted browser. We will leave you with a variety of options to choose from to gain a seamless ChatGPT user experience in China while ChatGPT is still banned in China.

How to access ChatGPT in China with VPN

To access and use ChatGPT in China using this method, internet access, a web browser, and VPN application supported in China, are required to complete the steps below:

1. Download and install VPN

The first step to accessing ChatGPT in China is to prepare a strong and reliable VPN app or browser extension. See our list of best VPN services to access ChatGPT in blocked countries. Download any one of them and continue to step two below;

2. Connect to countries where ChatGPT is available

Launch the VPN app or browser extension you installed in step one above and connect to ChatGPT-enabled countries like the US, UK, and Canada.  

3. Go to ChatGPT OpenAI website

The next thing to do after connecting to your VPN server is to visit the ChatGPT website and sign up to create an OpenAI account in China.

However, after following the steps above to access ChatGPT in China without restrictions, you may have to turn off the VPN before accessing other websites as not every website loads correctly when you’re connected to a different location.

How to use ChatGPT in China without VPN

To access ChatGPT in China without VPN, you can use Tor browser to automatically encrypt your IP address for OpenAI account creation. 

Follow the steps below to download and install the Tor browser on your device to access ChatGPT in Italy with ease.

  1. Download Tor browser from
  2. Install the downloaded browser file on your computer/phone.
  3. Open Tor browser and visit
  4. Click on signup to create an account.
  5. Start your conversation with the chatbot using ChatGPT prompts.

That’s it, you will now have access to ChatGPT if you’ve followed the above steps carefully. 

How to verify ChatGPT phone in China

If you’re looking for how to use ChatGPT in China without phone number, you will find this section helpful. Although OpenAI has made phone number verification mandatory to protect the system from spam.

Use virtual phone number service 

There are a handful of virtual phone number websites to verify OpenAI accounts in China. These free online temporary phone numbers for ChatGPT phone number verification services will help you receive your verification code from OpenAI. 

Call a friend from an eligible country

You can skip phone number verification on OpenAI in China by asking for help from a friend who resides in a ChatGPT-eligible country to set up your OpenAI account and access ChatGPT without restrictions.


Why is ChatGPT not available in China?

ChatGPT was banned in China by government authorities over user data and privacy concerns.

What is the Chinese version of ChatGPT?

The most popular Chinese version of ChatGPT is the Ernie bot which stands for Enhanced Representation through Knowledge Integration. The chatbot was developed by Baidu a popular Chinese search engine.

How do I install ChatGPT in China?

People in China can use ChatGPT when downloaded, but this usually requires a VPN, or proxy server to create a ChatGPT account in China.


While ChatGPT is still banned in China, we hope that you find the methods and steps on how to access and use ChatGPt in China helpful. However, it’s important to check the legal implications of accessing a banned website in your country with VPN, encrypted browsers, or proxy servers.

If you find this guide to be useful, please consider sharing it with your compatriots who seek unrestricted access to ChatGPT. By doing so, they can enhance their skills and elevate their productivity with the remarkable artificial intelligence chatbot, ChatGPT.

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