How Do I Remove My Phone Number From ChatGPT?

We all know that OpenAI ChatGPT requires a phone number during account registration and OpenAI in several publications has made it clear that they ask for phone number verification because they want to keep the OpenAI community safe and free from spam. While this might not sound cool to many, a lot of people began to look for ways to bypass the ChatGPT phone number verification as phone verification code is one of the prerequisites of owning a ChatGPT account.

It is also possible that during account creation, you encounter an error for ChatGPT phone number verification not working, this can be frustrating and make you think of possible ways to use ChatGPT without phone number or some ChatGPT alternatives that allow usage without login. Or you’re simply worried if your phone number is monitored, there are several reasons from different people why they don’t want OpenAI to have their numbers.

The truth is that the removal of phone number from ChatGPT is possible, you should do this only if you no longer want to make use of ChatGPT or if you want to change your ChatGPT phone number. The OpenAI rules and regulations allow a phone number to be tied to a user, you cannot use the same phone number for multiple OpenAI accounts, which is why you get the error message “This phone number is already linked to the maximum number of accounts” trying to make ChatGPT reuse phone number will make you hit the OpenAI phone number limit.

Do you still want to remove your phone number from ChatGPT entirely or change the existing number to a different one? Let me take you by the hands and show you how to get it done in a few simple steps.

How to remove your ChatGPT phone number from OpenAI

Follow the steps below to unlink your phone number from ChatGPT. Kindly note that the processes below require that you delete your ChatGPT account.

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the login button
  3. Enter your credentials to log in
  4. Navigate to the sidebar and click on settings located at the bottom left
  5. Select account settings, then the data control tab.
  6. Select Delete account, enter your account email, and retype “DELETE” in all caps.
  7. Then click the “Permanently delete my account” button to continue. You may be asked to provide more reasons for deleting your ChatGPT account.

If you’ve followed the above steps carefully, your phone number will be deleted from ChatGPT and will no longer be stored with OpenAI. When you remove your phone number from ChatGPT, you can change it by creating another account with a different phone number. If you wish to sign up for ChatGPT again, you can then use your preferred phone number and follow this unique ChatGPT signup process to create a new account.

Removing your phone number from ChatGPt is the same as deleting your ChatGPT account, if you’ve asked how to delete your ChatGPT account, you can also follow the steps above to delete your entire OpenAI account and your data will be lost after doing so.


Is it safe to give OpenAI my phone number?

Yes, it is safe to give OpenAI your phone number. OpenAI uses your phone number to verify that you’re a real human and to keep the AI community safe and free from spam. OpenAI in its policies promises never to use your phone number for other purposes other than verification.

What will happen if I delete my ChatGPT account?

If you do not want ChatGPT to store your data, you can delete your account or request that ChatGPT customer care support help you with that. After a successful account deletion, your account data, profile information, and API usage will also be flushed from the OpenAI database.

Can I use ChatGPT without phone number?

You can use ChatGPT without phone number if only you consider ChatGPT alternatives that rely on the OpenAI API to generate response and does not require a phone number during sign-up.

Can I reactivate my ChatGPT account after I delete it?

ChatGPt account deletion is permanent and can not be undone. Before you delete your ChatGPT account, you should make sure you’ve exported your ChatGPT data because you will no longer access the account after you’ve deleted your account with OpenAI.


There’s probably nothing to worry about leaving your phone number with OpenAI, ChatGPT will not call your line, share your number with other users, or sell out your phone number to third-party applications. According to OpenAI, your phone number is solely for verification purposes only and will not be used for other purposes. However, it could be necessary to remove your phone number from ChatGPT when you’ve signed up with the wrong phone number you want on OpenAI.

Did you find this guide helpful for removing your phone number from ChatGPT after verification? Feel free to share your thoughts with us using the comment section below.

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