How To Use Noteable Plugin With ChatGPT

Noteable – ChatGPT notebook plugin for computational notebooks that grants ChatGPT access to data and saves time while you work in the usual Jupyter Notebook environment.

There’s no doubt that Noteable is one of the best ChatGPT plugins for data analysis, and data interactions. If you’re a data analyst or a programmer who wants to automate processes, you can leverage artificial intelligence to communicate with your own data and get more done when you connect Noteable to ChatGPT.

In today’s data-driven world, the need for effective tools to analyze and visualize data has never been more critical. One such tool that has gained immense popularity in recent years is Noteable an advanced notebook where people can create and collectively manage data. No, we’re not talking about the kind you jot down your daily to-do list in; we’re talking about digital notebooks that allow you to work with data, code, and visualizations in a single, accessible document that can empower you to gain insights from your data and effectively communicate them.

Noteable uses advanced natural language technology and can serve as a great alternative to the ChatGPT code interpreter plugin for Python or MySQL.

What is the Noteable plugin for ChatGPT?

The Noteable ChatGPT plugin is a collaborative notebook platform that lets you combine documentation, executable code, data tables, and charts in one place. This feature alone makes Noteable an invaluable resource for anyone working with data, from data scientists and analysts to researchers and engineers.

How do I connect ChatGPT to Noteable?

Carefully follow the steps below to add Noteable plugin to ChatGPT with ease to enjoy data visualization using artificial intelligence and lots more.

  1. Signup for Noteable notebook at
  2. Login ChatGPT or Sign up if you do not have an account.
  3. Upgrade to ChatGPT Plus to allow you access to the plugins store.
  4. While logged into ChatGPT, click on your profile name, and navigate to Beta features.
  5. Toggle on the plugins button to activate plugins store in ChatGPT.
  6. Get back to the ChatGPT chatbot dashboard and click on the GPT-4 model at the top center to checkmark Plugins Beta.
  7. You will see the “No Plugins Installed” option box, click on it to reveal the plugin options. Scroll down in search for Noteable or click the “Plugin Store” arrow for a complete list of ChatGPT plugins.
  8. Navigate to Noteable and click on the “Install” button to begin the process of connecting Noteable to ChatGPT.
  9. On the next page, you will be asked to log in to your Noteable account to authenticate it with ChatGPT. This usually takes a few seconds to complete.

Immediately after the successful integration of Noteable Notebook with ChatGPT, you can now start using Noteable in ChatGPT. However, we assume that you’re new to the ChatGPT plugin for Jupyter Notebooks in Noteable, we will teach you how to use Noteable in the section below:

How to use Noteable ChatGPT plugin

If you’ve completed the steps on how to add Noteable to ChatGPT, the plugin will be activated for your ChatGPT account, and here’s how to use it.

  1. First, create a project on Noteable that contains the data you want to access with ChatGPT.
  2. Copy out the link project link.
  3. Visit ChatGPT and select to use Noteable.
  4. Input the prompt “Use project” followed by the project link immediately after the “:” colon sign. See the example below;

Use project:https://the-project-link-on-noteable-here.

Alternatively, you can simply tell ChatGPT “Let’s use Noteable notebook [insert the notebook URL here]” and send.

Immediately after you send the prompt to ChatGPT followed by link to the project, the chatbot will execute it and ask you what you would like to do next.

Benefits of using Noteable Notebook with ChatGPT 

Noteable notebooks can house a variety of elements crucial for data analysis, and here are just a few of the benefits of using Noteable plugin in ChatGPT 


Effective data analysis often requires thorough documentation. With Noteable Notebooks, you can include text explanations, notes, and comments right alongside your code and visualizations. This makes it easy to understand the context, methodology, and insights derived from your data.

Executable Code

Noteable provides notebooks that support code execution, which means you can write and run code within the same document. Whether you’re using Python, R, or SQL, you can interact with your data directly in the notebook, facilitating quick testing and prototyping.

Data Tables and Charts

Visualizing data is essential for understanding patterns and trends. This plugin enables you to create data tables and charts, allowing you to transform raw data into actionable insights. This seamless integration makes it incredibly convenient to switch between data exploration and visualization.

Interactive No-Code Visualizations

Notebooks come equipped with tools that enable you to create interactive visualizations without the need for extensive coding. This makes data exploration and presentation accessible to a wider audience, as even those with limited programming experience can interact with and understand the data.

Native SQL Support

If you’re comfortable with SQL, you’ll appreciate that notebooks often provide native SQL support. This means you can query and manipulate your data directly in the notebook environment, simplifying data extraction and transformation.

Language Flexibility

Notebooks are not restricted to a single programming language. You can use Python, R, or other languages, depending on your preference and the specific requirements of your analysis.


What is the difference between code Interpreter and Noteable in ChatGPT?

While Code Interpreter allows ChatGPT to analyze data, solve mathematical problems, create charts, and many more just like Noteable, the key difference is that Code Interpreter is a ChatGPT plugin built by OpenAI itself while Noteable is an opensource collaborative notebook that was developed by a third-party company where Elijah Meeks, Mathew Seal, and Pierre Brunelle are cofounders.

Is Noteable a collaborative notebook platform?

Yes, Noteable is regarded as a collaborative notebook platform that supports multiple programming languages where teams can carry out data visualization with the help of natural language processing.

Is Noteable plugin free?

You can download and install the Noteable plugin for ChatGPT for free, no credit card is required. However, Noteable pricing would come into play for users who want additional features such as more GPU, CPU, and customer support access.


In the era of data-driven decision-making, having a tool like Noteable Notebook at your disposal is a game-changer. It allows you to document, analyze, and visualize data all in one place, making it easier to extract insights and communicate them effectively. The interactivity, no-code visualization options, and support for multiple programming languages further enhance their utility. So, whether you’re a data scientist, analyst, or just someone interested in gaining insights from data, notebooks can be your trusty companion in the journey of data exploration and analysis.

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